The Best Cheap Souvenir You’re Not Thinking Of

Souvenirs at Disney World come in all shapes and sizes (and price points!).

Disney World Mug

On the more affordable side of things, one of our favorite trinkets are the free buttons you can get to commemorate special occasions, like birthdays. But, did you know you can personalize your buttons in Magic Kingdom? Well, you can — for a fee!

The colorful character buttons are frequent fixtures for park-goers, especially since they’re a great way to let Cast Members know you’re celebrating something special. 


However, if you want to add a little more personality to your accessories, we discovered that you can get customized buttons from Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom — but there’s a small catch! 

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

Unsurprisingly, specialized swag doesn’t come free. In fact, in order to snag one of these extra-special buttons, it’ll cost you $3 per word! 

Personalized Button

Available in different fonts and colors, you can bedazzle your buttons as you please, but just know that the more words you select, the higher the price tag, which means you could wind up paying more for a button than a burger. 

Customized Buttons

But if the added personalization is something you’re into, then it’s definitely worth the extra cost!

Is Anything Actually FREE at Disney World?

Would you pay extra for custom buttons in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “The Best Cheap Souvenir You’re Not Thinking Of”

  1. Or you could buy a calligraphy permanent marker and do it yourself! Just takes a little practice. The professional artists do a beautiful job with it though. If guests writing on Disney buttons becomes a new thing, who knows what imaginative thoughts will be penned?

  2. I would definately pay the $3/ word on a personalized button. After the money spent already getting there, what’s a few more coins? On top of that, it’s your official one-of-a-kind Disney trinket with it’s unique story. I say go for it!