55 Thoughts I Had Watching the Premiere Episodes of ‘WandaVision’

Well hello there everybody!! I’m BACK!

This is who I am now.

It wasn’t too long ago I know no idea what a Wanda or a Vision was, and now here I am, jonesing to watch a series about them! Ever since I finished my first Marvel marathon last year, I’ve been yearning for more content and stories about all of the characters I fell in love with.

Is this what Marvel people felt like before all the movies?! Wow.

Now before we get started, I must admit, Wanda and Vision were…not my favorites. I mean, she’s super kick-butt and powerful — probably the most powerful behind Captain Marvel from my expert analysis. But with so many characters to adore she was middle of the road for me. Now Vision, he’s fine (even though he’s fully responsible for paralyzing Rhodes in Civil War. Don’t come for me. It was NOT Falcon’s fault.). But I cannot get over the fact that he’s a ROBOT and they’re in love. HOW?!

But despite all that, this new show looks wacky and intriguing, and I’m sure it’ll be amazing and confusing all at the same time. Are you ready!? I sure am. Let’s go!

SPOILER ALERT: I will be discussing the plot and my thoughts throughout each episode, so if you haven’t watched it or don’t want it to be spoiled, turn back now! You have until the bottom of the show poster. Consider this your warning.

55 Thoughts I Had Watching the Premiere Episodes of WandaVision

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2. OOOOOOOH, it’s black and white!

3. Loving the theme song!!


4. I normally hate a laugh track but it’s perfect for this.

5. Do I smell a classic mix-em-up?! This show is so pure so far. It’s probably all a rouse.

6. OOOH Paul Bettany! We get to see your face!

7. KATHRYN HAHN IS HERE!!!! Agnes is already the best part.


8. “Married to a man…a human man.” HOW ARE THEY IN LOVE I DON’T GET IT.

9. Of course Vision is a wiz at computations. Also, why doesn’t anyone question his name being Vision?!

10. We all see where this is going right — Wanda thinks it’s a romantic anniversary and Vision thinks it’s dinner with his boss! Wow this is bringing me back to watching I Love Lucy and Leave it To Beaver reruns.

11. WHOA the toaster has a red light!!! And it’s made by Stark!!! Something fishy here.


12. I kinda forgot she was Sokovian myself. Probably because she dropped the horrible fake accent.

13. Agnes is for sure the best.

14. Calling Wanda Fred is very funny. So was Vision’s singing. This is so wholesome.

15. Something is breaking in the matrix!! Wanda can’t answer where they’re from!! The guy is choking!! His wife is way too calm and stuck on a loop!


16. Vision had to save his boss. But it all worked out?

17. Is this whole thing The Truman Show?

18. The making of the rings thing should be so romantic but might I remind you again, that he’s a ROBOT.

19. I adore that this is like a TV show in the 50’s though!! From the opening to the credits.


21. Why is there a sword logo on the notebook and the monitor?! I bet that means something!!!!!!!!!!


Episode 2:

22. LOL separate beds.

23. Her hair tells me we’re in the 60’s now.

24. Ok, you two battled killer robots and titans and you’re scared of something tapping on the window?!

25. She’s growing on me big time, but the romance is still VERY CONFUSING.


26. OOoh a new intro song!! I hope we get one of these every decade because I cannot WAIT for a Full House style 90’s version.

27. The idea of them doing a bad magic show knowing they are literally magic is very funny.


29. Omg the helicopter is in color.



31. HAHAHA Kathryn Hahn is really the best. “Senor Scratchy loves the stage. He played baby Jesus in last year’s Christmas pageant.”

32. Wow Dottie is a high class brat. She’s the Brie van de Camp of this show. I love her?

33. LOL @ Kathryn Hahn with the flask. She’s basically her character from Bad Moms in disguise.

34. OMG THIS IS MONICA RAMBEAU. Maria Rambeau’s daughter from Captain Marvel!!!! (I know this because of the actress.) Now I am confused.


35. Your name is NOT Geraldine.

36. “And I’m irritated!” OH DOTTIE. (I can’t help but love a mean suburban housewife character. They’re so funny to me.)

37. Neighborhood watch is just a men’s gossip club — is this what fantasy football is too?!

38. Oh no..he’s all gummed up…this cannot be good for a robot.

39. Something is broken in the matrix again!!

40. “Help Me Rhonda” sounds a lot like Help Me Wanda. And WHO’S VOICE IS THAT?!


41. The blood is red!!! Omg omg omg.

42. OKAY WHO IS DOTTIE. She’s clearly involved somehow.

43. STRUCKER?! I know that name.



45. It’s very funny that gum makes Vision drunk.

46. Elizabeth Olsen is so good in this show.

47. “That was my grandmother’s piano.” LOL.

48. “Is that how mirrors work?” This scene is very funny.

49. Kathryn Hahn keeps talking about her husband but we have yet to see him. Is that weird?

50. “I’m not as funny without it, am I?” No Vision, you are not.


52. Who is this beekeeper man?! And why does he have the sword logo again!?


53. Ok so this is clearly all about Wanda and people are breaking into her alternate reality.

54. COLOR!!!

55. The voice again!! It kinda sounds like Randall Park who’s in Ant-Man and the Wasp?!


Wow, okay. Overall, I liked it WAY more than I thought I would. Wanda is downright charming and I’m mad at Marvel for not letting her shine more in the films. Vision is still just okay for me, but I did enjoy him as a gum-drunk magician.

