Why Our Readers Are NOT Recommending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party This Year

“Horrendous.” “An injustice.” “Outrageous.” These are some of the things AllEars readers are saying about the 2019 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

This annual ticket add-on features Party-exclusive fireworks, a villainous stage show, and an energetic parade. Kids and kids-at-heart can trick-or-treat throughout the Park; meet rare characters like the 7 Dwarfs, Jack Skellington, and the Queen of Hearts; and enjoy attractions with Halloween overlays.

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Mad Tea Party with Halloween Overlay

But recently we noticed that our reader reviews for this year’s Party were almost wholly negative. Of fifteen reviews for the 2019 Party, only one recommended it. To be fair, some readers had positive things to say. “The parade was nice”, “fireworks were great”, and “decorations were fun”. But even reviews with positive mentions didn’t rate the Party higher than a 5/10 stars.

Haunted Mansion during the Party

So what are AllEars reader saying? You can read the full reviews here, but the general feeling seems to be that “crowds were horrendous.” One reader said her group “never even got treat bags”, and another added that “lines were outrageous.” Another reader added that character meets had waits up to three hours.

The Queen of Hearts with Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

One of the major selling points of Magic Kingdom’s extra-ticketed events is that crowds have historically been lower, meaning Party guests could tour the Park in a leisurely way, hopping on and off rides, collecting loads of candy without waiting in lines, and watching the Party-exclusive entertainment without having to stake out a spot on Main Street, U.S.A. an hour in advance.

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Boo-To-You Halloween Parade with new Tomorrowland segment

But with readers saying the Park was “so crowded you could barely walk” and “reduced crowds is a  myth”, we have to wonder what’s going on. Is it perhaps the unlimited (minus Halloween night) Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Pass Disney offered for the first time this year? Or has the Company upped the maximum tickets sold for each Party in order to pack in more guests?

High crowds on Main Street, U.S.A.

Whatever the reason, the AllEars team’s experiences at this year’s Party have echoed those of AllEars readers. The first night of the Party — way back on August 16 — was so packed that it reminded us of a Halloween night Party (notoriously and understandably the busiest night of the Party). Those crowds mean where there’s a line, it’s a big one. Guests wait longer for candy, attractions, and character meet and greets.

Another issue the AllEars team noticed this year was with brand new fireworks show, Disney’s Not-So-Spooky Spectacular.  The new show features some stunning Cinderella Castle projections, but in order to see them, you’ve got to be on Main Street, U.S.A. With high crowd levels, that means you’ve got to claim a prime viewing location well in advance of the show.

Disney’s Not-So-Scary Spectacular

So with readers saying “there is no magic anymore” and “I guess nothing can stay good forever”, has Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party lost all of its charms? We say the positives of the Party — the festive atmosphere, the opportunities to meet rare characters and experience attractions with ride overlays, and the special entertainment (including the beloved Boo To You Halloween Parade) — outweigh the negatives… probably.

Because the truth is, value is in the eye of the beholder, and with prices upwards of $130, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is expensive. If you’re considering attending, you’ll want to plan ahead and set your expectations carefully. Then hopefully the Party will be more treat than trick for you.

Have you attended a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year? Planning to attend? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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57 Replies to “Why Our Readers Are NOT Recommending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party This Year”

  1. We attended MNSSHP for the first time Oct 29. That was our MK day so we were in the park from 10 am. This turned out to be great! The crowds were low because of the party later. I’m sure many people don’t want to pay full price for a short day and get kicked out at 6. Everything we rode was a short wait 5-15 min or so. So we did all the major rides we wanted. We left at 4 and came back at 7. Did all the treats, meet and greets we wanted plus a few of the special effect rides like tea cups. Saw part of the parade but the kid was antsy for more rides so off we went! Main ST was very congested but the rest was always passable. we had an ECV and a stroller in our party so we were quite a parade lol. Maybe because we just expect crowds at MK we were prepared for the worst but thought it wasn’t too bad. Just our opinion!

  2. I wouldn’t recommend going to the Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party.We went on October 29th 2019. We enterd the park at 4:00 pm. around 6:45 the park started getting congested. Maybe we had unrealistic expectations heading into the event. It was a stroller derby. You could hardly move throughout the whole park. Candy stations had super long lines. Character meeting spots had unrealistic wait times. The lightning on the walk ways was poor. Now the good.The parade, the hocus pocus show was good. We spent a whole week going to the different parks this was the only unenjoyable time.

