These Makeup Products Can Survive 12 Hours in Disney World, and Still Look Good on Your Insta Feed!

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Let’s be honest: Disney World is a VERY Instagrammable destination.

The Insta-popular purple wall

But let’s be honest again: it’s also an incredibly hot and humid destination.

So what can you wear to make sure your face is on point ALL DAY, even after you’ve rope dropped Magic Kingdom and are waiting on fireworks?

© Disney

These are our favorite products — that get us through 12 hour park days. Hopefully they’ll work for your #InstaWorthy moments as well!


©Tarte Costmetics

If I could only wear one thing on my face, it would be this. This is the BEST concealer ever — strong enough to cover blemishes (and keep ’em covered) and hide the dark circles under my eyes when I wake up ridiculously early to rope drop.

TBH, sometimes I just put this on most of my face and use powder to finish.

Powder: NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat

©NYX Cosmetics

Whether I actually wear foundation, or just a bunch of Shape Tape, this is what goes on top, as my very last step. I usually carry this in my bag to touch up as things get sweaty.

Primer: Baby Skin by Maybelline


After Shape Tape but before foundation, I put on a thin layer of Baby Skin to smooth everything out and get all ready for the next step. From what I can tell, it works just as well as more expensive primers I’ve tried. (I’m pretty sure it’s not actually made of babies, but I cannot 100% confirm.)

Foundation: Fit Me! or Urban Decay


I read one time that you’re supposed to mix up your foundation, and I have no idea if that’s true or not, but my Make Up bag certainly thinks so.

I currently alternate between three. Sephora’s brand has the fullest coverage and seems to look the best on camera, Urban Decay is the lightest coverage and good when I’m not filming but still in the parks, and Fit Me! is somewhere in the middle, with lighter coverage that looks good in photos, but still fuller coverage than Urban Decay.

I have tried about a billion foundations, and these are the ones I’ve had the best results with! For the record, I have a “normal” skin type as far as foundations go.

Bronzer: Hoola by Benefit



Even though I live in Florida, I like to add a little color to my cheeks, plus a light dusting everywhere else. This is my favorite bronzer — it stays on all day and is a great natural color.

Blush: Becca Luminous Blush

©Becca Cosmetics

Post bronzer, I throw some blush on dem cheeks. I really like the blush shade in a cheek palette I have, but of course, it’s no longer being made. This is the same formula though, and I’m excited to try a new color when my cherished palette has run dry. (But if you have a great blush, leave it in the comments!)

Highlighter: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

©Charlotte Tilbury

I’m obsessed with this highlighter! It adds a crazy glow all. day. long — perfect for on camera, or just maximizing your Purple Wall selfie.


Eyeshadow Primer: Urban Decay


©Urban Decay

If I have figured out one thing I need to use to keep my makeup on, it’s eyelid primer. It will even out your eyelid skin tone, and create a canvas to let your eye shadow shine. And most importantly, it will help it stay on ALL. DAY. LONG.

I’ve used drugstore brands in the past, and honestly, lots of them work very well. I particularly enjoy the NYX primer quite a bit, to the point where I basically only buy the Urban Decay when it’s on sale.


0169Too Faced

I have tried tons of eye shadow brands — everything from Smashbox to the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. But the one I keep coming back to is Too Faced. It’s highly pigmented, blends well, and most importantly, stays on all day. Plus I love their color choices (I tend to be drawn to neutrals like golds and browns), and each time a new palette comes out, I find myself adding to cart — even though I need a new one like I need a hole in the head.

For a great classic (or starter) palette, try their Natural Eyes (above). Or for something a little jazzier, check out this awesome Pretty Rich palette.

Eyeliner: NYX Epic Ink


I LOVE the look of Liquid Eyeliner, but I am VERY bad at applying it. Luckily NYX made this very awesome liquid eyeliner pen, which allows me to have perfect top liner in just two swooshes. (It took me a bit to master it, but I promise it’s so easy once you figure out the needed angle of your hand.)

For the bottom lid, I use this cheap retractable pen, as I have not mastered bottom liquid eyeliner yet and always poke myself, thus making my eye water or giving me the appearance of a raccoon.

