12 Details You Missed in the Finale of ‘WandaVision’

Welp, we finally made it. Through tears, laughter, and a whole lot of theorizing, we finished the finale of WandaVision (and it was a roller coaster of emotions).


While we have plenty of other upcoming Marvel entertainment to look forward to soon, there were a LOT of hidden details and references in episode 9 of WandaVision that you’ll want to know!

Thanks to Buzzfeed and our team of Marvel fans here at AllEars, we’re giving you a look at the 12 details you missed while watching the last episode of WandaVision!

Agatha Represents the “Yo-Magic” Shark

Remember how the “Yo-Magic” commercial in episode 6 featured a shark snacking on a cup of delicious magic? Well, it looks like Agatha is exactly that crafty and devious witch. She’s been taking magic from people who she deems as “undeserving” for centuries.

Yo-Magic ©Disney/Marvel

And, of course, she thinks that our Avenger is one of those people (joke’s on her, though).

She’s Also Set Up to Help “Train” Wanda

As Wanda reveals that she has set up runes around the WestView hex, she thanks Agatha for the “lesson.” You might remember that Agatha actually trains Wanda in the comics and helps her learn to control her Chaos Magic. After Wanda basically controls Agatha at the end of the episode and sets her up as the friendly neighbor in WestView, she does note that she knows where to find her if she needs her.


So, we don’t think this will be the last of Agatha Harkness, since Wanda still has a LOT to learn about her abilities as the Scarlet Witch.

References to the Wizard of Oz

When Wanda looks underneath her car to see that Agatha’s boots are only left, this is a hilarious nod to the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz. BUT, if you think about it, that makes WANDA the Wicked Witch of the West(View) in this case! The movie theatre marquee is also showing Oz the Great and Powerful as one of the featured flicks.


Marvel, you never miss a detail, do you?

White Vision’s Many Meanings

During the EPIC battle between White Vision and WestView Vision, we watch as White Vision attempts to pull the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head just like Thanos. However, Vision is actually able to phase through White Vision’s hand unlike before (since he was injured in Avengers: Infinity War at that point).


After White Vision is restored to some sort of new Vision, the memories that Vision gives him are basically all moments from the MCU when he’s looking at Wanda (and, yes, we cried a little).


Then, White Vision “wakes up” to realize he can’t be used as a destructive weapon any longer. He says “I am Vision,” which references the bookends of Tony Stark’s statements at the beginning and ending of the last few Marvel phases.


We’re crying times TWO, everyone!!

Jimmy Woo’s a WandaVision Fangirl

We already know that Darcy wanted to be a part of WandaVision in some capacity. But, it turns out that Jimmy Woo is ALSO a big fan as he uses the magic word, “flourish,” that Vision says back in episode 2’s magic show.


Setting Up Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

Agatha tells Wanda that she has more power than the Sorcerer Supreme. And, we know that Earth is currently without a Sorcerer Supreme at this time. Wong explained the role of the Sorcerer Supreme to Doctor Strange in his title film, but The Ancient One died later in the movie. This means that either Doctor Strange or Wanda could be our next version of his leader.


Since Wanda will be heavily involved in the Multiverse of Madness, there may need to be some reckoning for her Chaos Magic.

Peter Maximoff or Ralph?

Well, Ralph has been revealed. Agnes has referred to the character as her “husband” for a LONG time. And, it turns out Peter Maximoff identifies as Ralph Bohner in our current reality. Yet, if you think about it, he could still be Peter Maximoff in another reality, hence the powers and similar looks to Quicksilver.


There’s also a major reference to the X-Men films when Tommy uses his super speed to steal a S.W.O.R.D. agent’s hat and glasses. Peter pulls a similar stunt in the X-Men movies, so we can’t help but hope for a possible X-Men tie-in!

Reference to The Incredibles AGAIN

As our superfamily in WestView gets ready to fight S.W.O.R.D., Agatha, and White Vision head-on, the scene calls back to a reference of The Incredibles from episode 6. Now, Wanda’s family is posed similarly to the Parrs when they fight Syndrome and his high-tech robots in the film.


The Five Stages of Grief

We’ve felt so many emotions watching Wanda deal with overwhelming feelings of loss and happiness throughout WandaVision. The final episode of the show indicates that she’s come full circle in her stages of grief, landing at the final stage of acceptance.


We’ve seen Wanda go through the phases of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression previously. So, it hit us right in the feels when she finally lets go of WestView and decides to move on with her life.

How Vision Came to Be

After episode 8, we already know that WestView was born out of Wanda’s grief, which affects all the residents there. Yet, Wanda also notes that part of the Mind Stone that lives within Wanda is basically the version of Vision she projects.


This is MAJOR since the Infinity Stones are technically destroyed. Yet, Wanda still retains some power of the Mind Stone, so she’ll always have some source of its power (as well as Vision within the fiber of her being).

Captain Marvel… We’re Coming for You!

You might remember that Nick Fury is chilling out in space with Skrulls during that Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credit scene. So, when a Skrull tells Monica that there is an “old friend of your mother’s” that needs to meet her in space, we can already guess that Nick Fury is involved.


Monica will be returning to the MCU in Captain Marvel 2. Of course, this is a big hint at what’s to come (and we can’t wait to find out what’s in store for Spectrum).

The Darkhold and MAYBE Mephisto

Agatha’s wildly glowing and scary book was revealed as the Darkhold in WandaVision. And, this book is BAD news, everybody! The Darkhold has a history already in the MCU as it was seen before during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The book itself was created in the Dark Dimension with endless knowledge.


It was once used by an Elder God named Chthon who attempted to use Wanda as a pawn in the comic books. Yet, there is a clue at the fact we’ll be diving into more sinister parts of the MCU soon with the Multiverse of Madness in that second post-credits scene. We see Wanda in a cabin in the mountains, which could very likely be Wundagore Mountain.


The mountains happen to be the place where Chthon wrote the Darkhold as well as where he was imprisoned at one point. The night he gets ready to escape, Wanda and Pietro are born in Sokovia. Now, Wanda is in the mountains where she is using the same astral projection reading technique that Doctor Strange has used previously.


She hears Billy and Tommy’s voices, which means that Wanda will most likely be working to get them back as she does in the comics. Yet, it’s important to note that one MEPHISTO likes to haunt the Dark Dimension. And, we already know he has a connection to the twins and Wanda.


We’re not saying it’s going to happen, but we wouldn’t put any clues and hints past Marvel! We’ve had a wild ride giving you all the hints we’ve seen so far in WandaVision, and we can’t WAIT for what’s in store with the rest of the upcoming series. Stay tuned to AllEars for more Marvel news!

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