Behold! Your New Disney Popcorn Chariot Awaits!

Does popcorn taste better at Disney World? We think so!

Popcorn Cart

But, it’s even more fun to eat when it’s held in an adorable popcorn bucket. While some popcorn buckets have been available at Disney World since it’s reopening, we spotted our first new popcorn bucket and it’s leading us toward our next adventure.

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we spotted a new popcorn bucket being offered over at Anaheim Produce, which is a quick service spot over on Sunset Boulevard. This new popcorn bucket is inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Onward.

Onward Popcorn Bucket

The bucket features Barley and Ian Lightfoot riding in Guinevere, the van that helps the brothers on their fantastic quest. The popcorn bucket even lights up — check out those fun headlights!

Onward Popcorn Bucket

The wheels also roll around, so you can roll this popcorn bucket into your next movie night adventure! The back of the van has all kinds of fun details like the license plate and decals in the window.

Onward Popcorn Bucket

We wish it could hold a bit more popcorn in it, but overall the design is fantastic. It’s a great way to display your love for Onward while munching away on a classic Disney snack, and it makes a fantastic souvenir and even a great toy for kids with those working wheels.

Onward Popcorn Bucket

You can grab one of these buckets with some delicious popcorn in it for $18.

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Do you collect Disney popcorn buckets? Let us know in the comments below!

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