Six Hidden Details from Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Few attractions are as densely packed as Rise of the Resistance. Every inch of this attraction is packed with secrets and Easter eggs, including the queue.

We’re not even on the RIDE yet.

In fact, if you’ve only experienced the ride itself,  be it through YouTube videos or pictures, you’re missing half the experience!

When you have a chance to take the fight to the First Order, try and keep an eye out for these details.

The Star Wars Datapad has half the story!

Alright, so telling you to look at your phone contradicts, like, 90% of what I just said, but you owe it to yourself to at least try this experience.

The Rise of the Resistance Datapad Experience ©Disney

The Star Wars Datapad already allows you to ally with the Resistance, the First Order, or Batuu’s various criminal organizations. When you approach the queue for Rise of the Resistance, you’re given the option to take part in two conflicting spy games. Resistance fighters can help Finn as he infiltrates the Finalizer, directly setting the scene for the ride. You’re the one liberating the Resistance fighters that free you from your jail cell. You even hack into the droids piloting the ride vehicle!

The First Order perspective is more hands on. Rather than serving as Mission Control for Finn, you’re the undercover infiltrator sneaking into the Resistance, reporting on supplies and plans as you lead your fellow operatives directly into the First Order’s trap. You monster.

Which side will you pick?

Don’t Lick the Walls

Let’s zoom in on a very, very specific detail.

Don’t see it? It’s in the lower left corner.

See that yellow discoloration on the rocks? It’s just random wear and tear, right? WRONG. 

Galaxy’s Edge was promoted with a plethora of books detailing every detail of the new land, many of which reference the Rise of the Resistance queue in some way. However, one place you wouldn’t expect to see an Easter egg is a cookbook.

Actually, that might be exactly the place you’d expect to find eggs, now that I think of it…

Honestly,  you probably wouldn’t even need to dye the eggs…

The official Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook covers all sorts of culinary staples, but one of the most common is golden lichen, also known as gold dust. This precious commodity, known for its sweet, spicy flavor, is a popular ingredient in Batuuan cuisine.


However, you won’t find it in any cuisine available at the park. Why? Because the main source of gold dust happens to be occupied by the Resistance! Huge patches of golden lichen cover the exterior caves of the Resistance Outpost, woefully depriving Batuuans of this delicious export. At least Poe Dameron is probably eating well.

 A Whole Squadron of Helmets

Of all the Resistance troops represented on the ride, none are more iconic than the pilots. Seriously, imagine any Rebel uniform. I’ll wait.

Bet they’re wearing one of these, eh?

While you can pick up your own X-Wing Helmet at the gift shop, you can browse some more worn looking options as you wander the Resistance base. Some feature Aurebesh writing, while others feature details like the number of TIE Fighters the pilot has taken out. A few are even designed for clearly non-humanoid heads.  While you’re looking, keep an eye out for other paraphernalia, like flight suits and weapons!

Bacta Basics

At the start of The Last Jedi, Finn appears dressed in a plastic suit to treat injuries sustained during The Force Awakens.

I honestly can’t believe they had them model it. ©Disney

This is a flexpoly bacta suit and is the next evolution of the bacta tanks used to treat Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. No need to use an immobile fish tank! Just strap on this uh… expired… leaky plastic suit.

Look, the Resistance isn’t operating on a big budget. Why do you think they had to open a gift shop in the first place?

Also, here’s a gratuitous shot of Luke Skywalker You’re welcome. ©Lucasfilm

You can find another one of these suits as you round the corner to your meeting with Rey. Is it the same suit? We hope not, but considering how low the Resistance’s budget was at the end of The Last Jedi… it might be.

That’s no Animatronic… .

One of the most iconic scenes in the queue follows your capture by the First Order, when you’re pulled out of your shuttle and are greeted by this.

*John Williams Score Intensifies*

These folks are a mixture of mannequins and basic animatronics, but on rare occasions you’ll find someone a bit more… realistic.

That’s a REAL Stormtrooper!

Stormtroopers make occasional appearances in this scene and even have special pre-recorded dialogue that’s much more aggressive than what you’ll encounter at the Outpost. They’ll even shoo you along if you stick around to take pictures.

First Order Funnies

While you’re being held against your will, how about you interact with your new friends in the First Order. You know, the ones about to torture you.

Galaxy’s Edge Costumes

This is one of the only places where you can consistently find First Order Officers, and they’ll respond to your rebellious shenanigans. Everything from leaning on the wall to standing on the wrong color will give you a snide remark, though my personal favorite was when I walked in on opening day in handcuffs from the giftshop, and they commented on how I came gift wrapped.

Of course, keep in mind that everyone here is still a Cast Member, so reactions will vary. But it’s certainly my favorite part of the line!

Are there any major easter eggs we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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