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NEW 6/30/15: Local media outlets have confirmed that the Magic of Disney Animation at Disney's Hollywood Studios will close as of July 13; the last day for guests is July 12.

Magic of Animation


Walk under the archway to the right of the Chinese Theater and turn right into the Animation Courtyard to find the building that houses The Magic of Disney Animation. Near the entrance of the tour, there are often characters available for a meet and greet/photo opportunity.


The Magic of Disney Animation — This attraction has undergone a number of changes over the years.

Where Characters Come From: 9 minute film about the creation of Disney's animated characters. This film takes you being the scenes of various animated films.

Animation Station – Interactive Exhibits to experience what it is like to be a Disney animator.

  • Animation Academy – A Disney artist shows you how to draw your very own Disney sketch.
  • The Sound Stage –– In this hands-on activity, young animators can play with various sound effects and create their own soundtrack for an animated scene.
  • Digital Ink and Paint –– As these workstations you can add color to an animated scene, and create your own atmosphere.
  • You're a Character — In this booth, you can visit with Lumiere (of Beauty and the Beast fame), who will ask you a series of questions and tell you which Disney character you are most like.

Digital Ink & Paint Sign
You're A Character

Animation Gallery – On display are copies of the Academy Awards won by Disney animators, along with drawing from famous films. Animation cels, books, and other collectibles are also for sale here.


The Magic of Animation Handprints – There is an often overlooked area near the entrance to the movie theatre. Set back you will see an area containing handprints and signatures of Disney Legends who had made significant contributions to animation: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Ward Kimball, Marc Davis, Ken O'Connor and Ken Anderson. Click the Magic of Animation Handprints for a blog detaling the history of these section.

Animation Courtyard Handprints

This attraction is wheelchair accessible. Guests using ECVs must transfer to a wheelchair for this tour.

Assistive Listening Devices from Guest Services Can Be Used Here.

Reflective Captioning Available.

Restrooms and telephones are located to the left of the entrance to the Animation Tour.


Character Greetings – A great indoor location to meet Disney Characters including ones from current or recent movies! Check the time guide for details.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Characters At A Glance
Character Meet and Greet FAQ!


There is no place to eat in the immediate vicinity of the Animation Tour. Walk back out of the Animation Courtyard and into Hollywood Plaza and then consult your park Guide Map for the nearest restaurant that appeals to you.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Restaurants At A Glance
Menus From Around the World
Vegetarian and Other Special Diets


The Animation Gallery located at the end of the tour sells animation cels, limited edition reproductions, books and other collectibles.

Shopping in Disney's Hollywood Studios


Prior to November 2003, the Animation Tour had the following format: After winding your way through corridors decorated with animation sketches of some of Disney's most popular movies, you enter the theater to watch a short film featuring Robin Williams as a tourist and Walter Cronkite, who attempts to explain how animation is created. After Robin is converted into an animated Lost Boy and plays with Peter Pan, you'll meet a Disney animator who shares some animation basics and does a few quick sketches, then allows for a brief question-and-answer session. The tour guide then moves your group on past the animators' workspaces, where guests can peek in and watch animators at work at their computers and drawing boards. You may also catch a few quick glimpses of whatever the newest project is. The tour concludes with another short film montage, featuring many Disney films and the people who animated them.

This tour was updated again in October 2004 to include more interactive activities.

The film featuring Robin Williams and Walter Cronkite was made in Anaheim, California, not at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando.

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