Ranking the Marvel Heroes by How Much We Want Their Superpowers

If you’ve been around awhile, then you know that we here at AllEars are big Marvel fans!


We’ve watched the movies and seen the shows, sometimes we even get into the comics! We love talking about our favorite heroes, even if our team has very different opinions on the matter.

We don’t always disagree, and to that end, today we’re ranking the Marvel heroes based on which superpowers we’d most like to have!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for pretty much every Marvel movie and show up until this point. 

NOTE: In this discussion, we’re only talking about Marvel heroes that have superpowers in the MCU. We don’t include those who get their powers specifically from their suits or armor, as well as those who are regular humans with excellent skillsets.

Star Lord/Peter Quill

Let’s start with the bottom of the list. No offense to Peter Quill; he’s got mad dance skills, and he’s played by Chris Pratt, but his powers just aren’t all that impressive.


In the MCU, he lost some of his abilities during his fight with Ego, and that really just leaves him with two things: he’s “durable”, and he heals faster than normal humans. Typically, we’d love to have that skillset, but when looking at the other options on this list, we think we’ll have to pass.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

Okay, now a guy with some REAL powers. Hulk’s super strong, and that’s cool and all, but for the most part he turns into a gigantic, green, uncontrollable rage monster — that’s a little less cool.


Super strength is something we see pretty often in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while Hulk may be the strongest of them all, we don’t really feel like ruining our clothes every time we get angry. (Did we mention how awkward it would be to shrink back to normal size and wake up somewhere naked? Cause that’s weird.)


One step up from the uncontrollable rage monster is an anthropomorphic tree. We see Groot do some amazing things in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, and we know that he’s got superhuman strength, durability, healing, longevity, and body manipulation.


However, there’s one big downside to being Groot. Yep, you guessed it: he’s a tree. You also may know by now that we here at AllEars are not people of few words, and being confined by the phrase “I am Groot” for our whole lives sounds less than exciting.

Captain America/Steve Rogers

Okay, now we’re getting into some superheroes whose abilities we REALLY want. You may be surprised to find Captain America so low on the list (believe me, it pains me!), but his abilities aren’t quite as awesome as some of the others. (Even though he makes up for it with his heart of gold!)


He’s faster, stronger, more durable, more agile, and has better reflexes, senses, and stamina than any regular human. Unfortunately, he’s going up against people on this list that are most certainly NOT regular humans. However, we certainly wouldn’t mind a little of that super-soldier serum for ourselves.

Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes

Okay, the battle between Cap and Bucky was really close. Technically, they have nearly the exact same set of abilities and skills.


But the one thing that puts Bucky/Winter Soldier over the edge is that bionic arm. We know it’s not a superpower per se, but it can definitely do some insanely cool things — it’s capable of crushing Tony Stark’s Ironman suit! That one piece of tech helps him edge out Steve by just a bit.

Black Panther/T-Challa

The last in our “super-soldier” style category is Black Panther. He has many of the same abilities as Bucky and Steve, except his are slightly more powerful.


He can run faster and is more agile than the two of them, making his fighting style quicker and more refined. He heals quickly thanks to the powers from the heart-shaped herb, even being able to come back from the brink of death. Also, how cool would it be to wear that costume?!

Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Basically, Spider-Man can do everything the super-soldier guys do and THEN some. Besides the speed, durability, agility, and strength, he can climb walls and sense danger before it comes — boy, is that handy!


We also think it would be really cool to swing around the way that Peter Parker does, it’s such a faster and more effective form of transportation! That webbing is super useful as well, we can think of a dozen uses for it that would make our lives easier.


Okay, now we’re into the flying category! Flying is pretty much one of the coolest superpowers ever, and not only can Vision do that, but he can phase through walls, and his vibranium skin means that his punches pack some heat!


Besides that, he can also shoot energy beams from the Mind Stone. It’s downright useful when they’re fighting against bad guys; he just flies into the air and starts laser-beaming things with his head!


Thor has all the basic superpowers, plus he can fly and control the weather. Being able to rain down lightning on your enemies and command the storms sounds pretty awesome if you ask us.


He’s also the wielder of Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, two of the coolest weapons in the MCU. You’ve got to be worthy to carry Mjolnir, and that by itself seems like a power that we want!

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers is basically the Marvel version of Superman — insanely overpowered and virtually undefeatable! She’s got nearly every superpower in the book and on top of it all, she can manipulate cosmic energy.


She nearly defeated Thanos on her own, and we’ve got to give her some mad props for that. Even though we haven’t seen her too much in the MCU, the girl has MAD skills.

Doctor Stephen Strange

Do you know what beats Superman-level powers? People with magic! Dr. Strange can do a wide variety of spells, and he can even look into the future to inspect alternate timelines and realities!


He can travel between dimensions, send energy blasts, conjure things from thin air, and teleport, just to name a few. In fact, if it weren’t for his abilities to view possible futures, Tony Stark may have never sacrificed himself to save everyone in Endgame.

Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

And we’ve made it to the top of the list! If you watched WandaVision, then you know why the Scarlet Witch herself has to be the best. In the show, Agatha Harkness specifically points out that Wanda is more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme, aka Dr. Strange.


While Wanda is still learning to use her magic properly, it looks like she’s about to get a LOT more powerful in the future (peep that WandaVision post-credits scene). Plus, from what we learned in the show, her powers were enhanced by the Mind Stone, giving her an extra level of impressiveness. She controlled an entire town, for crying out loud!


Besides, if we had Wanda’s abilities, we’d be able to do tons of practical things — we could accomplish all our chores from the comfort of our couches, just by moving things with our minds. It would probably make us pretty lazy, but it would be so much fun!

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There you go, our definitive ranking of Marvel’s heroes based on the powers we’d like to have. Here at AllEars, we’re BIG Marvel fans, so stay tuned for all the latest news and content for the movies, TV shows, and sometimes, comics.

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Which hero’s powers would you most like to have? Tell us in the comments!

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