How Disney Genie+ Works for Annual Passholders

FastPass has been suspended at Disney World and Disneyland since those parks reopened.

Disney World Annual Pass

Today, Disney announced that both FastPass and MaxPass will be retired at Disney World and Disneyland, and two new PAID services will essentially be taking their place. But just how do these paid services work when it comes to Annual Passholders? Here’s what we know.

Today, Disney shared details about 2 new systems guests will get the chance to use soon — Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection. With Disney Genie+ guests will pay a set amount per ticket per day to have the ability to select the next available return time for attractions, one at a time, throughout the day. When the return time arrives, the guest will get to use the “Lightning Lane” (essentially, the FastPass lane) to enter the ride and skip the standby queue.

FastPass+ is being replaced with new Lightning Lanes

Disney will also be introducing an Individual Attraction Selection system where guests will be able to pay a certain amount to schedule a return time for select, highly popular Disney attractions. Guests will only be able to purchase 2 Individual Attraction Selections per day. Note that the attractions available through Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selection will be different.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway FastPass Entrance

For now, we’re focusing on Disney Genie+. How will Disney Genie+ work when it comes to Annual Passholders at Disney World or Magic Key Holders at Disneyland?

During a conference today, Disney noted that, at launch, Annual Passholders at Disney World and Magic Key Holders at Disneyland will be able to add Disney Genie+ to their plans on the day of their visit.

FastPass Kiosks

But, Disney shared that in the future they will look at other enhancements.

After you’ve purchased Disney Genie+, you’ll be able to make your first ride selection. Disney has shared that at Disney World, all guests will be able to make their first Genie+ selection at 7AM on the day of their visit. At Disneyland, guests will be able to make a Genie+ ride selection once they’re in the park.

Haunted Mansion

The rules are a bit different when it comes to Individual Attraction Selections, so just keep that in mind.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for more information about Disney Genie+ and let you know what we find. Stay tuned for more.

What do you think about Disney Genie+? Tell us in the comments.

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13 Replies to “How Disney Genie+ Works for Annual Passholders”

  1. This is total greed and I think it will backfire with their annual passholders. We’ve had annual passes for 10 years, as a family of five, and will probably let them expire. Makes absolutely no sense to pay thousands of dollars per year for annual passes and THEN have to pay an additional $75 per day. When we have used this service for years and years. Many days the only rides we ride when we go out to the parks are the Fastpass rides.

  2. One of the main reasons I purchased the Florida Resident Disney Platinum Pass was because of the Fast Pass access. The fast pass was included with the already astronomical fee I pay as a Florida Resident Platinum member. Now they are discontinuing a service, and replacing it with a “pay for” service, which in my opinion, absolutely SUCKS!! WDW are just trying to make up for all the revenue they lost due to the pandemic, and they are now passing the buck on to the loyalists. What sucks more is that I will probably end up paying for this new service every time I go to Disney, just to get on a ride a little quicker!

  3. Well I think Jeannie plus should be added to the annual passholders. I mean let’s face it we are annual passholders and we did keep our passes during this pandemic and now we’ve lost our fast passes so I believe Jeanne plus should be part of an annual passholders ticket.

  4. I’m not completely against the idea of a paid fastpass system, but I don’t like the way this one sounds. It sounds too competitive. Like you are paying for something that is going to be the luck of the draw. No thanks on that.

  5. Here is the way this will play out. We all complain and refuse to buy it, then the standby lines get longer and longer because some people are using this. We get fed up, pay the fee and it is here forever going up in price e ery year.

  6. This stinks!! Not like Disney isn’t making enough money off of people already. I refuse to pay extra for this service which should be complementary considering the price you have to pay to get into Disney!!