  3. Disney oversells EVERYTHING now. I used to be able to get a hotel room where I wanted a month before the trip. Not anymore! I have to book a minimum of 6-7 months out. Parks are always crowded. They cut down on free extra magic hours for resort guests- and now charge for the majority of them. Everything is a special ticket now. I dont know or understand how so many people can afford to go to disney. Once people stop going so much- they will be forced to reduce prices!!

  4. We attended the sold out party last night on 10/10. Everything that others are saying is true about crowds. We did stake out a spot very early for the parade and had a great view of the castle for fireworks. The candy lines were long but moved quickly and we have a huge haul of candy. We did not do pics with any characters (at 5 the line for Jack and Sally was almost 3 hours long)! We also did not ride any of the rides with “extra” party enhancements. Second parade was still packed. After the fireworks, the amount of people in the hub area was something I’d never seen before for any fireworks (and I’ve been to many). Not sure we will do another party (Halloween or Christmas) if this is what the crowd levels are becoming.

  5. We attended the party on Friday August 23rd. I think because it was an early in the year party crowds weren’t that bad – the park didnt feel any more crowded than it had the entire week and it was definitely busy. I was worried because it was a Friday night so I expected more locals would be there, and the bus to the park was packed when we were headed to MK. We arrived right around 4:30 pm and were able to hop on and off of rides early on with only 5 minute waits. As it got further into the party the waits were longer especially for Pirates and other Halloween overlay rides but I dont remember any waits that were overly long maybe 30 minutes max. We didnt do any of the character meet and greets but I know the waits for those were a little long but I feel like they are every year because they arent characters you can normally meet.

    I didn’t like that you have to be on main street or in front of the castle for the new fireworks show. We lost a lot of party time because we had to set up camp in front of the castle before the first villians show and then stayed there for that show, the parade and then the fireworks. With the new castle projection shows everyone crams in front of the castle and I hated fireworks because the kids couldnt see and they were getting trampled by people pushing to get a spot.

  6. We attended 9/27/19. The lines were manageable and the party was sold out that night. We rode all the mountain rides with minimal wait times. In fact, we arrived in the early afternoon and found that the crowds were low then as well. We went to the second fireworks show. It was the most incredible fireworks presentation I have ever seen! The parade was fun and we had no difficulty finding a good spot to watch it. Since we were at the park before the party we had to go back to the entrance to get our band, which I didn’t realize. All cast members were very friendly and helpful when explaining the process. They were giving out trick or treating bags and a goody bag to the right next to Tony’s Italian Restaurant. There were a lot of trick or treat stations and the cast members were generous! There seemed to be long lines for the character meet and greets, but we didn’t do those. It was my second time attending the Halloween party, the first time being 4 years ago. I felt this year was even better than I remember it being before.

  7. We attended MNSS on 9/10 thinking if we went in September the crowds would not be an issue. Not so. Lines were long. Not what we expected based on recommendations to go in September. Overall the parade, fireworks and decorations were great. Would we spend the extra money again, I don’t think so. Just to many people for a special event.

    1. Interesting – We were there on 9/10 as well, and I believe the longest wait we had all night was for POTC, which we got in line for right when the party began – waited about 25 minutes. Lines and crowds didn’t seem bad to me at all (though, for comparison, I’ve only been once before, the last Tuesday in September 2017). I had a great time and would definitely go again!

  8. I have to agree that Disney is overselling tickets for these special events big time. But this year has been the worst. I attended the party on August 20th and the crowds were unbearable. I entered the park before 4pm because I’m a passholder, I was able to ride only 4 rides and that was before 7pm because once the party started the lines were insane for everything. I usually like to stay until midnight but honestly, that night I just wanted to get out of there. Ass soon as the fireworks were over I raced to the exit and was relieved that was over. I did enjoy the Hocus Pocus show and the fireworks but that was it. I don’t think I’ll go back ever again. The main appeal of these events at least for me was the lower crowd levels, but that’s in the past. Disney just wants to cram as many people in the park like sardines to make that money, sad.

  9. This was my experience with MK After Hours last year vs this year. Last year it was walk on rides except for Mine Train which has a 15 minute wait and no lines for treats. I got multiple rides on BTMRR, 7DMT, Peter Pan and Haunted mansion in addition to single rides on other attractions. This year I got 2 rides on BTMRR, one on everything else and the treat lines were long at first but did thin out later on. The Haunted Mansion had a 30 wait most the night. I had thought DAH was better than a party, but it was not worth the money at MK this year and it sounds like the parties are worse.

