What’s in Molly’s Bag? Spoiler: Glow Cubes, Mascara, and Too Many Chargers!

Well, hi, there, friends! This is Molly. (I’m waving at you, you just can’t see.) Perhaps you’ve seen me eating a bunch of weird stuff or running around Walt Disney World like a maniac on AllEarsTV?

Not my most glamorous moment.

Anyway, I’m lucky enough to be in Disney World basically every day. (Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!) Because of this, a lot of you ask me the big questions: How do I get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group? What is Team Fiddle Faddle? And WHAT IS IN MY BAG!!?

We’ve answered those first two questions in the past, so today, it’s time for that third one. What on earth do I carry in my trusty tote for all those days at Walt Disney World? These are my must-haves, probably-wouldn’t-survive-without-them necessities.

Let’s take a look IN MY BAG!

Molly’s Bag: UNPACKED

As you can see, I usually carry a Loungefly mini backpack. They’re super cute, and they hold a LOT more than it appears. That said, if you’re traveling with tiny humans, you’ll probably need a bigger bag that can hold even more stuff.



Personal Items

I’m not sure if you know this, but it’s SUPER HOT in Disney World. Like surface of the sun with a bajillion percent humidity. Because of this, I like to carry a few key personal items. For starters, deodorant, which I feel is pretty self-explanatory.

Next up, baby powder. This is like the potato of personal products — no matter how you use it, it’s amazing. Put it in your shoes to help with sweating, use it on your chafed thighs, or even toss some in your hair as a dry shampoo emergency replacement. (Trust me. But…I recommend blondes only.)

And last and MOST IMPORTANT: MegaBabe. MegaBabe is a “thigh rescue anti-friction stick” that’s used to prevent chafing. And man, oh man, does it work. Seriously — I become the crankiest person ever if my thighs are trying to start a fire. And MegaBabe is the cure. Just apply before you go (and possibly once or twice in the park depending on your day), and I swear, you’ll be a new human.


Health Items

I try to prepare for the expected, and hope I don’t actually need any of this stuff. I have sunscreen in my daily moisturizer, but I usually keep a sunscreen stick on me in case of a super hot blazing day, and I start seeing red.

Blisters? Nobody has time for that. I keep pre-cut Mole Skin strips in my bag in case I’m breaking in a new pair of tennies and need some help. (But also, never break in new tennies at Disney World.)

Ibuprofen is in case of headache from too much sun/sugar, or not enough water, or knee pain from walking a million steps on concrete every day. And Zyrtec is in case I forget to take my allergy pill as I run out the door to rope drop Flight of Passage.



With as much video and photos as I take, plus Fiddle Faddling in My Disney Experience, my phone loses battery fast. I always have at least one, but probably three, FuelRods on me. If you’re unfamiliar, these are portable chargers for sale at kiosks around Walt Disney World for $30. They come with cords, and have unlimited free swapping. So when it dies, just find a FuelRod kiosk and swap your dead battery for a full one.

They aren’t the best portable chargers ever, but I like to swap them out for fully-charged ones as soon as I get to the park so I’ve got several on deck when filming. It’s nice knowing I always have portable power nearby, which is why I keep using FuelRod.

If you’re not a frequent visitor or photo taker, I recommend a bigger and stronger portable charger. Just make sure to charge it the night before!

I also have a small handle for my phone, that I use to hold it when filming. A lot of people ask me about it, because you can’t bring selfie sticks into the park. But this is just a handle, and since it doesn’t extend, it’s totally fine. You can shop mine here — it’s nothing fancy, but it works.



I always have a few makeup touch up items in my bag. I am guaranteed to have at least two if not more lip colors (why? I don’t know), plus mascara and usually a powder or concealer.

You can dig into my makeup bag here!!

I carry a few hair things, too — a clip or two and hair ties. I usually wear my hair down for filming, because I look like a young colonial man who wants to raise a musket for his country with my hair in a ponytail. But still, sometimes a loop on Test Track or sudden downpour call for my hair to be restrained.

Hair Stuff


This stuff doesn’t exactly have a category but I also carry:

Reusable Straw

A Reusable Straw. Disney transitioned to paper straws which is great for turtles but bad for frozen drinks. This straw has a cute little holder which protects it from germs, and then it extends to the proper length. It also has an extendable cleaning brush. You can shop it here!

Ziploc Bags. You seriously never know what you’ll need to put in here, but I most often use it for snacks. If I get a tasty, but large, treat such as a caramel apple or Rice Krispie Treat, I’ll save part of it in a Ziploc to bring home to my husband. (And by that, I mean I eat it an hour later.)

Glow Cubes

Glow Cubes. This is a weird one — but I promise I pulled all of these out of my bag to take the picture. Sampling lots of Disney drinks for posts/videos, I’ve acquired my fair share of Disney glow cubes. I like to keep them on me because now EVERY DRINK CAN BE FUN. (And I have enough for my friends!) But for real, if you get one — keep it with you. The next drink you get, you can get sans glow cube (for a few bucks less), and then bring the party yourself.

Sharpie. You never know when you’ll need a pen! Plus sharpies are a character’s pen of choice, so that’s pretty important for autograph purposes.

Wipes.  This is a big one. Have you seen me eat on camera? I am a MESS. And as messy as you think I am with a Mickey bar, wait til your kid eats one. Kids and grown ups alike are going to need wipes — from faces to tables, they will come in uber handy.


I have a slight sunglasses addiction, so it’s no surprise that I usually have 2 or 3 pairs on me. But seriously — it’s BRIGHT, and the sun is INTENSE in Florida, so you’re gonna want some shades. (And in my case, lots of options.)

Well there you have it — what’s in my bag! What’s your must have in the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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9 Replies to “What’s in Molly’s Bag? Spoiler: Glow Cubes, Mascara, and Too Many Chargers!”

  1. Agreed on all of this stuff! I also carry hand sanitizer, not just cause of coronavirus although that is a good reason. And a poncho cause I don’t gamble with Splash

  2. We have so many questions! We need to know if you have to pay for all of the food and drinks you sample for us or do you get an “allowance”? lol How much do you typically spend while sampling for the vlog? How many days a month do you spend at WDW? Best walking shoes with pics. You know…the important stuff! 😀

  3. You can buy your fuel rod online directly from the fuel rod website for 20.00 a piece. I ordered two before our trip in February 🤓 They had plenty of places to swap them throughout the parks and resorts.

  4. What do you use to edit your videos?
    Great work. Weve been on lock down here in Spain for over a week, so we’re catching up on your back catalogue of vlogs…

  5. Too much stuff, LOL. I carry a set of reusable cutlery along with a cloth napkin, umbrella, sunglasses case, Kleenex, toothbrush and little tube of toothpaste, I’m gf so boyfriend has to brush teeth after meals, light jacket or hoodie for freezing ac in restaurants and tube of sunscreen because I burn. That’s about it.

  6. Can’t wait to see the sequel — Molly’s sunnies collection!
    Thanks for all you do to share the magic. Stay safe and healthy!