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We went to the very first party of the year on September 1, 2014. What a blessing! This party was definitely NOT crowded and was reminiscent of the old E-Ticket nights (circa 2000) with low lines and manageable crowds. The only downside, if there was one, was the heat and humidity and continual “sauna” feel the entire night.

The Cast Members were dressed in their regular party outfits. We had purchased tickets on-line and therefore had a printed ticket with bar code. When we used it to enter the event after 4pm, the Cast Member took our copy and gave us a wrist band. I didn’t really think anything of it until near the end of the night, when this caused issues getting my special Halloween Sorcerers Card.

Jack and Sally’s Meet and Greet was first on my list. Everyone was excited about meeting them and their line stayed long most of the evening until well after the fireworks.

After this we split up and some held spots for Mickey’s Boo to You Parade and myself and others went to the Castle for the Villains Mix and Mingle show (without the Mingle) . It was cute but oh so short!!! I felt like it had just started and it ended.

TIP: See the Villains Castle show after dark! It was still light out during the first show and I missed most of the castle projections.





After the show it was back down Main Street to wait for the 8:15pm parade. Again, I must say how nice it was not to be crammed in with people given the heat.

Here’s the first ride of the Headless Horseman for the 2014 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party season:


There were changes to this year’s Mickey’s Boo to You Parade. Most notably is the addition of Vanellope and Wreck-it Ralph (Wreck-it Ralph movie).



It is one of my favorite parades in the Magic Kingdom and it is lots of fun to watch!

We decided to not wander down Main Street with everyone to see the Fireworks so we walked around the park to see who was out Meeting and Greeting. Imagine my surprise when I stopped in Adventureland to see not only Terk and Jane, but also Tarzan! Wait was about 10 minutes or so, I got in line. Unfortunately, Tarzan had to leave before it was my turn, but it was neat to see him interact with folks, especially the kids.

We continued over to the Diamond Horseshoe, known on party nights as Club Villain. From 7:00pm to midnight various villains dance with guests – mostly kids but a few adults were also dancing.

GOOD TO KNOW: Be aware it is dark and foggy with lots of neon lights in the dance party.

Soon it was Fireworks time! Standing in Liberty Square between the Liberty Bell and Liberty Tree Tavern but on the water side, was a nice place to watch. Not crowded and a decent view of everything except the Castle projections. Music was loud and clear.

TIP: There are good fireworks viewing areas in Liberty Square and New Fantasyland if you want to avoid the huge crowds on Main Street. Just remember no Castle projections.

Off to the Haunted Mansion to see if Madame Carlotta was wandering the grounds. She was and even summoned Judy Garland!

As we walked through Fantasyland, we noticed most rides had small wait times, even Peter Pan. The Seven Dwarfs were all out meeting guests and even that line was only about 30 minutes, How cool to get your photo with all 7 of them.

Checked out Tomorrowland, again barely a 10 minute wait for attractions. Just past the Buzz Lightyear entrance, Buzz and Lotso the Bear were having Meet and Greets. I wanted to see Lotso! As you’ll see in the video, he indicated to me he was sorry he was such a bad guy in Toy Story 3.

By this time it was getting late and the heat and humidity were getting to us. As we got to Main Street we realized it would soon be time for the 2nd performance of Mickey’s Boo to You Parade. The area near Town Square and City Hall had lots of front row room to watch the parade and so we stopped to enjoy it again.

While waiting for the Parade I went over the the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom area to obtain my special Halloween Card. I’ll spare you the long details but several Cast Members and 10+ minutes later I still didn’t have my card. The main issue had to do with not having my ticket (remember they Cast Member took it when we entered the park) or my Magic Band, even though I had my party wrist band. I didn’t wear my Magic Band because of the heat. Eventually I did get my card.. but it shouldn’t have been so hard.


We did not do any candy Trick or Treating but saw numerous stations set up. Check your guide map for locations.

TIP: The nice thing was there were signs to say what type of candy was being distributed at that location, like Crasins or Werthers, etc.

It was nice to see Cast Members being very diligent about making sure guests had their party Wrist Bands on before allowing them in many areas/attractions.

All in all we got our monies worth for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The huge thing for us was the low crowds.

We opted not to do the $99 Villains Soiree. While I was disappointed to not be able to see Maleficent or the Queen, I didn’t feel the cost was worth it for us. Plus, since we were going to the first party we were hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded. It is all about priorities and what is most important to you. I am interested to hear from those of you who have!

I am sure as it gets closer to Halloween, the party will get progressively more crowded. Keep in mind, at this time, Halloween Night is SOLD OUT.

Tell us what YOU thought about the Party!!

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15 Replies to “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – Report”

  1. Hi Deb, Thanks for all the great info. Could you advise where the Jack & Sally meet & greet occurs?

    Just to the side at City Hall.

