AllEars TV: Remember That Time Disney Choreographed a Parade From Your Nightmares?

In this NEW AllEars TV series, we’re setting out to remember that time!

Main Street Electrical Parade ©Disney

You probably remember that time Disney let a cricket play with fireworks. You might even remember that time Disney tried to unite the world with a floating tv. But do you remember that time Disney made a dance routine from your childhood trauma?!

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What is YOUR favorite nighttime spectacular from Disney’s past? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “AllEars TV: Remember That Time Disney Choreographed a Parade From Your Nightmares?”

  1. OK love this new blog but come on…you got it wrong. Main Street Electrical Parade was awesome. You need some older folks on your panel. The way you talk about Wishes and Illuminations…that is what people over 50 feel about the MSEP. I can remember as a child watching that and thinkin how amazing it was. WAY before techno music was ever a thing the synthesizers was the coolest new thing. I also remember enjoying it with loved ones no longer with me and memories of when the kids were little…so…have a little respect for the classics (lol).

  2. Wishes was great, but Happily Ever After is the perfect end to Magic Kingdom. A must watch on YouTube for MK days since reopening. Love the new segment.