This Hotel Has Quietly Become the Best Themed in Disney World

Recently, Disney World has been re-theming some of its most expensive hotels.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort got a Moana-themed makeover and Disney’s Contemporary Resort rooms are currently being renovated to have details from Pixar’s Incredibles. And, while the rooms at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa aren’t being majorly redone, there are quite a few subtle makeovers that have led to it being one of the best themed in Disney World!

Here’s How Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Has Quietly Become the Best Themed in Disney World!


We’re starting off with one of the details that hasn’t changed in a long time but remains one of the most highly-themed areas in the resort — the lobby! When you step in, you’re immediately transported to the late 19th/early 20th century and there are so many little details that remind you of the era (and even Disney)!

Grand Floridian Lobby

You won’t’ see any giant statues of Disney characters, but you will find them hiding in the elegantly detailed flooring of the lobby…

How many characters can you spot in the floor?

…and other features, like the giant birdcage and two-story elevator, are all built to be reminiscent of the time period. Of course, there are elevators that go up more than two floors in the hotel, but they’re hidden because the standard elevators in the early 20th century only went up to the second floor.

Grand Floridian birdcage

And, if the details aren’t enough to create the ambiance, there’s also a pianist who can be found playing live in the lobby every evening.

Grand Floridian Pianist

So, from the second you enter the resort, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time.

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Enchanted Rose Lounge

And, up on the second floor, you’ll find a newer lounge that combines the elegance of the resort with a classic Disney fairytale! The Enchanted Rose Lounge replaced Mizner’s Lounge back in 2019 and is themed after none other than Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Enchanted Rose Lounge

The lounge is made up of three different rooms that are each themed after different parts of the movie. The main room is themed after the ballroom scene in the film and the centerpiece is a giant chandelier that is designed to be reminiscent of Belle’s yellow dress…

Enchanted Rose Lounge in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

…and another room is designed to be Belle’s library where you’ll find her book collection…

Enchanted Rose Lounge

…and even Lumiere…

Enchanted Rose Lounge

…and Cogsworth!

Enchanted Rose Lounge

And, the final room is known as the Garden Room, which is inspired by the forest surrounding the Beast’s Castle.

Enchanted Rose Lounge

Plus, there’s also an outdoor dining area, though it isn’t as elaborately themed.

Enchanted Rose Lounge outdoor dining area

Of course, you can also find a selection of drinks to match the ambiance and theming of the lounge making this a must-see spot if you’re staying in the resort (and even if you’re not!).

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But the lounge isn’t the only dining spot to get a Disney-themed makeover in recent years at the resort — the Table Service restaurant, Citricos, also recently reopened with a brand new look!


The entire restaurant has been updated to be themed after Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns and, while you certainly won’t be overwhelmed with details from the movie, there are quite a few subtle reminders in the decor. For example, you’ll find some artwork with recognizable scenes…

The artwork matches the film!

…and even Mary Poppin’s iconic bag and umbrella!

It’s the famous bag and umbrella!

Aside from the little details, the rest of the dining room is designed to feel like a “fanciful garden” and all of the furniture and light fixtures have been updated to give it that atmosphere.

We love this atmosphere!

So, much like the Enchanted Rose, Citricos has maintained its upscale feel while incorporating theming and details from a classic Disney movie.

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Disney Vacation Club Villas

And, that’s not the only place you can walk into Disney’s Mary Poppins! Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is home to a selection of Disney Vacation Club Villas and if you have the chance to walk over to the lobby, you’ll find some recognizable characters!

Grand Floridian Villas lobby

Though, that’s the only place you’ll be able to spot a reminder of the movie, as the rooms keep with the victorian-era theming and have only small Disney reminders.

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Kids’ Splash Zone

And, the last area that you’ll find a reminder of a Disney movie is at the Kids’ Splash Zone near the second pool! It’s themed after Alice in Wonderland and features the Mad Hatter’s recognizable tophat, water pouring from overflowing teacups, and more!

Grand Floridian Pool

It certainly is a more subtle touch to the resort, but it adds to the Disney feel without taking away from the victorian-era theming.

