Did This Disney Park Just Become the Best One for Characters?

Meeting characters at Walt Disney World has been a bit different in the past year.

Hollywood Studios Entrance

Due to health and safety measures, meet and greets as we know them are no longer available in the park, but they were replaced with a new way to say hi to Disney’s lovable characters — and it doesn’t involve a long wait in line! Over at Magic Kingdom, you can wave goodbye to characters as you exit the park, and at Animal Kingdom characters pass by on boats. We’re all for waving, but we might have just found an even better place to stumble upon some classic Disney character!

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we spotted characters out for their afternoon activities! Chip and Dale were having the nuttiest picnic on the lawn! The pair came out with their picnic basket and set up shop with their blanket and acorns. Of course, they were getting into some trouble too.

Chip and Dale

Goofy was hanging out on top of the Hyperion Theater gracing us with a wave or two! We said hi on our way into the Frozen Sing-Along and he was pretty excited to see us — we’re big fans.

Goofy saying hi!

And, Donald Duck was out watering the plants with a watering can in front of Hollywood Brown Derby! We’re not sure if he knows that Disney takes pretty good care of their plants, but hey if he wants to help, we’re not going to stop him!

Donald came out to water his plants

These character interactions at Hollywood Studios were golden. We loved watching the bunch take care of their afternoon duties! Well, Goofy wasn’t really doing anything necessarily, but we’ll excuse it for him. We will definitely be back to check in on that picnic is going and see how the flowers are blooming another day!

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What are your favorite character interactions? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “Did This Disney Park Just Become the Best One for Characters?”

  1. During their last festival, Knott’s Berry Farm in California found ways to safely do meet and greets with the characters, surely Disney could do the same.

    No, you couldn’t touch or obviously hug the characters, but you could interact with them one on one and take pictures with them from a safe distance. It worked very well and would be very easy for Disney to adopt.