What Does the Return of Fireworks REALLY Mean for Disney World?

We got some EXPLOSIVE news this week from Disney World! Starting in July, fireworks and nighttime spectaculars will return after an extended hiatus following the park closures in 2020.

EPCOT Forever

Both Happily Ever After and EPCOT Forever will return to Disney World on July 1st. Looking ahead, what does the return of fireworks mean exactly for the resort?

For starters, the return of fireworks in their original state could indicate that Disney World is ready to move beyond the phased reopening we’ve experienced for the last year. Since the parks first reopened in July of 2020, we’ve reported on limited park capacity, physical distancing guidelines, and face mask mandates.

Physical Distancing Signs

Since the CDC updated their recommendations for face mask and physical distancing policies for fully vaccinated individuals, we started to see Disney World make major changes to their own procedures — first by modifying their outdoor face mask policy, then making face masks completely optional for fully vaccinated guests soon after.

The newest face mask mandate only requires masks to be worn by all guests when on transportation, like buses, the Monorail, and the Skyliner.

Physical distancing guidelines have also been modified as Orange County moved through its reopening phases, which were based on the percentage of the county’s population getting at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. With fireworks returning to Disney World, it looks like the parks are preparing to loosen their physical distancing protocols even more (remember what it was like to stand shoulder-to-shoulder watching the fireworks? That could be on its way back!).

Will crowds look like THIS again soon?

Looking beyond July, Disney World’s decision to bring back fireworks could have an impact on future nighttime events and even After Hours Events. Could we potentially see an announcement in the future of some sort of fireworks show being added to Disney After Hours BOO Bash?

Disney After Hours BOO Bash ©Disney

Keep in mind that BOO Bash is NOT Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, so we may not see fireworks become part of the after hours event. However, with the 2021 holiday season still up in the air, we could possibly see the return of holiday fireworks for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (or a modified version of the Christmas parties, like we’re seeing with BOO Bash).

Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Fireworks Show

It’s also possible we’ll see an entirely new show announced for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. As of this writing, new entertainment has not been announced, with the exception of the long-awaited Harmonious at EPCOT (no opening date has been announced yet). Bringing fireworks back could potentially be serving as a test run before Disney World unveils its newest nighttime spectaculars.

We can’t wait to watch fireworks again!

Finally, and perhaps more simply, the return of fireworks could impact park hours moving forward. We’ve already seen hours extended for the return of fireworks at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom for the month of July, and will be continuing to look for that change to happen going forward.

Nothing beats EPCOT at night!

We’re still waiting to hear news of more nighttime spectaculars — specifically Fantasmic! — to return to Disney World. But with more and more entertainment returning to the parks (like Celebration of Festival of the Lion King), we may hear more exciting announcements in the coming weeks and months!

Look at All Those Animals!

We’ll keep a close watch on any new developments regarding Disney World’s nighttime spectaculars and what the return of fireworks will mean for the parks moving forward.

Are you planning on visiting Disney World next month specifically to watch the fireworks? Let is know in the comments!

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One Reply to “What Does the Return of Fireworks REALLY Mean for Disney World?”

  1. They should bring them back and it will be just like it ever was. If you feel comfortable in the crowd you stay, if you don’t, you can leave before they start. I think the delay has more to do with not wanting to spend the money right now than anything else. Those shows are expensive.