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So, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa doesn’t scream “you’re in Disney World,” but over the years it has become one of Disney’s most elegantly themed hotels that still gives you all of the Disney feels with small reminders of many classic Disney characters and films.

And, if you want to learn more about the hotel, you can come along with us on a full tour in our video below!

And, be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney World planning tips, updates, and more!

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Have you ever stayed at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa? Let us know in the comments!

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7 Replies to “This Hotel Has Quietly Become the Best Themed in Disney World”

  1. I agree with most of Jim’s comments. I think the biggest complaint I have is the Customer service. There was a time the staff was in a class by themselves. Disney was the gold standard. Now??? Now, it’s more likely then not to experience poor customer service.

    Lots of line cutting too because of the lack of governance.

  2. My family has been staying at the Grand every year for the past 25 years and have been fortunate to have had that opportunity. However, while this posting highlights some of the better attributes of this hotel, it really fails to highlight the poor quality and generic feel of the rooms for the price point that is charged. It would be helpful to include a bit of balance as there is great potential for the Grand to really be grand again, but it has a way to go. The value per dollar just isn’t there anymore despite its location, views and food options.

    1. Jim you couldn’t be more spot on. Like you we have stayed at the GF many times over the years. The Grand Floridian, much like the Disney parks overall have lost the special touch that had once set them apart. Reducing services and increasing price is not a recipe for continuing success. Justification for high price must come with the ‘bells&whistles’ not just a roof over your head. My family absolutely loves the GF and we would always stay there if it made sense but now to Jim’s point we no longer see the value besides being on Monorail.

  3. Once again we get to watch Molly eat, drink and shop. While these are important this is a HOTEL. Why doesn’t she tour the hotel rooms and the grounds? It would be nice to see what you get for all the money Disney charges for this hotel.

  4. As a long time WDW visitor and owner at the GF Villas, I have to disagree with most of this post. The Grand Floridian USED to be the best themed hotel on Disney property. Now I would say that title goes to the Boardwalk. In any case, all of these “updates” and “re-themes” destroyed what made the GF so lovely to begin with. Addison Mizner, Henry Flager, et. al. all have direct ties to “old Florida,” the hotel’s theme, Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins do not. Also the loss of the GF orchestra, and replacement with seating, no-less, is unforgivable. Mizner’s and the Orch basically sold me on becoming a DVC member there (well mostly, lol). Adults need something too, a place to chill, etc…Thank goodness that the recent refurb of Citricos was tastefully done, BUT, there’s ALREADY a Mary Poppins themed restaurant at the GF, 1900 PF! Why do we need two? Many long-time fans of the GF are bothered by these changes.
    I’m not against IP’s by any means, however Disney management needs to get off this idea that they have to be EVERYWHERE. I don’t need to bludgeoned over the head by characters everywhere I turn. Unfortunately the glory days of the GF are behind it. It’s becoming harder and harder to justify the very high point chart to stay there. I don’t think I’ll every stop going to WDW, but I foresee fewer trips in the future.

  5. Exactly! Pleeease don’t change another thing. The wonderful thing about this resort and (sadly) several former other ones is that the IP is subtly woven in when appropriate and the theme of the resort creates its own special “Disney feel.” Poly, Contemporary, French Quarter all used to do this before the onslaught of corny IP themes overran them, guestrooms in particular. Had the good fortune to stay here a few times. Certainly pricey, probably overpriced…but what in Disney isn’t? However, NOTHING delivers the ultimate Disney experience like Grand Flo. Oh, and rooms are well within walking distance of everything! I’ve stayed at Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, All Star, AK Lodge and those are waaaaay farther away from the main building.

  6. My daughter would like to stay at the Grand Floridian even if it means leaving us someplace else. I am not of the 1%, so I can’t see how staying there is worth it. Staying there and eating there is pricey. They sometimes share bus service with Wilderness Lodge (that means you may be standing post-covid as you were pre-covid). Many complain about where the rooms are located. It’s a lot of walking if you don’t pay extra to be in the main building. It looks like the Hotel Del Coronado, although Disney says it looks like a Florida hotel that perished in a fire. I don’t see myself paying to stay there.