The Weird Reason Animal Kingdom is Disney World’s Most Stressful Park

Let’s have a little talk about Disney World!

Let’s go to Animal Kingdom!

When you think of Disney World, “stress” might not be the first word that comes to mind. You’re probably thinking about getting pictures in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom, jamming out with the Guardians of the Galaxy on Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT, or going “off-world” at Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. Of course, they all have their share of stressful elements like crowds and long lines. Would it surprise you to know that Animal Kingdom can be the most stressful park of them all? Let’s go over the weird reason why!

Breedlove recently made a video about the best way to ride everything in Animal Kingdom. You can watch it right here!

At most of the Disney World parks, “rope drop” crowds disperse in various directions as soon as the park gates open. (By rope drop we mean to arrive earlier than park opening so you can be one of the FIRST let in). Some head straight for the iconic rides like Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom or Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios, while others explore the less crowded areas first. This naturally helps distribute the initial rush, making the experience more pleasant for everyone. But at Animal Kingdom, there’s a unique twist that sets the stage for a morning filled with stress — the mad dash to Avatar Flight of Passage.

This could be the longest line you stand in early in the morning if you rope drop the parks.

Avatar Flight of Passage, located in the Pandora – The World of Avatar section of Animal Kingdom, is the park’s most popular ride, and for good reason. The immersive experience of “flying” on the back of a banshee and the breathtaking visuals make it a must-do for many visitors, but that does mean that getting a spot on the ride can get pretty competitive.

Flight of Passage Queue

As we said earlier, unlike other parks, where the rope drop crowds split off in different directions, Animal Kingdom guests typically have one goal in mind — to get in line for Avatar Flight of Passage ASAP, and that’s where the weird stress factor comes into play.

Crowds at Animal Kingdom

The stress levels rise as people try to speedwalk sprint through the park (no running, please!), and try to outmaneuver each other to gain a few precious seconds on their path to Flight of Passage. It’s kind of a bizarre contrast to the laid-back, natural atmosphere of the park. You may not think it’s a thing that happens often, but trust us, it’s a very real daily occurrence.

Flight of Passage

The good news is that once you’ve secured your spot on Avatar Flight of Passage, it’s as if the park goes back to being its calm and enjoyable self, which will allow you to have a blast exploring rides like Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and more.

Tree of Life

All in all, if you want to rope drop Animal Kingdom, just keep a level head and you’ll have a great time. Make sure to keep following AllEars for all of the best Disney tips and tricks.

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Have you ever ridden Avatar Flight of Passage? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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4 Replies to “The Weird Reason Animal Kingdom is Disney World’s Most Stressful Park”

  1. This park is way too claustrophobic. Most paths are way too narrow for the number of people. And God forbid you’re stuck behind people walking slower than you and taking up the entire width of the path.

  2. We’ve ridden Avatar Flight of Passage several times and it’s definitely a favorite due to the special effects. It’s recommended to get a Lightening Lane for it though if possible. It might not be worth it to some if the wait times are long