AllEars Quiz: Which Hogwarts House Would You Be Sorted Into?

Are you as brave as a Gryffindor? Smart as a Ravenclaw? Humble as a Hufflepuff? Or cunning as a Slytherin?

Hogwarts Castle

In this new AllEars Quiz, we’re sorting YOU into your Hogwarts house!

Just Call Us the Sorting Hat! We’re Sorting You Into Your Hogwarts House!

Want to know which Harry Potter house we would sort you into? Take the quiz to find out!

Be sure to share your results in the comments below!

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One Reply to “AllEars Quiz: Which Hogwarts House Would You Be Sorted Into?”

  1. I took the Pottermore quiz and was sorted into Hufflepuff but, now I take this quiz and I’m a slitherin!?!?!?!?!? I guess I’m a slither-puff (mostly Hufflepuff though)