Walt Disney World Food We Seriously Regret Buying

It may be hard to believe, but not all Disney food is created equal. While there are plenty of treats we’ve fallen head over heels for (ahem, every flavor of DOLE Whip), there are other eats we wish we could erase from our memory (for more reasons than one).

We don’t think there has ever been a Dole Whip we regretted eating.

Here are the times we’ve seriously REGRETTED buying food in Disney World.

Pre-packaged food

Not all Disney World food is created equal! Pre-packaged foods are convenient to carry around, but you’re way better off putting your snack money toward other options! Trust us, there are much better, fresher options in the parks.

Look at All That Candy!

Food that took FOREVER to arrive

Sometimes the food we regret buying has nothing to do with the food itself. If you order your food at the wrong time of day, it could take way too long to actually eat! This is sometimes unavoidable, but try to order your lunch via Mobile Order as early as possible and try to avoid peak meal times.

Mobile Order Line for Cosmic Ray’s

Overpriced, basic food

We love a Mickey Ice Cream Bar as much as the next person, but just like the pre-packaged snacks we mentioned above, they’re a bit overpriced and not worth the money! If you’re craving ice cream, head to Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. Want a Mickey Pretzel? Skip it, and get a colossal pretzel from Pongu Pongu or BaseLine Tap House instead.

Mickey Bars!

Downright BIZARRE food

Sometimes curiosity will kill the metaphorical cat when it comes to Disney World food. There’s something for everyone in the parks and resorts, but there have been plenty of times we couldn’t help but wonder exactly who certain food items were crafted for. For example, let’s revisit the Peanut Butter King Dog at Disney Springs. Also, let’s not forget about Blue and Green Milk from the Milk Stand at Galaxy’s Edge, either. Does anyone actually love those? Like, REALLY love them?

The King Dog

Lower-tier Quick Service food

Some of the Quick Service food at Disney World is truly fantastic, but many are totally skippable (we’re looking at you, PizzeRizzo…). These locations all serve a purpose, but if you’re going to drop your dining dollars somewhere, do your research, and spend your money somewhere the food is higher quality.

PizzeRizzo in Muppet Courtyard

Take the time to read through all of your options, read our rankings posts, etc. to make an informed decision so you don’t have to regret your food choices.

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Time to spill some tea! Drop a comment below and tell us what Disney World snack or meal you’ll NEVER eat again!

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3 Replies to “Walt Disney World Food We Seriously Regret Buying”

  1. I avoided PizzaRizzo (and Pizza Planet before it) because there is nothing worse than Florida pizza. But my picky-eater kids begged to go there for pizza one day, so I relented, and I gotta say…it was not bad at all. The kids happily filled their bellies while I enjoyed a salad and a beer. The restaurant was very clean and wonderfully air conditioned, and there was an vast amount of seating. We were well fed, cooled off, and comfortably seated, all for a very reasonable price. I’ll never knock PizzaRizzo every again.

  2. Please don’t knock PizzaRizzo, we ate there in December, used to be called Pizza Planet , at DHS and we loved it. The pizza was hot and fresh, and the Cesar salad was perfect, and the soda hit the spot. The restaurant was clean and staff was awesome. Great food for the price.