  2. Hi Deb,

    I wondered if you knew whether the MNSSHP always starts at the beginning of September. We are booked to go August 26th to September 4th next year because Labor Day is late (I am a teacher in a school in the northeast that doesn’t start till after Labor Day). It would be awesome if we could attend a party while there. Otherwise I’m not sure we’ll ever get to do it. Thanks for your help!

    DEB: The party actually started earlier this year than before. This is the first year it began on Labor Day Monday.

  3. Deb Do you have a preferred area to watch the parade????

    DEB: There are a number of great areas to watch the parade. It steps off in Fronterland, so if you don’t want to wait the 15 minutes it takes to get to Main Street, that’s an option.
    I also like locations along Main Street. If you want a great spot for seeing, kids or photos, I suggest lining up early.

  4. My husband and I were in Florida during that week and decided to go to the Party. It was great – no lineups – expect for the heat of course. Still we manage to do all the best rides during the time we were there as well as see many characters. The longest wait was for the new Mine Ride and that was 20 minutes.

    As for the Sorcerer’s card – we went to the Fire Station as soon as we entered the park and we each obtained a card. There was (even that early) a line up (about 10 minutes). At that time they punched your “wrist band” after you received the card. It looks like things changed over the evening. Over all it was a great night.

    Definitely worth seeing.

  5. We were able to get FP+ for the 4-7pm window with the Halloween party tickets :). How was the wait time for the Mine Train throughout the party? Was Enchanted Tales with Belle open during the party?

    DEB: Enchanted Tales with Belle is open. The Mine Train waits were moderate. It will all depend on how crowded the party is that you attend.

  6. If you are using a MNSSHP or MVMCP ticket as your only entry to a park that day as we often do, check with a cast member before linking it to your Magic Band. Last year we were told to just use the paper ticket when entering the park at 4 pm as the system might otherwise deduct a day from your park pass. Disney might have fixed this glitch.

  7. We are going to the Halloween party on Oct 9th. Are Anna and Elsa out for the party or do they stop before 7. Trying to figure out is that needs to be our first stop.

    DEB: Anna and Elsa were at Princess Fairytale Hall during the party. No FP+. Wait right after fireworks were minimal.

  8. Thanks for all of the great information. We will be there on the 21st of Oct and we’re looking forward to MNSSHP. Are there 2 parades every night? I know you can enter at 4PM, but does trick or treating, and the dance start at that time or later? IF there is no Fastpass during the party, do guests just wait in lines? I ask because there are not time slots for Fastpasses for Seven Dwarf Mine or Anna and Elsa (during our entire trip.) We were hoping that the lines may not be too long the night we attend the party. Any suggestions? Thanks

    DEB: There are 2 parades each night, both begin in Frontierland. The party itself (treats, dance parties, etc) do not begin until 7pm. That said, lines for popular characters will often begin before 7pm.

  9. It occurred to me while reading your blog, that if you make a copy if your paper ticket, you would have something to show the cast members when picking up your Card. I make copies of everything, keep them in a binder until time to visit that Party, dinner, attraction, or events. The more evidence you can show the quicker you win your argument with the cast members.
    Thanks for all your continued information about Disney !!!

    DEB: Great idea!

  10. Deb,

    What did you need to do to get your special Sorcerer’s card? I have friends going in early October and they also have printed tickets. Just trying to help them get their card smoothly since they’ll probably take their ticket when they “check-in” as well.


    DEB: UPDATE – make a copy of the paper ticket before you go.

    The folks at the Sorcerer Area wanted to see my party ticket as well as the wrist band. They will do a hole punch in the wrist band once you receive your card. Because I no longer had a ticket with me, it took a while to sort things out. I will note this was later in the evening and perhaps the regular Cast Members weren’t still there.

  11. We were at the first party, down in FrontierLand….the Headless Horseman rode the entire parade route. He did ride a good 10 mins prior to the start of the actual parade though.
    I did miss getting a chance to see Maleficent but, like Deb, didn’t feel it was worth paying $99 to see her.

  12. I am so glad to hear that the “FastPass+” hasn’t ruined this party. We’ve been traveling to Disney annually since 1978 and after our August trip I don’t know if we’ll go back unless it’s for this event or the Christmas party. Thank you for
    letting us know.

  13. If you purchase party tickets online and link them to your My Disney Experience account, could you use your MagicBand to enter the park? We purchased tickets for MVMCP and have them linked, in order to obtain FP+ for the 4-7pm window. I know we would still get a party wristband too.

    DEB: Technically this should work.

  14. We saw the boo parade on 1st sept from adventure land but never was the headless horseman there. Was so looking forward to seeing this . Do I take it then you only see this on main street .
    Really good having low crowds was a brilliant night .

    DEB: The Headless Horseman rides about 15 minutes or so before the parade actually begins. Perhaps you missed it? While I was on Main Street my understanding from Cast Members is his ride does begin in Frontierland.