5 Top Secret Bathrooms in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Listen, everyone’s gotta go at some point in Disney World.

Pandora entrance bathrooms

Thankfully the My Disney Experience App makes it easy to see where bathrooms are in each park, but some of those can be SUPER busy. Yes, it’s Disney World, but we understand wanting a quieter area to take care of business, so here’s our list of the 5 top secret bathrooms you can find in Hollywood Studios!

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy

Over at the already quite hidden attraction, Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, there is a set of bathrooms that is perfect for privacy.

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy

Few people seem to know this attraction is back here to begin with, and since it’s not super popular, not many guests stick around for long, especially to find a bathroom. So these are oftentimes very out of sight and private.

ABC Commissary

Over at ABC Commissary, you’ll find another set of top-secret bathrooms.

ABC Commissary

While this is a popular quick service spot, many people miss the bathrooms that are outside this location because they’re a little more tucked away. These do have a habit of being occasionally more crowded during peak meal times, but it’s still better than many others!

Star Wars Launch Bay

Star Wars Launch Bay in general is an area that many people overlook, so these bathrooms are usually pretty quiet.

Welcome to Launch Bay

This area is most well known for its character meet and greets, but other than that, the area stays calm. So if you find yourself over in Animation Courtyard, this is the set of bathrooms we recommend!

Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster

We also recommend the bathrooms over near Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster!

Fry Bucket at Rock ‘n Roller Coaster

Everyone is so distracted by the ride itself that these go unnoticed most of the time, and it helps that they’re totally tucked out of view. If you’re about to hop in the long line for this ride, we highly suggest taking a trip to find the bathrooms first.

The OTHER PizzeRizzo Bathrooms

PizzeRizzo is another popular quick-service location, but we’re not talking about the main bathrooms at this location.


There are upstairs bathrooms at PizzeRizzo that SO many people don’t know about, and now you do! Even if you’re sitting on the bottom floor, or not dining in the restaurant at all, you absolutely can head up to the top floor to use these bathrooms.

Hollywood Studios entrance

And those are our top-secret bathrooms in Hollywood Studios! We’ve also got a list of top-secret bathrooms in Magic Kingdom for you to consider, and keep an eye on AllEars, because we’ve got more tips coming!

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Which of these bathrooms have you used before? Tell us in the comments!

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