What Is Disney World Doing to Test Track? We Have Some Clues…

Destination D23 dropped a TON of news on us.


We made sure to keep you all updated on everything that was announced, but now we’re going back and really diving into everything that we can hope to see someday. So let’s talk about that Test Track reimagining and what we can really expect!

In case you missed it, Disney announced that Test Track in EPCOT would be reimagined in the near future. They mentioned the company’s longstanding relationship with Chevrolet and followed with an announcement of a planned reimagining.

Test Track

Disney didn’t announce when the ride would be closing for refurbishment or what we can really expect to see it turn into. However, a video Disney released on Tiktok shared that Disney Imagineers are moving back in time to take inspiration from the original World of Motion ride (what Test Track started as).


Here’s a peek at the announcement that Disney shared online.


Think you know Test Track? THINK AGAIN 🏎️🏁 @Disney D23 #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyWorld #EPCOT #TestTrack #DisneyNews #DestinationD23

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Now, let’s check out the concept art. In the current Test Track iteration, guests put their custom concept vehicles through a number of tests and then try them on the “open track.” It looks like this new version will drive through a forest of sorts. The ride vehicles also look as if they’re going to be similar to those seen in World of Motion when the ride opened in 1982.


We know many Disney fans are excited about this change, especially those who adored World of Motion. If you didn’t get to experience the opening day attraction, World of Motion was an omnimover dark ride that took guests through “the invention of the wheel right up to the present day and beyond.


It featured over 185 animatronics, and the final scene sent guests through “speed tunnels” that projected images of transportation. The ride was sponsored by General Motors and closed in 1996. Test Track opened three years later in 1999.


That’s all we have on this new ride reimagining now, but stay tuned to AllEars — we’ll keep you updated on all the latest Disney news!

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Are you looking forward to Test Track’s reimagining? Tell us your comments below!

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One Reply to “What Is Disney World Doing to Test Track? We Have Some Clues…”

  1. I have never cared for either version of test track. I sorely miss World Of Motion.
    Don’t get me started on Horizons, its theme of “If you can dream it you can build it” has resonated with me my entire life.