If I had just seen the first episode, I don’t think I would be as invested as I am after seeing both. The second one upped the Easter Egg game, and has my mind swimming in theories and wanting to see what’s next!!

Speaking of…if you don’t want things *possibly* spoiled for you, don’t keep reading! Just wait for next week. The next part of my post involves some of my theories going forward, based on the trailer and convos I had with my nerd friends who know a lot more than I do.



So, first of all, can confirm that Randall Park was the voice on the radio. Agent Woo is listed in the credits at the very end when they show who voiced the characters in other languages. He’s also in the trailer (which I just rewatched after the show). If you recall, Jimmy Woo is the hilarious FBI Agent who is hounding Ant-Man throughout Ant-Man and the Wasp. So clearly, he’s involved somehow, perhaps as an agent of S.W.O.R.D?


What’s S.W.O.R.D you ask? (I also asked.) Well according to my nerd friends and husband who I watched this with, it’s like the space version of S.H.I.E.L.D. We actually saw it in the end credits of Spiderman: Far From Home when Nick Fury appears to be on a beach, but he’s actually on a spaceship. This explains the S.W.O.R.D logo popping up so frequently — and it seems very likely that agents from S.W.O.R.D are trying to penetrate Wanda’s alternate reality.


But what is the alternate reality? Is it something Wanda created to deal with the death of Vision? Or is someone else doing it to her?! If so, who!? These are my biggest questions going forward.

Other questions I have:

Why is Darcy Lewis in the trailer (aka the funny assistant from the Thor movies)?

How is Monica Rambeau involved?

Is Kathryn Hahn good or bad?

Is Dottie an agent?

What’s up with the Hydra watch?

Will we get a 90’s sitcom theme song intro?

How have I become this person?


Tune in next week, as we watch episode 3! I can’t wait!


What did you think of the premiere of WandaVision? Share your thoughts in the comments!







Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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9 Replies to “55 Thoughts I Had Watching the Premiere Episodes of ‘WandaVision’”

  1. I like your reviews and analysis about the shows. But honey, you shouldn’t let yourself get so hot and bothered about “robots” and humans getting together. It’s a COMIC BOOK show. Chill! 🙂

  2. I’m going to have to watch these a second time because I didn’t like them the first time around. I need to study them more lol. As for wondering how on Earth she can be in love with a robot? I find that easier to swallow than the insane portion of women falling in love with fake profiles of men they’ve never spoken to or actually seen on the internet on a daily basis. At least Vision seems to be, at the very least, tangible.

  3. 4. I normally hate a laugh track but it’s perfect for this.
    I’m pretty sure they filmed the first two with a live studio audience.

  4. First, as always, you’re Marvel comments are loads of fun.
    Second. Jennifer is right. (Comic book geek passing on info here again.) In the comics Vision is often referred to as a “syntheziod.” He was built by Ultron but isn’t like a car assembly or bomb disposal robot. In comics because of using brain engrams and in the films because of the infinity stone his A.I. is fully conscious, sentient and capable of having and understanding emotions. In fact his first appearance in was the famous Avengers issue 58 titled, “Even and Android Can Cry.”
    His love story with Wanda back in the day is one of the best (in my opinion) in Marvel Comics. It got shattered by a writer who couldn’t see past “he’s a robot.”

    As for kids…in the comics it was via her vaguely defined powers (probably manipulation, chaos magic…it varies) That went a whole lot of strange directions and settled on their twins just sort of magically showing up later on as teenagers raised by other families. I’m betting the show will reference the characters, but will go a much simpler, some kind of altered or artificial reality route.

    Looking forward to your take on the other episodes, and on Falcon and Winter Soldier.

  5. I’m sure you didn’t notice that their home in episode 1 was like the one on the Dick VanDyke Show and the set on episode 2 was like the one from Bewitched. You have to be over 50 to recognize that. 😉

  6. I think it’s important to note that Vision is an android, not simply a robot. In AOU when he was created there’s a quote saying “Regeneration Cradle prints tissue; it can’t build a living body.” To which Ultron responds “It can, you can. You lacked the materials.” Which leads me to believe that Ultron has a living body, specifically with human-like skin, as the cradle was used earlier in that film to regrow skin for Barton. We also see Vision die in IW, which means he had to be alive prior to that. If he was truly just a robot he could pretty much just be rebuilt.

    Honestly prior to WandaVision I thought he basically had an entirely “human” body and his consciousness/ thought/ powers/ “soul” came from a combo of the stone and Jarvis’ matrix and whatever other programming Tony/Ultron was using. It’s also clear that he has emotions & opinions, although it seems that’s somewhat of a learning process for him and he has picked these up as he goes along (we see him becoming more and more “human” throughout the movies). You could also argue that Wanda (being a mutant/ powered person) feels she has more in common with an android than a “regular” human. Especially since the same stone that gave her her powers is the one that’s in his head.

    All of that to say, this is why I personally don’t find their romance weird and I don’t see it as though she’s in love with a machine. How it’s possible for them to have children…I have no idea. Right now I’m thinking that’s not “really” happening (despite them saying otherwise lol) and is just something that is occurring in this alternate reality Wanda’s in. Because of course Vision is technically dead right now so it seems as though none of this is *actually* happening.

  7. Decided not to wait a decade to watch them this time eh? Lol. Loved reading your comments on the movies, as it was fun to see them through fresh eyes. It gave me a little Disney Crush on you! Enjoy all the Marvel coming to Disney+!