  10. Hope all of these comments reach Disney management. We found the same to be true last year at MNSSHP.
    Totally oversold to the max. Attended the Christmas party last year 2018 and the same was true. Definitely not enjoyable, in fact it was very scary at times due to the high amount of people attending
    the party. Rather book an enjoyable dinner and pay for that.

  11. We attended August 20. We were so excited since it had been several years since we had attended a party.
    We have done at least 4 during my daughters younger years and they were amazing….we always came home with a ton of candy.
    Not this year. The crowds were horrible. The only candy we got was that initial sample bag given at the entrance..because the candy lines were way too long. We couldn’t believe it. We loved the show and parade but having to stake out a spot an hour ahead wasn’t what we experienced before at a party.
    The crowds during the fireworks was shoulder to shoulder. And disappointedly…they weren’t 360 fireworks like in years past.
    We unfortunately won’t go again (unless we were actually given tickets for free 😂) due to the crowd levels alone.

  12. I left my review this morning of the party from 9/27. Absolutely horrible! I don’t need to just repeat what everyone else is saying, I just hope everyone let Disney know via email their thoughts as I did. I really do believe the party passes played a big role and I hope they don’t do this for MVMCP as well. We won’t return to one of these seasonal parties in the future.

    1. We were there too that night and it was so bad. I have been thinking for sending Disney direct feedback and will do so now after reading this. Ugh it was so crowded in years past I always recommended it but not now.

  13. We always wanted to try the Halloween Party, but we saw several videos of a park so crowded you could barely walk. We also heard from some friends who complained about the crowds. We use to do the Christmas Party. Our last one was three years ago and it was so crowded. Lines were shorter in the morning than they were in the entire time of the party. We gave up on all of the parties with the main factor being the crowds.

  14. We attended MNSSHP on Halloween night 2015. It was a fantastic night with a reasonable crowd and felt more like Halloween at home with a slight chill in the air. We felt the money was well spent for this event since we walked on all of the rides, had great spots to watch the parade, and enjoyed the interactions with the roaming characters. The kids loved the trick-or-treating and character spots had short lines as well. I wish Disney would revert back to how it was then and limit the number of guests so it would continue to feel like a special event. The events are expensive and people have certain expectations.

  15. I guess we got lucky on 8/23. This was our 5th MNSSHP and the crowds were the lightest we’ve seen. Which was great because it was one of those “hop in the car and book the hotel on the way” kind of trips. So no early or AP discounts on the tickets. The parade and it’s new additions was awesome. The new fireworks are spectacular but I still miss Hallowishes. Because the crowds were light there were no waits anywhere and we couldn’t have gotten more perfect spots for the parades and fireworks if we’d tried. My only (silly) complaint is that the merch felt very phoned in. Imagine being sad you couldn’t give Disney more money 😂

  16. We were at MNSSHP on September 22. We have been going to MNSSHP every year since 2014. Has always been a special treat with less crowds. This year Disney played the trick instead of the treat. We will not go again. Crowds were horrible, lines were longer than a typical weekend day at MK. Cast members lost control of the crowds in front of the castle, and walkways became congested to the point of not being able to move. Several attractions were closed which added to the long lines at the rides that were open. No longer an exclusive event.

  17. We’ve gone to both Mickey’s Halloween Party and Mickey’s Christmas Party for years, and it was always awesome! We were able to experience the rides with little to no wait, and the crowds were not bad at all. Last year we went to Mickey’s Christmas Party, and it was the worst experience ever. Couldn’t get on any rides, the crowds were so bad you literally could not move. And trying to get out of the park was a disaster to say the least. They had to re-route us behind the stores on Main Street, because there were so many people! It was so disappointing. I do believe they have increased the amount of tickets they sell to these events, which is really unfair. To pay an extra $130 per person to enjoy the holiday season with smaller crowds, only to find out that the crowds are as big, if not bigger, than an average day, is just a waste of money. We will never attend again, as the Magic that once was, is now gone. So sad, it’s all about the money now 🙁

  18. I am one of the people that posted a review of MNSSHP. This was our first time attending this particular party on Sept. 24th, but had attended the Christmas Party a few times in the past. We by no means expected an empty park, but we did attend expecting similar crowds to past Christmas Parties. This being advertised as a limited ticketed event we did not expect wall to wall people, which is what we found to be the case. We kept thinking that maybe everyone was gathering around the candy stations, making it seem more crowded in those areas, but everywhere we tried to go you could not even get through the throng of people.
    I don’t believe Disney expected the locals who had purchased unlimited tickets to attend so many times, making almost every night of the party virtually a sold out event. This made for crowds that were an unpleasant surprise for those resort guests that purchased a one night ticket. I for one will not be attending any event in the future that Disney makes unlimited tickets available to. I don’t believe even the cast members expected this as we ran into many who were very “grumpy” and seemed to just not want to be there any more than we did. Unless the crowds die down some, I would not recommend anyone attending unless you love being in shoulder to shoulder crowds.

