You Asked For It: We’re Taking a Look at Molly’s Minnie Ear Collection!

Hey everybody — Molly here!

My inspiration, Minnie Mouse

As you may know if you watch AllEars TV, I LOVE Minnie ears. (Big THANK YOU to everyone who watches!!)

People often ask just how many pairs I have, and TBH I’ve never counted…UNTIL NOW.

Lots of you requested to take a peek at my extensive collection, which I now know is 39 pairs of ears! (Wow, I may actually have a problem.)

“Mom, you definitely have a problem.”

Your face may look like my dog Kronk’s right now, but at least I wear them for work? (That’s how I justify it anyway!)

Let’s take a closer look at the ears, shall we?!

The Entire Collection

When it comes to my ears, I often think of them as little mini collections inside of one massive collection, so that’s how I’ll be explaining them today.

But first things first — these 6 are my favorite pairs!


My favorite pairs!

Most of these have a story attached to them, which is why they are among my favorites:

  • Arendelle Aqua (front): These may have been inspired by Frozen, but they’re also almost identical to my wedding color. So naturally, I’m partial to those!


  • Buffalo Plaid Bow (middle left): I got these on New Year’s Eve a few years ago in Epcot. It was a really fun night with some of my best friends, dancing in Italy and ringing in a New Year together, so whenever I see these, I think of a great memory! Plus, I love buffalo plaid.


  • Cobalt Blue Glitter (middle right): My mom got me this pair because her favorite color is cobalt blue. (Ask anyone who’s been to our house. They can confirm the color is literally everywhere.) Whenever I wear these, I think of her.


  • Imagination Pink (top left): My sorority sisters came down for a wonderful weekend last year, and as a thank you for being their tour guide, they surprised me with these ears that I offhandedly said I loved and regretted not buying! They weren’t even in stores any more — they had to find them online and mailed them to me. (Related: I have the best friends.)


  • Buzz Lightyear (middle): Buzz is my all-time favorite Disney character, so that explains that. But also, my best friend got me these when they came out because duh…she’s my best friend and knows I love Buzz. (I’m telling you I have the best friends.)


  • Rose Gold (top right): I’m very basic, so I LOVE Rose Gold. And when these were first released, they were FLYING off the shelves — to the point I was seriously considering spending $75 to buy them off eBay. Another of my dear friends secretly snagged a pair and gave them to me for my birthday a few days later! (Did I mention I have the best friends?)



Color Trend Ears

If you’re a big Disney merchandise fan, you may know Disney loves to do color trends. They will release a full collection in a color — with everything from ears to Loungefly backpacks to spirit jerseys and more.

I don’t have ALL of the color trends (believe it or not, I do show SOME self restraint and only buy ones I really like,) but these were the collections I couldn’t resist.

From the top going clockwise I have: Coral, Rose Gold, Arendelle Aqua, Magic Mirror, Millennial Pink, and Imagination Pink.


Character Inspired Collection

Disney also often releases ears based on a particular character!

In my collection, I have headwear based on Mulan, Ariel, Sulley, R2-D2, and of course, Buzz Lightyear. As you can see, not one but TWO pairs of Buzz ears were needed — but the hat sits in my office as decoration. (And yes, it is monogrammed.)



Park Inspired Ears

These ears are all inspired by a Disney World park as a whole, or a particular attraction or land.

I’ve got Space Mountain (my only pair thus far of the Minnie Mouse: the Main Attraction Collection. I predict more to come — have you seen the Small World ones?!), Spaceship Earth, the Pixar Luxo Ball which reminds me of Toy Story Land, and Giraffe for Animal Kingdom!


Christmas Ears

Considering Christmas at Disney lasts literally two months, I also have quite a few pairs of Holiday ears! I like to mix them up for all the Yuletide merriment — from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to checking out all the resort gingerbread displays. Different holiday outings need different holiday ears, right?

Halloween Collection:

Halloween Ears

Christmas isn’t the only holiday with multiple ears! I also have two pairs of Halloween ears — perfect for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!


Special Occasion Ears

In addition to Christmas and Halloween, these are various other special occasion pairs!

The cobalt blue ones I mentioned earlier are actually the 2020 New Year’s Pair. The cupcake ones are the birthday ears, and the ones in the middle I got in Disneyland during their 50th Diamond Anniversary Celebration!


Epcot Festival Ears

Of course with every new Epcot Festival, comes new ears!

In my collection you’ll find Flower and Garden from last year (the Violet Lemonade inspired pair), and this year (Orange Bird. He’s still available!). I also have last year’s Food and Wine (Rose Gold Cupcake) and this year’s Festival of the Arts (color-changing Figment).


Classic Minnie Ears

None of these pairs are part of a particular color trend or from a certain event — so in my mind they’re all Classic Minnie Ears, with a twist!

I particularly love the Iridescent White Pair and the Red with Black and White Polka Dots!


Riviera Ears

I snagged these when I stayed at the new Riviera Resort last December — using the fact that my family was staying there later for a visit as justification.

But also — don’t you think ALL Disney resorts should have exclusive ears?! I would love a pair of Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge inspired ears!


Ear Ballcaps

Sometimes a bad hair day calls for a ball cap am I right? I have a classic Minnie one, plus a holographic pair from the Epcot Forever collection!


