How Disney Genie Will Work for Disney World Hotel Guests

Disney has shared a TON of details about the brand new personalized planning tool coming to the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps this fall!

Disney Genie ©Disney

Disney Genie is already available for guests in Disney World. The service is meant to help guests plan their day around the parks, with tips about ride wait times, locations to eat, and more. Plus, there are now TWO new paid options to skip the lines at popular attractions available in Disney World. And, now that the feature is live, there’s a NEW “on-site perk” available for Disney World Resort hotel guests through the app!

One of Disney’s new services is Individual Attraction Selection (a.k.a. pay-per-ride). This service enable guests to pay for access to new Lightning Lanes at popular attractions that are not included on Genie+. And, while all guests have access to the selections when the park opens, only guests staying at Disney World Resort hotels, the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin, or Shades of Green are able to purchase the pay-per-ride selections early!

Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs

For these guests, Individual Attraction Selections are available to be booked at 7AM on the day of their visit, meaning they’ll have access to the most return times and be able to head to the parks having already secured their spot in line.

Lightning Lane

Keep in mind that these rides available through the pay-per-ride service are NOT available through the regular Genie+ ($15 per ticket per day) service. To skip the lines at these select popular rides available through Individual Attraction Selection, you have to pay for them individually. In Disney World, the rides that are available through the pay-per-ride option include: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Rise of the Resistance, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

Click here to see the FULL list of rides in Disney World that are available only through the pay-per-ride service.

Just keep in mind that all guests (regardless of where they’re staying) will only be able to make a maximum of two Individual Attraction Selections per day.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

And, as far as how much the new attraction selections will cost, Disney has only shared that the pricing will vary by date, attraction, park.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Disney Genie and its related services (Genie+ and pay-per-ride) have officially debuted in Disney World, and we’ve gotten a chance to test them out and see whether staying at a hotel TRULY benefits you when it comes to pay-per-ride selections.

Click here to see our full thoughts on whether it’s worth staying at a Disney World hotel for the new pay-per-ride perk.

This early booking for pay-per-ride joins other new benefits for on-site guests like Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Theme Park Hours (which is only available for guests staying at select hotels).

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Of course, we’ll continue to keep an eye out for more information on all the new offerings coming to the parks for guests, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more!

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29 Replies to “How Disney Genie Will Work for Disney World Hotel Guests”

  1. Disney, I enjoyed you for many trips. Thanks for all the good times together. It’s not you. It’s me. No. Wait. Thats not right. It’s you and me. It’s You thinking I’m stupid enough to keep paying exorbitant fees for everything. It’s me because there’s a whole world out there I haven’t explored. And my money will last me a lot longer and give me many more experiences out there than I can get from you nickel and diming me to make up for pandemic losses.

  2. Perks? Are you joking?! And oh boy, now we can pay even more and have to get up at 7AM? Forgive me if none of this strikes me as exciting in any way.

  3. MNot just money grabbing under the pretence of beinga better planning tool!!

    So with the old Fast pass system, I could plan our day 60 days in advance taking the stress out of our holiday. Now, I can only book rides on the day we are in the park, but one at a time and at a cost premum on 3 different apps!!!

    My vacacion is suppost to be a fun stress releaving experience, not an assultcourse of complication. All for corporate gain!!

  4. First of all, money grab of the highest order. Second, it’s not simple. Third, it’s obvious that they’re going to eventually go to the per ride pricing eventually. They really don’t want the average family anymore. As DVC members, DCL platinum and having taken several ABD trips, my days of going since the first year of opening are officially over.

    Do any of these execs ever actually go to a park other than if they’ll be photographed with a celebrity?

  5. I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken my family to WDW over the last 30 years. We’ve visited Universal once. We will be switching to Universal. My kids are huge Harry Potter fans and love the thrill rides. I just love Disney BUT not at this price…

    Royal Caribbean cruises are great too (and way less expensive!).

  6. I’m confused. So for our 2022 trip, if I pay the $15/day per person for Genie+, I would still have to pay extra, on top of that, just to ride 7DMT and the new Remy ride without a wait?
    Am I understanding that correctly?

