His Cape is the BEST Part?! 78 Thoughts I Had While Watching Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ for the First Time

Howdy everyone! Molly here!

What’s Up, fam?

My journey into the MCU is continuing, and it’s getting a little….Strange. (ICYMI, I am watching all of the Marvel films for the FIRST time ever!)

I don’t know anything about Doctor Strange, the film, or the character, but the little bits I’ve seen in the trailer have me less excited than I was for Guardians or the Captain America movies. But I’m keeping an open mind, and ready to dig in!

78 Thoughts I Had While Watching Doctor Strange for the First Time


1. This is a very strange library, apparently located in the Expedition Everest queue.

2. Oh that escalated quickly.

3. Feels like they could’ve just strung him up and stolen the book and decapitating him was a bit much.

4. UHHHHHH they’re in….London?!?!?!?!


5. This is giving me big time Inception vibes.

6. I can already tell this is gonna be one of those movies where if I think too much about it, or try to fully grasp the portals, it’s gonna hurt my brain.

7. Ok so Benedict Cumberbatch is like a doctor doctor. Not just a strange doctor.

8. He’s also super arrogant. I mean he’s a neurosurgeon, and from what I know about neurosurgeons, they’re very arrogant. (All I know about neurosurgeons I learned on Grey’s Anatomy.)


10. Doctor shows always have me convinced that all doctors except a few renegade heroes are morons and bad at their jobs, and I know they’re just trying to show me the main characters skills, but like….that’s not how hospitals actually are????

11. That watch display is dope though. I should get one of those for my Ears.


12. I bet he gets in a car wreck driving like that.

13. Yep.

14. So…his hands are ruined and his Doctor career is over…but his DOCTOR career is gonna get started.

15. Gotta say, not loving Dr. Strange so far. (Not the movie, the jerk character.)

16. Benjamin Bratt! From Miss Congeniality!

17. Wait. I know that hooded figure.

18. It IS Chiwetel Ejiofor! He’s Scar in the new Lion King. But I first knew him as Peter in Love Actually.

19. TILDA!!! She was the bald hero at the beginning??

20. Not shocking that he’s trying to use science and logic to figure this all out.

21. Tilda is pretty sassy which I appreciate.


22. “What is real?” Whoa I am not ready to get this deep watching Marvel movies.

23. HATE all these hands grabbing him.

24. OOOOOOH that bad guy was her student turned powerful and evil. Where have I seen that before?


25. The WiFi password. LOL.

26. “Just Wong? Like Adele?” OK that was kinda funny Dr. S.

27. How convenient he picked up the plot book that was tampered with by the bad guy.

28. I’m getting bad vibes from Wong. 50% chance he’s evil.

29. Wow so far Dr. Strange is as bad a sorcery fighting camp as Mulas was at actual fighting camp.


31. OMG they went back to Animal Kingdom!


32. LOL @ the Beyonce joke followed by “Single Ladies” playing.

33. All of these multi-verses and time travel is so confusing to my brain, but I’m sure it will become very helpful in future big battles.

34. The bad guy has a very Anakin/Voldemort vibe when you hear them talk about him.

35. Dang this training camp just got way more intense.

36. It is so weird to me that they go from an ancient temple to sending an e-mail. Like, I cannot wrap my mind around when this takes place.

37. WHOA. I bet he’s gonna get in trouble for that.

38. Does Dr. Strange just want to go back in time to fix his hands? That’s the vibe I’m getting.

39. Yes. He just said so.

40. TOO LATE BAD GUY IS HERE. (Not the big bad guy. The small bad guy. Another thing I’ve learned is there’s always a bigger bad guy in these movies.)

41. Dr. Strange making everyone call him Doctor is basically Captain Jack making everyone call him Captain.

42. The room spinning and all I can think about it:


43. Whoa that cape is basically like a magic carpet you wear. Except smarter.

44. So this guy is good? Actually, he sounds like a cult member.

45. The Cape > Dr. Strange

46. “My astro-body.” She is not nearly freaked out enough.

