Here’s How to Take the PERFECT Cinderella Castle Pictures in Disney World

The sun is shining just right, you’ve got your best park outfit on, and you’ve FINALLY made it to Disney World.

Cinderella Castle

In Disney World, it’s practically a necessity that you snap some great photos. Whether you’ve posed a million times around the parks or it’s your first time visiting (yay!), we’re breaking down how to get the PERFECT Cinderella Castle picture.

Right now, Cinderella Castle is looking especially fancy as it gets decked out for Disney World’s 50th anniversary. So, you’ve already got a colorful plus to your photo with all those “EARidescent” details going on!

Cinderella Castle is getting decked out for the 50th Anniversary celebrations

If you want to be in the photo yourself, there are a few spots that you wouldn’t expect to be the BEST places for your Cinderella Castle photo. And, surprise! It’s not in the front of the castle, straight on, since there are usually people milling about!

Crowded Castle Hub

We recommend heading to the ramps right at the side of Cinderella Castle for a snap that features the Castle’s front, minus the people! You can see the difference between a shot that’s straight on…

Straight-On Castle Photo

…versus standing on the side ramp here. Much fewer people!

Ramp Castle Photo

As you make your way to the back of the castle on the Fantasyland side, there are two more great photo spots along the way! The first is right on the ramp, where you can snag a side view of the castle that serves as an awesome portrait.

Fantasyland Path Photo-Op

Of course, we couldn’t forget the Wishing Well, which is already photogenic on its own! This photo area isn’t as easy for selfies, but if you have someone with you…

Wishing Well

…then you can get a GORGEOUS photo that has both the Wishing Well and Cinderella Castle in the background!

All the sights included in one photo!

Now, we’ve arrived at the back of Cinderella Castle! While you might see the front in most people’s photos, the back is a surprising hit for the perfect shot! Not only does the area include a special mural on the ground, but the back view of the castle has more windows and way fewer people.

Behind Cinderella Castle

Sometimes, though, you just want an AWESOME photo of Cinderella Castle alone. And, there are still quite a few places to do that too! Along with the ramp in front of the castle

Cinderella Castle

…the pathways leading to Fantasyland

Fantasyland Pathway

…and the back of the castle that we mentioned before!

Cinderella Castle

We seriously recommend going over to ramps and bridges for your standalone castle photo. Two of our favorite spots include the Tomorrowland Bridge and the ramp to Liberty Square. The castle’s a real beauty, right??

Cinderella Castle

In general, though, we highly recommend being patient and waiting for people to pass. This can be much easier if you go to the back of the castle, up the ramp, or on the bridges, as opposed to right in the middle of Main Street. We also find it very important to watch the sun, as you can snap stunning photos during that Golden Hour glow.

Even Cinderella Castle Looks Great During Golden Hour!

And, there you have it! We bet your picture-perfect photos are a great way to remember your amazing Disney vacation. Stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney World tips!

Magic Kingdom had some special visitors today!

Do you have any favorite places to take your Disney photos? Let us know in the comments below!

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