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, Disney Genie+ will cost $15 per person per day, and will allow guests to select Lightning Lane access from 40 rides across the parks. Separate from Genie+, there will be rides such as Mine Train that will not be available through Genie+, but will instead require individual payment per person per ride for Lightning Lane access. Currently, Disney has not released what rides will be of each category.

  7. The Disney Genie+ app will come with serious consequences that few will understand and that will become a serious threat to personal security. Few cell phones are secure to hacking and most have highly confidential and personal data on their cellphones.

    None of this exposure has been addressed by Disney and I see the potential of major legal action in Disney’ss future.

    1. Care to elaborate on that, Bob? How will the new service “become a serious threat to personal security?” What is changing with Disney Genie+ that isn’t already in the MyDisneyExperience app? How can the app compensate for an insecure phone? Is the Disney app doing something that isn’t explained in their privacy policy?

    2. So in your case, just don’t use it. Just use the credit card ticket instead of the app or magic band. Problem solved. I just use app to check wait times. Still old fashioned and wait in line

  8. ~£12000 for the Poly
    ~£6000 for the flights
    Di$ney has removed the perks that make staying on property worthwhile and done all that they can to milk every last bit of money out of us and I’ve had enough.
    We travel to WDW every 4 years or so and I have already booked for next year. For the sake of my family I won’t cancel but this will be my last trip to any Di$ney resort.

  9. Here is one Genie that needs to go back in his lamp, seal it shut. Bottom line is $30 for my husband and I to ride two attractions that are challenging to ride due to virtual lines filling up lightning lane fast. If you live thousands of miles away from Disney World and visit once or twice a year, this option is better than nothing. I would pay for Rise of the Resistance and Ratatouille. Disney accountants are betting on this. They win. Again .

    1. That $15/ticket/day will not get you into the rides you mention. Genie+ let’s you hold a spot for one mid-tier ride at a time. RotR and Remy’s will be an additional charge that will flucuate based on the chosen ride, time of year; and–and–I believe–even the time of day. AllEars, do you need to have Genie+ to be able to purchase spots on the high-tier rides—or does any Genie user have access to this “extra” service?

  10. First you are charged to park at the resorts then for Magic Bands. Now you are charged for what was a FastPass. Will it ever end? Yes it will for my family, because we are canceling our trip and going somewhere else next spring.

  11. Not sure I will come back to Disney. They are proving to be nothing but greed with this new Genie+ replacing fast passes. Did Gordon Gekko become CEO? Are they going to charge to breathe their air next????

  12. I will be calling DVC, and I suggest that other do also, and request an a quote for the buy back of the membership. I know it will be very low…but it will eliminate the high annual maintenance fees and my family’s need to visit ” The Most Expensive Place on Earth” parks.

    1. Why sell back to Disney? There are a few very reputable resale websites based out of Florida. We used it to buy ours and will be using it to sell as well once we return from our final trip in November. No more magic….time to move on. And we’ll be selling at a decent profit too! Bonus!!!

  13. We were going to stay in a Deluxe for our upcoming trip, but not with this. They really aren’t giving incentives. Might as well stay at a moderate and use the difference for this service, or maybe stay at Hard Rock and not have to wake up early to plan. I think half of our trip just shifted to Universal. I don’t know which audience Disney is trying to target, but every price range is going to be not happy with this setup. Genie-…not +

    1. I last went all 19 of us in December of 2019 we have made 5 trips the last few years.I was planning a trip this October even bought new magic bands but after I heard about The magical Express I cancelled my trip Now this latest Disney Magic to make even more profits I am glad did. I know they are probably all sold out for that month so they really don’t care Let me repeat they don’t care about anything but the profits as long as people pay those now outrageous prices they will continue to cut where they can and give people less for more money

    2. At least you’d get the 2 extra evening hours… That alone might make it worth it. You wouldn’t have to fiddle on your phone as much since the lines will probably be much shorter… Something to consider. 😉