7 BIG Questions We Still Have After the ‘WandaVision’ Finale

WandaVision‘s grand finale may have just dropped yesterday, but we’re still SHOOK by all the reveals.


And, as a matter of fact, we’re even just as surprised at the plot points and characters that Marvel didn’t announce. Regardless of the details that were finally given to fans during episode 9, we have some major questions that need answers.

Will Agatha train Wanda?

We know that it’s been “Agatha All Along” in WandaVision, but there are still MANY questions about her bigger plan. It seems too clean-cut that Agatha only wanted to suck up Wanda’s magic, as she had done with her own coven. Obviously, Wanda’s Chaos Magic is intense and extremely powerful, so that leaves us wondering what Agatha had in mind for those powers specifically.


She’s been a bit silent (too quiet for our tastes) over the past 300 years, which would give her plenty of time to make a grand scheme. And, she was probably stealing magic from other witches all the while, too. Agatha is an intelligent being, so she wouldn’t put all her eggs in one WestView basket without a backup plan.


She clearly underestimated Wanda’s ability to have control over her own magic, which leads her to being somewhat “sedated” at the end of the series. Agatha is given the role of the friendly and nosy neighbor, kept under Wanda’s magic. Wanda does thank Agatha for the “lessons” she gives her about runes as well as information about the Darkhold.


At the end of the final episode, Wanda notes that she knows where to find Agatha if she needs her. And, we think that she possibly could need her (and hopefully in the near future). Wanda may begin to dive deeper into her Chaos Magic, but there will most likely be issues controlling it because, well, it’s chaotic. Agatha has a vast knowledge about this power, so she may have to train Wanda, like she does in the comics.


Still, it’s important to note that Agatha could easily turn on Wanda now that she has reason to get revenge on the Scarlet Witch. All we know is that Agatha Harkness will most likely be making additional appearances in the MCU (possibly in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness).

Is Peter Maximoff STILL a part of the Multiverse?

Okay, so the Ralph Bohner reveal was pretty funny. BUT, we’re still not buying the fact that Marvel would bring Evan Peters into the MCU, incorporate the references to Quicksilver, and then do nothing with it. Now that Doctor Strange will be exploring multiverses in his upcoming film, we wonder if people can have different identities in various realms.


So, Peter Maximoff may identify as himself in the X-Men universe, but Ralph Bohner in ours. Yet, that theory does leave some plot holes for us, since it doesn’t make sense why he would have powers. Is Peter Maximoff still under someone’s control, being forced to adopt the identity of Ralph Bohner?


The town of WestView still exists with Agatha Harkness now staying as a resident, so there’s a possibility that we could see “Ralph Bohner” again. But, we hope that it will actually be as Quicksilver from X-Men instead!

How did S.W.O.R.D. get Vision’s body?

Alright, Hayward, you got what you deserved. But, we STILL want to know what your involvement with S.W.O.R.D. exactly is. He obviously wanted to use Vision’s body as a weapon of destruction (maybe not just for Wanda, though), but the question is — how did S.W.O.R.D. get that body?


Vision was last seen in Wakanda as his lifeless body sat there without the Mind Stone. Since Vision is made of Vibranium, it would make the most sense to have his body remain in Wakanda as their specialty is the rare metal. However, following the aftermath of the “Snap”, there may have not been a focus on what was best for Vision specifically, but rather what they were going to do about the missing 50% of the population.

Vision Body ©Disney/Marvel

We can’t help but wonder if the remaining Avengers unknowingly brought back Vision’s body, giving it to S.W.O.R.D. with a naïve amount of trust. Or, did S.W.O.R.D. send an operative to pick up the body themselves? The reason we think that there’s a more sinister element to the agency is because of the numerous references to A.I.M. throughout the series.


And, S.W.O.R.D. was trying to bring Vision back online well in advance of the WestView anomaly. Clearly, there were other plans in the mix to use White Vision as a weapon that Marvel didn’t mention. He wasn’t just meant to destroy Wanda… so, what was he meant to do exactly? All those Hydra references in the commercials also have us feeling uneasy about the possibility S.W.O.R.D. has been infiltrated.

Hydra Soak Luxury Bath Powder ©Disney

Marvel, please give us the answers we need to know!

Where is the White Vision now?

After having his memories restored, White Vision flew off into the distance with a flourish and an, “I am Vision,” tagline. Since this version of Vision is aware of the fact that he was being utilized as a weapon, there are two potential options regarding what he could be doing.


He could have neutralized himself somewhere so nobody could use him for their own self-serving goals. He could have even taken it as far as destroying himself (but we doubt that since Wanda and Vision both state they’ll see each other again someday).


Or, White Vision could be hiding away from the world somewhere extra safe. He may only appear when he is absolutely needed for something that is beneficial, rather than harmful.

What happened between Monica and Captain Marvel?

WandaVision has revealed that there has been a level of tension between Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers. Monica didn’t want to hear Captain Marvel’s name mentioned and had a very passive-aggressive response to any reference of her name. Fans are VERY curious about what happened between the once close friends.


After that post-credits scene, we do know that Monica will be getting involved with the Skrulls that have appeared in Captain Marvel. And while we don’t have the answers about what happened between Monica and Carol, we’re sure there will be some answers in Captain Marvel 2.


And, we’re pretty eager to learn about all the drama!

Will Mephisto or Nightmare help bring Tommy and Billy back?

Well, the Darkhold has found its way back into the MCU, and there’s going to be some sinister situations to come along with it. The book was made in the Dark Dimension with endless knowledge…meaning it has pretty evil origins. As Wanda uses astral projection to read the book like Doctor Strange, she hears the voices of Billy and Tommy.


And, now that she’s going to team up with Doctor Strange in his next movie, we’re sure she’ll be on the lookout for her kids. There are two plans they might be, and neither one of them are good. One spot could be the Dream Dimension, where Nightmare resides. Since WestView was almost like a happy dream most of the time, Billy and Tommy could have been transported to his realm when it fell apart.


Plus, the boys were specifically going to sleep in the last moments of episode 9 as another hint to this. Nightmare has been rumored to be the villain in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, so there’s a hint that he could be the next MCU big baddie. However, we can’t negate all those references to Mephisto in the series either.


Mephisto actually haunts the Dark Dimension, where the Darkhold was made. So, Wanda could find a connection to Mephisto during her reading, leading her to want to visit a form of hell to recover the twins. You’ll recall that Mephisto has a HUGE connection to Wanda and her children, since pieces of his soul were integrated into their beings.


We aren’t entirely sure where Marvel will be taking things, but we’ve got another massive question on our minds.

Will Wanda turn…evil?

Agatha hints at the fact that Wanda is basically destined to become evil as the Scarlet Witch. Her Chaos Magic is difficult to control, and she easily becomes overwhelmed with emotions. The fact that Wanda is literally looking at a book forged from evil has us VERY concerned for her.


She may have come full circle in her cycle of grief, but that doesn’t mean she has avoided loneliness. Wanda is still preoccupied with thoughts of her children, as she hears their voices. Her loneliness could tip her over the edge once again, if she doesn’t receive some guidance.


Hopefully, Doctor Strange can help balance things out. But, in the meantime, we hope that Wanda maybe puts down the Darkhold and picks up a Marvel comic instead.

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Although many questions were answered, those are the MAJOR questions we’re still asking after the finale. And we’ll have to wait and see how they turn out in Marvel’s upcoming films and shows. Check back with us for the latest Marvel news!

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What questions do you have about WandaVision? Let us know in the comments below!

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