Why You Want to Keep Characters OUT of These Disney World Spots

EPCOT is in the middle of a huge transformation!

Spaceship Earth

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind just opened, and we’ve also seen some more progress on the upcoming Moana themed attraction. We’ve seen the new Space 220 and Connections Cafe Restaurants, and the Creations Shop. With so many changes coming to the park, we went over to our Facebook page to see what you have to say about it!

Opinions can be pretty mixed when it comes to Disney World changes, so we asked you guys,

Should EPCOT’s World Showcase get more attractions inspired by Disney characters and movies?

There were some pretty mixed opinions, so let’s take a look at some of your responses!

Canada Pavilion

A lot of our readers expressed the need for balance in EPCOT. While the park was originally created to be a form of educational entertainment, Disney’s movies and characters are beloved by many. One reader said, “I think the World Showcase should get more countries but the movie inspirations shouldn’t be the main focus. The heart of EPCOT, to me, always seems like learning about new things and cultures. While the movies are a great bridge they should be the interest starter only.”

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Another one of our readers shared a similar sentiment, expressing the importance of the cultural experiences you can find in the World Showcase: “Yes and no. I would love to see more rides where they make sense but not at the expense of the cultural information and performances.”

Mexico Pavilion

Some of you noted that EPCOT needs more attractions. There aren’t as many attractions at EPCOT as some of the other Disney Parks, and many of you wanted more to do in the park. One reader said, “Whatever it is going to take to get more rides and attractions. Epcot needs help.”

Japan Pavilion

Lastly, many of our readers feel like the focus of EPCOT lies not with Disney and its characters, but with education and culture: “No. I think world showcase should keep its focus on the countries and not worry about introducing IP. My kids loved that it was a way they could “see” a little bit of the world but also actually meet people from those countries.”

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Do you think EPCOT’s World Showcase should have more Disney characters? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Why You Want to Keep Characters OUT of These Disney World Spots”

  1. I’d redo the China and Canada movies to have the same aspect of the French movie. As beautiful as those two movies are they would be much more enjoyable if you could sit and relax watching them.

  2. Bring back all of the cast members from the countries of origin to work the pavilions. Only add rides that feature the culture of the country they are located within. Some of the concepts for world showcase that never materialized need to be revisited like a boat tour down the Rheine river. Bring back the old test track or I would love to see an updated World of Motion with new animitronics and narration. Horizons was a great attraction. I miss the more edutainment of the old EPCOT. GOTG may be a great attraction but it belongs in Hollywood Studios or MK. Mary Poppins definitely needs to be built in the UK into the London portion not at the expense of the other countries featured in the UK pavilion.

  3. I have The Making of Epcot book that came out in 1981 (and I was at opening day).
    Originally all the pavillions were going to have some sort of an attraction (some being films).

    Japan was slated to have a Matterhorn-type coaster ride based on Mount Fuji (and in one of the renderings you can see this). In a way Everest over at DAK became this.
    Germany was suppose to get a boat ride called The Rhine River Expedition, going through the Black Forest and showcasing some of the fairy tales that many Disney movies were based on.
    Italy was going to get a Pinocchio adventure.

    Of course there is the rumor United Kingdom may get a Mary Poppins attraction of some kind.

    Overall I would agree with the article – Each country should have some sort of an attraction. I do think thoguh with today’s guests most would want some sort of IP as part of that. Just the way it is today.