A New HALLOWEEN Scavenger Hunt Has Arrived in EPCOT!

Who’s ready for some more Halloween fun?

Halloween in Disney World

Right now in Disney World, you can try countless Halloween snacks, check out all the Halloween decorations, and if you grabbed a ticket for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party before they sold out, you can have tons of spooky fun. If you’re headed into EPCOT this season, you can also take part in Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit around the park. We checked it out for ourselves today and…well, here’s how it went!

Pluto’s Pumpkin Pursuit is a Halloween scavenger hunt from Disneyland that has finally made its way to the east coast. The object of the hunt is to spot all the hidden Disney-themed pumpkins around the park. There are select locations around the park to pick up a map, and once you’ve completed your scavenger hunt, you can turn your map in to redeem a prize.

Spotted at Gateway Gifts!

The scavenger hunt costs $9.99 and can be grabbed at the Creations Shop, Port of Entry, Gateway Gifts, and World Traveler. Here’s a glimpse at what the map itself looks like.

It’s a little pumpkin!

The map comes with a set of 12 stickers on the back so that you can mark your map as you go along. Look how cute they are!

It comes with all the stickers.

If you want to hunt for yourself without spoilers, skip to the end of this post. Otherwise, let’s go hunting!

We found our first pumpkin right by Connections Cafe, the park’s Starbucks location. Do you see it?

We spotted our first pumpkin!

Yep, that’s right, it’s Minnie Mouse! It’s on top of the doorway that’s under the breezeway and it blends in pretty well with that red and black.

Minnie Mouse pumpkin

The next one is pretty close by — in fact, it’s right across from Minnie! Daisy Duck is hiding out on the corner of Creations Shop, colored in her lavender outfit with pink bow.

Daisy Duck pumpkin

Inside Club Cool next door, we spotted Olaf up by the windows. He’s a double-decker pumpkin complete with stick hair! (He might be our favorite. 😉)

Olaf pumpkin

Then, over by Test Track, we spotted the star of the scavenger hunt, Pluto himself! He stands out pretty distinctly with that bright orange color.

Hey Pluto!

There are plenty more to find around the park, but we won’t spoil the fun for you! This scavenger hunt is only available from September 29th through October 31st, or however long supplies last, so if you really wanna play, we suggest grabbing a board sooner rather than later.

Beautiful EPCOT

EPCOT’s got a ton going on right now. The park is celebrating its 40th Anniversary on October 1st with a special D23 event and merchandise, and tons of construction walls are still up as the park goes through its huge transformation. As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news.

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