But on both lids, I make sure to set with a narrow brush and the black shadow out of this Too Faced eye shadow palette. (Told you I had a slight problem with buying eye shadow.) Setting it helps ensure it will last alllllll day.

Mascara: Benefit or Too Faced


Ahhh mascara. You are my one true love. I would go (and have gone) to dinner with nothing but you and Shape Tape.

I like a lot of mascaras, and there are tons I’d happily wear, but my two favorites are Benefit and Too Faced. Recently, I’ve been on a Too Faced kick and think I prefer it right this second, but honestly, I just buy whichever is on sale or comes with a bonus gift that month.

I also make sure to throw a coat of Mascara Primer on before either mascara so my lashes can make like Hercules and go the distance. 

Eyebrows: Benefit FoolProof Eyebrow Powder


Good thing Benefit made this foolproof, because I really am a dummy when it comes to eyebrows. That’s why I love it — two quick stokes of the brush and I am ready to go (at least in the eyebrow department.)


This is the question I get the MOST often — what lipstick do I wear to survive ALL THE TREATS that come with a day at Walt Disney World?

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick: Believer


Okay — I used to have other lip products here such as Lip Sense and MAC. But when masks became a thing I had to reevaluate EVERYTHING and I have found the best lipstick ever. And it’s only $8!!! Maybelline SuperStay is long lasting, comes in a million colors, AND can survive eating all day. Win, win, win.

Camera ready

So there you have it — a glimpse into our makeup bag!

What makeup products work best for you at Disney? Let us know in the comments!

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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34 Replies to “These Makeup Products Can Survive 12 Hours in Disney World, and Still Look Good on Your Insta Feed!”

  1. Molly, it was a joy meeting you in Hollywood Studios (Brown Derby outdoor lounge) yesterday. Thank you for being so gracious and cool about taking a selfie with my husband and I (and a hundred other passerby fans)! Also, thanks for cluing me in on this article that you wrote about makeup you wear in the parks – I watch every YouTube video but never really read your articles. Now I’ll be doing both! I will also be adding these products to my Amazon wishlist! Cheers!

  2. I love your recommendations but I refuse to use Maybelline products because of their animal testing policy, I’m strictly cruelty free! Otherwise, thumbs up!

  3. I love my NYX eye primer. Just about ANY eyeshadow used will not come off until I remove it with eye makeup remover.
    In fact after a long day, it is always my eye shadow that survives. The rest if my makeup is shot!

  4. If you’re looking for a blush to replace your Becca (RIP), I HIGHLY suggest Melt blushes! The cream blushes are my favorite, but since they’re not as long-lasting, the powder blushes are where it’s at. If you want a luminous finish, go for one of their Digital Dust Duos, especially Buzz Kill. Expensive, but worth the price.

  5. If you haven’t tried Besame lipsticks, give them a try. For me they last nearly all day and no mask rub. They do Disney makeup collections sometimes. My personal favorite lipstick is Red Velvet and Exotic Pink

  6. Waterproof is key. Mix inglot duraline with eye makeup(tiny amount) and spray ben nye final seal on after your makeup. Coola spf setting spray is also great.

    1. L’Oréal pro infallible liquid lipstick. It’s better than the maybelline one and is softer than the lip sense. Just make sure to do a thinner lAyer. I also love the applicator. Matador is the BEST red shade

  7. This is the best article ever (because your skin is always perfect in your videos)! Now I just have to figure out what the heck half these products are and how to use them!

  8. I was wondering if you use LipSense. It’s awesome. I have a bunch of colors and love it! I also use the same mascara. Keep up the great work – love your videos!

  9. I’m a SeneGence distributor and I was watching your videos last week and I saw your lipstick and I was like yep that’s lipsense!