DCL Ears

There were SO many cute pairs on my recent Disney Cruise, but I restricted myself to one pair. I thought these were fun and very nautical. But trust me, if I head out to sea again, more will be purchased.


Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway Ears

This pair was released to celebrate Disney’s newest attraction! The light-up ears were designed by Kevin Rafferty, the lead Imagineer on the project. I was lucky enough to interview him during the opening, and let’s just say, I was GEEKING OUT.

You can watch our Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway video (including Imagineer interviews!) here.


Slytheirn Ears

And lastly, my Slytherin ears! I was gifted these house ears by a delightful teammate when I started filming Universal Studios videos. (You can watch the first one here!) Even witches need hair accessories right?

So there you have it! My full ear collection! TA-DA!

Are you a fellow Minnie ear addict? What’s your favorite pair? Let me know in the comments!


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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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28 Replies to “You Asked For It: We’re Taking a Look at Molly’s Minnie Ear Collection!”

  1. We are in England and we’ve loved watching you wandering around Disney World. During the lockdowns it’s the next best thing to being there. I have 80 Disney ears but I can’t choose my favourite. It’s either fish and chips or haunted mansion cos it’s my favourite ride. I would love club 33 ears but I’m not sure it’s possible.

  2. We’re going to WDW and Universal in November. Could you please do an episode of all the best place to find the biggest selection of Minnie ears and how we could buy them ahead of time, if possible. Also, will the gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian be open by the 9th of November?

  3. I make my own Minnie ears, so I usually justify it by saying “Yeah, it’s cheaper this way…” when really, me wandering around in Joann Fabrics is a recipe for spending double what it would be to just BUY the ears. I did make a pair of rose gold ones that I really like, but I think my favorite ones that I have made are my R2-D2 ears (weird, because I don’t care that much about Star Wars). I figured I would need a pair of Star Wars themed ears for visiting Galaxy’s Edge with my boyfriend who LOVES Star Wars, and I hand-placed every single rhinestone on them – probably at least 300 or more! I guess they mean more to me because they were a labor of love!

  4. I’m up to 9 pairs!! I have a long way to go! But I’m working on it! I love my HM Tightrope Walker ears! I haven’t worn them yet but I can’t wait to!!

  5. OMG Molly I love ears my favorite would probably be the coral or the rose gold. I really like your Slytherin ears! I’m from Griffyndor! If I met you in Disney World, it would make my day even more magical! I’m one of your biggest subscribers! Every day I look for more of your videos! Oh and I was wondering. Could you make a Universal Ride Challenge? That would be cool to see!

  6. And Molly I am like one of your number one fans!!!!!!!! It would make my day if I met you one time!!!!!!

  7. And Molly I am a super huge fan of you!! It would be awesome if I get to meet you some time in Disney World!!!! And I am super jealous that you have a bunch of Minnie ears!!!

  8. Molly! We have some of the same ears!! And I don’t know my favorite ears, because they’re all my favorite!! I can’t decide!!

  9. Waouw!!!! we’re jealous of this collection. My daughter loves the slytherin one !! 😉 I personnaly have 1 ears from Disneyland Paris and 1 ear ball cap from WDW… we hope we could come back to orlando next year and buy some (or more) news ears ! 😉 thanks for sharing! Daphné & Keïko(9y) from Belgium

  10. Thank You for sharing!! The Riveria ears were the ones I couldn’t figure out but love. I’ve only been to Disneyland but we are scheduled for Disney World in May (September for a back up date). I’ve been told Minnie Ears aren’t as popular at Disney World?? Will still wear mine!!

  11. 1. So jealous of the Space Mountain ears! 🤤🤩😍
    2. How do you break them in so they don’t give you a headache wearing them all day??

  12. I love minnie ears my partner keeps a photo inventory of mine so we dont duplicate. My current count is 79 pairs of Disney ones.

  13. Why do I feel like Molly has more ears than what is represented? 🙂 I think she has three pairs of sunglasses for each pair of ears!!!! I have the very same addictions Molly!!! We love you!!!! Thanks for all of your awesome content!!!

  14. I love that you have so many pairs!! Collecting ears is one of my favourite things to do!! And I so desperately “need” the orange bird ones! I have 20 something pairs …. so not too far behind you!! Thankyou for sharing – you are awesome!

  15. I love them all but the bands dig into my head and it starts to hurt, so I would go for the ballcap ears( holographic) one is so cool. I love watching your videos keep up the good work.

  16. Molly I have a Disney coffee mug that has a quote from Walt Disney that says
    Who Says we have to GROW UP. Your videos and blogs always are so much fun.
    I would love to meet you someday and I loved your dog too.
    I am 77 and you make these days right now because of the virus much brighter.

  17. Love you, Molly! My CM son tells me “Molly will know!” whenever he can’t answer a question for me. Keep on making us smile, girl!

  18. I love ears but they always give me a headache after about an hour 😭 question about your Minnie hats – is the classic one the kids hat? Does it hit you well? I keep hoping they put out more of these but I’m not seeing tons of options online.

  19. Love this so much!!!! I have tons of pairs myself as I make them and love coming up with new designs-of course I have to keep a sample pair for me!! I would love to send you some to add to your collection!

  20. I’ve wondered how many pairs you had. This is awesome!!! I love them all but those cobalt blue ones 😍
    What about a “get to know Molly” series. My friend and I are really hoping we run into you when we are at Disney world in December.