47. Kinda legit how her shocking his actual body made the bad guy’s astro-body fly away.

48. I have seen some weird stuff in the Marvel movies but this could be the weirdest.

49. Sweet slow-mo cape attachment.

50. OOOH existential crisis re: murdering cause he’s a doctor.

51. I love that Tilda is like you have an over-inflated ego. Cause he does have one of those. He rolls up into this organization and acts like he knows everything.

52. Does no one else see them? Like if you were just strolling down the street and sawa a bunch of ninjas running wouldn’t you stop to take a look?

53. STAN LEE!!!


54. This movie is a giant pop-up book / Inception.

55. TILDA IN DA BUILDING. Or outside the buildings which are all floating around her?

56. OH NO TILDA!!!

57. This movie is such a weird paradigm between sorcery and modern medicine.

58. They look like the ghosts in Casper when they float around.

59. Are they saying Mordu? Like the bear in Brave?

60. Aw, I am sad about TIlda. She was def. the best character. Except the cape.


62. Oh man he put the bad guy IN a wall? Imagine what is gonna happen if Chip and Joanna Gaines ever show up?

63. He got out of the wall. I would’ve paid to see that Fixer Upper episode.

64. So now he’s just…floating through space? Space is trippy and very colorful.

65. I thought this guy was gonna end up being Thanos but I don’t think it is.


66. He sounds like the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin.

67. “What is happening??” – the bad guy, also me for most of this movie

68. Oh I get it — the whole thing is that he was selfish and now he’s self sacrificing.

69. The bad guys looks like me when I fall asleep in my makeup.

70. They are disappearing like Voldemort at the end of HP7 part 2.

71. Wong is not bad. In fact, I love him.

72. Pan to the  smashed watch because time has no linear meaning.

*skips credits*

73. THOR!!!! With a big gulp like he’s been at the Biergarten.

74. OK V. EXCITED FOR LOKI TO RETURN?? That’s what that meant right??

75. Wait — Odin wasn’t missing at the end of Thor 2?! Guess I’ll find out more in Thor 3!!

*skips more credits*

76. Who is welding?

77. “Why are you doing this?” – Benjamin Bratt and also me.

78. DR. STRANGE WILL RETURN. He might be my least favorite hero so far and that title card still got me excited.


Doctor Strange was…interesting.

He as a character is my least favorite superhero so far — honestly, his cape is way cooler than him. TBH, I am also kinda over the solo-hero backstory movies — I much prefer a team of them, or at least a few of them together.  BUT, I have been told that he’s super important when it comes to the big team-up movies soon, so I look forward to that!

This was one of the hardest movies for me to get through — I just didn’t enjoy the story or the pacing very much. I am glad I watched it so that I can fully comprehend the character and universe, but I don’t feel the need to watch this one again.

On a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 is spoiled milk and 10 is ice cream, I award Doctor Strange a 5.

Next up: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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7 Replies to “His Cape is the BEST Part?! 78 Thoughts I Had While Watching Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ for the First Time”

  1. Yew this is a “strange” one. I have watched it multiple times and still don’t fully understand it, but you get the basics. I do like the ending of catching Dormomu(sp?) in an infinite time loop, but I am a computer programmer. The Character of Dr. Strange gets better in Infinity War.

  2. Another great review.

    The solo movies are always a let down after you get used to the team up ones. I’ve found Dr Strange is also a lot better when he’s working off other heroes as well.

    I like watching this movie when it’s on tv better. The commercial breaks help break the tone up and it’s a lot easier to watch.

  3. I guess we all see different things when we watch a movie. I saw much humor, amazing visuals, and deep concepts. Doctor Strange is one of my favorite MCU movies, and Cumberbatch nails the character from arrogant doctor to Superhero Doctor. I’m sorry you didn’t like it.