Journey Into Imagination – Epcot Center – Celebrating 25 Years!

Tuesday’s issue (September 25, 2007) of the AllEars® (weekly newsletter) has a special feature on the original Journey Into Imagination ride (Future World, Epcot) written by Lou Mongello.

As I read the draft, I found myself reminiscing about the ride and my first visit to Epcot in the early 1990s. All of a sudden I was surrounded by my postcard collection, searching for Figment cards! You’re in luck!

Here are the ones I found.. They are here as a tribute to Epcot’s upcoming 25th anniversary and the original Journey Into Imagination. All scans of the front of the postcards which are all copyright Disney.

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Pre-opening artist rendering postcard. “With a Spark of Inspiration .” – colorful realms of creativity will be explored when guests board ride-vehicles for a Journey Into Imagination.”

Journey Into Imagination Epcot Pre-opening Postcard

Journey Into Imagination Epcot Pre-opening Postcard

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Imagination – One Little Spark in Journey into Imagination, Dreamfinder and Figment escort you aboard the ‘Dream Machine’, enjoy a 3-D ‘Magic Journeys’, and the Image Works spurs creativity with light and sound.”

One Little Spark in Journey into Imagination Postcard

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Catch a Dream – The Dreamfinder and his little purple pal, Figment, fly through the universe gathering sounds, shapes and colors for a Journey into Imagination.”

Journey Into Imagination Postcard Epcot

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“You’re On Figment! Can a dragon be a star? Why not? In Journey Into Imagination, Figment puts on his top hat and tails to entertain us.”

Figment Postcard

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If I’m missing any Imagination or Figment postcards from the 80’s or 90’s, please let me know! I’d love to see them. Just use the comment link below.

Lou’s article is in the September 25, 2007 edition of AllEars®, available by free subscription.

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3 Replies to “Journey Into Imagination – Epcot Center – Celebrating 25 Years!”

  1. i miss the old immagination ride it was my favourite as a kid and was dissapointed when i saw they changed it. They are bringing back captain E.O. why not journey to immagination?

  2. I have a sweatshirt of Figment that I bought when Epcot first opened it is in good condition. My husband had in on about two weeks ago in the park and someone stoped him and commented on it and reconized it was an old one. I sure miss the original Figment ride.

  3. why did they close the most beautiful ride that was the most magnificent and imaginative i think they should bring back all of epcot’s old ride that was there in the being of time