Focus on Disney World by Barrie Brewer

 Oaxacan Wood Carving Artist
Copyright © 2009 Barrie Brewer, Nikon D300, 1/8s shutter, f/8, ISO 800

My Pic of the Week for Mexico is a picture of a young Cast Member painting an Oaxacan woodcarving. This display is one of my favorite parts of the Mexico pavilion. I love the intricate and colorful designs on these wooden animals. The artists seem so calm and peaceful sitting there amongst all the bustling tourists. I always wish I could sit and paint with them.

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One Reply to “Concentration”

  1. If I remember correctly, this location is usually very dimly lit. I’m guessing that your slow shutter speed plus a tripod helped you to get such a bright, sharp photo, or was there additional lighting?

    Barrie’s reply: Hi Tom! I took this shot handheld. Three things were in my favor. First, the worklight she was using was pretty bright and because of how she had it focused, it created some nice sidelight. Second, I had my ISO cranked up to 800. And third, I braced myself and my camera against a wall when I snapped the shot.