Gearing Up for My Second Disney All-Nighter

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

It seems so incredibly long ago that I partook of Disneyland’s One More Disney Day when the park was open for 24 hours straight beginning at 6 AM on February 29, 2012 and ending on March 1st at 6 AM. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to manage the entire 24 hours and fell short by hitting the 19 hour mark. Various members of my posse came out to play and Yoli even stayed up past her bedtime.

Having just made the last-minute decision to attempt the next all-nighter on May 24th at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, there’s barely any time to train. Yeah, I trained last year. Given my experience, preparing for the Monstrous Summer! All-Nighter includes but is not limited to weekend and after-work naps, stretching, striking up conversations with strangers, mapping, waiting in long lines, strategizing, and trying on hats.

Spending the morning, afternoon, evening, night, and early morning in Florida is going to be extremely different from doing so in California. The two major differences are weather and crowds. California can get hot but it’s a dry heat and the temps in the morning and at night can be 20 degrees lower than daytime thermostat readings whereas Florida is humid, sticky, hazy, and of course (or curse), hot with little give when the sun hides. Most Disneyland visitors are locals so they showed up in the wee hours of the morning and camped out in the esplanade, ran around, went home for a nap, went to work, and then back to the park. Attendance levels shifted throughout the day. I expect that given Walt Disney World resorts are almost completely sold out, vacationers will approach things slightly differently. One advantage is Star Wars Weekends should pick up some of the numbers. My fingers are crossed that Guests will take breaks and return to their resort for hours at a time and then return to Magic Kingdom or arrive after dinner and play overnight. That gives crazies like me who intend to stay in the park from open to close a chance to do everything. Oh, and if I can’t hang with the cool kids, I am in trouble because I don’t have a hotel room Friday night to retreat to, so if you see me sleeping in a car, don’t be surprised. And no photos!

As for careful calculations and planning, I’ll be at the AllEars.Net meet and greet at 9 AM at Tomorrowland Terrace with Deb 1 and Deb 2. I’m treating myself to lunch at Tony’s Town Square for the very first time. Criss crossing the park is out of the question because it’s bad for my tootsies and in the blinding heat, makes me a target for sun poisoning, which last May (at Walt Disney World) caused me to miss several days of work. Air conditioning and seats will be my friends along with water, multiple sock changes, and my Monstrous Summer! All-Nighter survival kit.

Pictured above: refreshing peppermint tea bags that do not contain actual tea, self-filtering water bottle , dark chocolate to fight off headaches, bubble gum because I like to blow bubbles, socks for my little feet, granola bar to eat, tuna for late night protein, ears plugs & eye mask for naps, “Sleep” hand lotion to psychology trick myself into think it’ll work, my beloved peppermint foot lotion, bandages just in case, deodorant cuz I’m thoughtful, pre-filled toothbrush for teeth, and most importantly sunblock because I need it. Actual survival kit items may change.

Will you be there and can you bring me a pillow?

Training Update! Unintentional night of only 4.5 hours sleep, lasted 6 hours before wanting to climb into bed, pulled through after eating, attempted and failed napping 4 hours later, will go to bed 16.5 hours after waking up. Fatigue included severe drowsiness, lack of concentration, stuffy ears, confusion, and throwing a wrapper into the toilet instead of the trash can.

Photos from One More Disney Day 2012.

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4 Replies to “Gearing Up for My Second Disney All-Nighter”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    See, I knew you’d back to Walt Disney World before me! Good luck with your quest! Remember, The Hall of Presidents and The Carousel of Progress are great places to take 20 minute naps!!! Both are cool and dark and I have absorbed both thru sleep learning (in fact, one time I walked into the HOP and walked right out because I was alone – the Cast Member asked why I walked in and out, to which I replied “I know I’m going to fall asleep and I have no family members to wake me up!” He understood). Looking forward to reading about the 24 hour adventure!

    Lisa responds: At least you knew, I didn’t know until a few days prior. Those attractions were on my list for cooling off and napping. You should have napped, anyway. I’m sure a president would have eventually woken you up.

  2. Good luck with your quest!

    I recommend you bring a dry t-shirt and a bandana or washcloth for the wiping of your brow. I was there in April and it was hotter than…..and I was schwitzing like crazy (and brown paper towels did not cut it)

    Lisa responds: I tend to grab napkins and paper towels to wipe off any sweat. Oy, the heat and humidity.

  3. Lisa,

    Looking forward to the posts about the all nighter. Good luck. Enjoy Tony’s. There’s a lot to like in there.


    Lisa responds: Hi Scott. Thanks, I’m going to need luck and cooler weather than predicted. I’m looking forward to finally giving Tony’s a try. Thiiiiiis is the niiiight.