Epcot Construction Update: Progress on New Restrooms Near Refreshment Port

Epcot’s transformation is well underway, and one of the more understated — but highly useful — changes is the addition of a restroom near Refreshment Port.

Epcot Restrooms

This construction has been underway for some time, and the area remains closed off as work continues. For a little perspective on where this is located, a map. The structure is essentially in that green space above Refreshment Port and between the Imagination pavilion’s auxiliary building and the pathway.

Location of New Restrooms

Space to the left of the restrooms is also a work in progress. No official word on what might be coming to that area or if it’s simply closed off as part of the work on the restrooms.

Space adjacent to the new restrooms

We’ll bring you updates and information as it unfolds — and we all know it will be unfolding at Epcot for many months.

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Planning a trip to Epcot during the reimaging of the Park? Let us know what you think about it all in the comments!

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