Take a Look Inside the NEW EPCOT Park Map!

As you may be aware, there are LOTS of changes happening in the Disney World parks right now.

Welcome to EPCOT

We’ve recently done whole videos on the major changes coming to the parks soon and the BEST new changes in the parks. EPCOT is really going through a lot, and their new map reflects some of these upcoming changes!

We headed over to grab one of these new maps that have a few key differences!

For starters, any mention of the 50th Anniversary is now gone!

No mention of the 50th on the front

This isn’t a surprise as we’ve known when the celebration was ending for a while, but it’s still sad to see it go.

No more Harmonious barges!

The Harmonious barges are also gone on the new map.

We know this is a welcome sight to many, as the Harmonious barges were not loved by a good portion of Disney World fans. While lots of people loved the show itself, the barges blocked the view across World Showcase Lagoon all day.

Inside the park map

Other changes seen on the map are:

  • New tagline of “The Magic of Possibility has been added
  • Any references to the Beacons of Magic show have been taken out (now it just mentions nighttime shows), however, the Spaceship Earth lights are here to stay
  • Ducktales has been moved to the park highlights section
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends added to park highlights
  • The Connections Cafe & Eatery highlight has been removed
Spaceship Earth

Be sure to stay tuned to AllEars to keep up with all the latest EPCOT construction news, and all other Disney news!

Read all about the EPCOT Transformation here!

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How do you feel about these EPCOT changes? Tell us in the comments below!

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