VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Walk Through the ENTIRE Moana Attraction in EPCOT With Us!

After YEARS of waiting, Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana – the new Moana-inspired attraction – is SO CLOSE to opening in EPCOT and we’re taking you on tour inside!

Let’s go inside!

We were able to visit this new attraction during a Cast Member preview and checked it ALL out – the water, the hidden characters, the full walking path, and more. So what is the attraction like and is it something you won’t want to miss? Let’s find out together.

As noted above, we were able to visit this attraction during a Cast Member preview. Keep in mind that things can change so be sure to see if you notice any differences during your visit once the attraction has fully opened. We’ll also keep an eye out for differences and let you know if we spot anything.

Also, keep in mind that Journey of Water is set to open in the fall of 2023, but no opening date has been announced as of yet. Alright, onto the experience!

Entering the Attraction

Note that this is a walk-through attraction that is self-guided. It is NOT a ride with a moving vehicle. 

As you enter the attraction space you’ll find the Journey of Water sign…

…some important rules and information from Disney about how to go through the interactive water features in this space…

Rules for the Interactive Water Features

…and the beautiful rockwork with the heart of Te Fiti symbol at the top and some mist all around.

Yeah, This Place is Beautiful

Near the front entrance, you’ll also find a water bottle refill station. This is a good place to fill up those bottles before you walk through the space since there really isn’t another good opportunity to do that once you’re inside.

Refill Station

Note that throughout the attraction there are portions that split into the wet and dry paths. If you are okay with getting wet, you can opt for the wet path and experience those features in full. If you’d rather stay dry, you can keep your distance in those portions. Just be sure to look for the splits in the path so you know where to go.

Wet Versus Dry

Watch for hidden characters in the rockwork as well!

Look for the Characters

These can be more obvious or a bit more hidden. Start by searching for Te Fiti toward the front of the attraction.

There She Is!

Also, look for signs all throughout that show you what part of the water cycle you’re “in.”

The Water Cycle

Things start off with a general overview of the water cycle.

Water Cycle

Now, let’s begin our trip through the water cycle!


We start our journey in the rain portion. 


Disney explains that the drops of water high in the sky start the cycle and then rain falls to the earth.

Rain Sign

Here you’ll find the first interactive space where you can put your hand under some rocks to touch the water and cause musical sounds to come out!


Just remember, as Disney warns, the water here is meant to be played with but do NOT drink any of it.

Play With the Water, Don’t Drink It!

And keep in mind that you can opt for the wet experience, or go for the dry path if that’s what you’d prefer!



Then it’s time to hit the stream…


…and learn about what happens to rain as it runs over the ground.


While here, look for symbols on the floor.


That’s where you’ll want to stand and then wave to the stream.


Do that and you’ll be able to see some special effects take place as water jumps around!


And keep an eye out for Maui’s hook in the rockwork!



From the stream, we move to the wetland, where streams move out and soak into the soil.


There are parts of this path that can get wet. Basically, on the wet side, you’ll see water going from one part of the path to the other. So again be on the lookout for a dry path option that’ll let you avoid some of that.

Look for the Dry Path!

But before you decide which path to take, take a close look at the floor! You might see little rooter footprints leading to…

See the Markings?

…HEIHEI in the rockwork!



Then, we enter the spring area. 


Here’s a bit more about this part of the water cycle.


Unfortunately, during our time here the spring effect was not working.


This is something that could happen to you — some effects may not be fully operational during your visit if there are technical issues. So it’s just something to be aware of.

In between the Spring section and the next one you may find a few benches to relax on.


Plus, you’ll find some benches made of more rock designs. Look closely between the benches here though…


…you might just see one of the most ADORABLE features of the entire attraction — PUA!



At the land portion…


…you’ll read about how the land around us is shaped by water.

Land Sign

This space is particularly fun as it features a cavern with water streaming from above.

Wet and Dry Paths

Want to walk through the water? 


Well, if you walk through it quickly you’re sure to get soaked!

How It Works

But walk slowly and the water will part ways for you!


You won’t get all that wet if you move slowly through and let the water part, but if you want to stay totally dry you can opt for the dry side!

Dry Path

If you need to use the restroom at this point in the attraction, be on the lookout for a sign and a little path to the side where you can hop out of the experience.

Look for This Path

There, you’ll find some bathrooms where you can freshen up (or dry off!).


The tile here is very reminiscent of the ocean!


Oh, and as you’re walking along the path, be on the lookout for this feature.


Why? Well, if you look closely…

See Anything?

…you might just spot a HIDDEN MICKEY here!



Now it’s the moment many may have been waiting for – the lake and the GIANT Te Fiti figure!


She truly is a sight to behold!

How Beautiful

Look underneath her for a peek at the heart of Te Fiti.

How Beautiful

We could spend a good amount of time here just snapping photos because the whole area is stunning.

Look at that View

In the lake section, Te Fiti is featured next to…well…a little lake! And there are jumping water features around her in certain portions. 


And yes, this is the PERFECT spot to snap a photo with your friends…

Love It!

…or even some hilarious photos of you trying to BE Te Fiti!


Here’s some of the detail Disney shares about the lake and its part in the water cycle.



After the lake, you’ll visit the river. 


You can learn a bit here about the river and how it uses energy to deliver fresh water to people, plants, and animals.


There is SO much to look at as you stroll around. (The feature below is just across from the Te Fiti figure.)



And finally, it’s time to move to the LAST SPACE – the Ocean!! 


This had SO much to experience!

Going Into the Next Space

Walk along the path and you’ll hit some larger rockwork with quite a few hidden characters including Tamatoa…


…a Baby Moana reaching out to a wave…


…a FISH…


…a baby turtle…

So Cute

…a larger turtle…


and the Kakamora (some even spit out water!). These are scattered in the space, so look for them in different locations.


Here there is also a feature where water comes shooting up from the ground. Let’s just say we could really see some kids thoroughly enjoying this space and getting TOTALLY soaked.


You’ll walk under some jumping water to get to the main ocean area.

Ocean Effect

This is essentially the largest water feature in the attraction, so just keep that in mind (it’s grand but also very wet!). 

Look for Moana herself in the ocean space too!


Then it’s time to finish the cycle by going to sky.


We end the cycle with water heading back up where then it’ll eventually become rain again.


This area was very misty.


Look through the mist for a conch shell!

How Pretty

That’s a look at the Moana experience! Is it something you’d absolutely love to see or something you’d rather skip? Tell us in the comments below! Stay tuned for more news.

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 What do you think about this new attraction? Tell us in the comments!

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