  10. Thank you for sharing. Your skin and eye coloring are very similar to mine. And I love to experiment with makeup. Green eyes are fun to play with! . I love golds, greens and plums to bring out the green (Stilla Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye in Rockin’ Rose is awesome and Jane Iredale purepressed eyeshadow in Forest is beautiful). I have problems with oily eyelids, etc. so I love the eyelid primer you recommended too. Haven’t found a fool-proof eyeliner yet so thanks for the recommendation. Lancôme art liners are fun in navy, colbalt and purple. Lip sense is phenomenal but stings too much for me. Lol. So I use NYX butter gloss. I totally agree with your concealer pick. I also think IT Cosmetics concealer in the tube is amazing. A little goes a long way and it lasts all day. I use neutral medium. For cheekbones, really love NYX Liquid Illumination Born to Glow for Highlighting and Bellepierre Mineral Blush in Autumn Glow for a bit of color. For foundation I prefer to mix mine with a sunblock brightening cream or Lancôme’s Visionare. Perricone No Makeup Foundation and Lancôme Le Teint are my favorites for masquerading my large pores. Thrive cosmetics and Bare Minerals both make great setting/oil-absorbing powders. Thanks for sharing your secrets! Ha! What are your favorite make up brushes?

  11. Great list and recommendations! Just a friendly heads up: I would strongly advise not buying LipSense on amazon… there’ve been a lot of counterfeits floating around out there. The only way to know it’s legit is to buy from a licensed distributor.

  12. Love love love your videos! Its the highlight of our week 😃
    We have a trip planned for May 3rd, let see how that goes..
    Do you know what the Disney princesses are wearing? Their makeup looks so flawless!

  13. Molly–thank you for this! What do you wear on your face for sun protection since big floppy hats are incompatible with mouse ears? And do you wear it over or under your concealer and primer etc? Thank you!

  14. The article I’ve been looking for!!! I too have an eyeshadow obsession (I bought a Tart & Urban Decay with in a week of each other)
    I would Recommend MAC 24 hour/ waterproof or Love Your Selfies (PUR?) foundations for people with oily skin. I have Very oily skin & live in a Very humid Oklahoma these have worked best for me along with the Tart Poreless primer

  15. Great list. I use several but will be checking out the rest.
    What other favorite things do you love for your Disney days? Shoes, bags, rain gear, what’s in your park bag? Would love to know how you stay prepared for anything. Thanks for all of your advise and tips.

  16. I love Nars Orgasm blush! Has a similar to look to the one you like. I use half of these but can’t wait to try the others. Thanks for sharing!

  17. The only lipstick I found that really stayed on was the Maybelline 24 Superstay, that’s the only one I love taking when I’m at WDW. I am so happy you shared the products you wear to the parks. You really rock the makeup Molly. Anymore products you wear, please share it with us!

  18. Thanks for the information. I often wondered how you kept your lipstick on all day. I am a preschool teacher and I drink a lot of coffee throughout the day To keep up my energy but it always ruins my lipstick. We love your videos 😀 you have a wonderful sense of humor. We started watching for the Disney content but we continue to watch because you are such a pleasure. I hope All Ears knows how lucky they are to have you. We look forward to many more videos.

  19. Girl! I love this! Let me tell you about something you will LOVE! Match Made foundation pigment drops to add to your SUNSCREEN!!! Yes girl YES! You can add as much or as little coverage to whatever moisturizer or sunscreen that you want! It’s made by no.7 which I believe is an offshoot of Boots. You can mix and match and a little bottle lasts a loooong time! You’re welcome!! lol

  20. My daughter in law (also Molly) is also on you tube. She critiques all kind of make up. I thought you might be interested to see one of her videos when you get time.

  21. YESSSSSSSS to all of this! I also love to set my look with Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. It has helped my makeup last throughout a hot August day in Walt Disney World.

  22. Molly…girl!!!! I didn’t know you wrote articles too!! Thank you so much for this one! I can’t wait to try them during our trip this summer. Our trip got delayed last year because of our surprise baby and I stumbled across your videos while on maternity leave last April (and girl the excitement is building with each video!!) I can’t tell you how much we love your videos and seriously can’t wait for the next ones! You are too funny and super talented!! Don’t ever stop!! 😍

    1. I use a lot of these! The holy grail is UD’s Inked Brow if you want your brows to stay on and not melt off in the Florida heat! It stays on for 40 hours! Never had an issue ever.