    1. This was our exact experience October 1st. It was our first time ever attending a party, and while I also wasn’t expecting an empty park, i was blindsided by the utter mass of people. I’ve never seen anything like it. We couldn’t get anywhere near the front of the castle for the fireworks. Never got to see the parade. Only got 3 treats. Thankfully the rest of our park time was more pleasant, but I’ll never go to this again. I was going to get Christmas party tickets for next year but not after this!

  19. Last week’s I think every party was sold out. I have been to multiple party’s and they are terrible if sold out. I’m currently at Disney and crowds have been terrible so far. Hollywood studios was miserable yesterday until the rain thinned out the crowd. Almost all rides worth doing was 1 hour plus wait. Last 2 hours I was able to fast pass anything I wanted minus slinky dog. Disney really needs to rethink prices or park limits. Personally noway I will keep paying increase prices to stand in line hours at a time. Hopefully universals new park will pull away some of the increase crowd.

  20. Disney is only focused on how much money they can drag out of your pocket. They seem not to be focused on the family experience anymore. Sure they put on a good show, when you can see it, but lately it’s just been a money grab. My family and I won’t be going down to Disney for quite awhile. We used to go 2-3 times a year from the midwest. A beach somewhere is sounding like a better vacation these days. Cheaper too.

  21. Ive been going just about every year since 2006. I still love it but I did comment on the crowds and how it use to be we never had to wait in lines. We could just go ride get off and jump right back on. Every ride wait this time was 20 minutes or longer. This is suppose to be a cheaper ticket and the ticket price skyrocketed and seems more like a normal priced ticket. Tickets use to be $57 or so dollars now its $100 or so. I do love the new firework show however I’m bias to the old original one. They only use to let a certain amount in but now it seems theres no limit. Im sure there is. I think cut back on people and have more days.

    1. Yes I agree we started going to the Halloween years ago at a cheaper price and better park experience. Now the price is higher and bigger crowds. Probably our last year

  22. We were set to go to the Sept 4 version of MNSSHP, but then the Hurricane was on the way, so we reset trip and went on September 17 which worked out, but still more crowded than prior years. It was possible to do, eat and see, but not as comfortable as before. I understand that media people do come more often than general guests, but it was clear that the extra crowds for those with $ for a pass for all visits. It was especially bad at the circle by the stage. This was our 7th time to attend over 24 trips, so we do not always go for various reasons, but it is moving downward on our to do lists. We got in at 2:00 due to DVC, knowing that there were lots of guests at the park, but we did not expect the end result would be so full of people — not having left or having been replaced by party visitors arriving.

  23. My first year at Disney and therefore my first time attending the party. We went on 22nd September and had a wonderful time. There is so much to do and yes a fair few queues but isn’t that to be expected at Disney?! We achieved everything we set out to do. Saw fireworks and the hocus pocus show without issue. Met a few characters and went on rides. Without forgetting getting masses of candy that we are still working our way through!

    I think the key for us was we had no real expectation and then just enjoyed every minute.

  24. We went on Tues. August 7 (only our second time attending) and thought it was busier than a few years ago but still had a great experience. We have 11 year old twins – can’t imagine taking toddlers and younger kids. We don’t bother with character meet and greets so we had plenty of time for rides and candy. Had to squeeze into a so-so spot for the fireworks but had an excellent spot for the last Hocus Pocus show. Definitely tough to get a good spot for the parade, even 40 minutes before it’s start. Even though it is super busy, most people are still in a good mood which helps! I wish I could go every year!

  25. We went last year and said “never again”/ we had been before and had a great time. Too many people, long lines and since not all attractions were open, concentrations of people where the rides were open. Characters? Forget about it! Candy lines: long but they moved pretty well. The parade and fireworks were great but getting a place to stand: UGH!

    1. Yes. We went for the first time last year and it was a one and done thing for us. Very little riding. We will be there in December this year and no way am I paying those prices for MVMCP ($140). We have in years past and had a blast, but it is oversold, overcrowded, and underfun. As Disney has added additional paid events (early morning magic, Disney After hours, MNSSHP, & MVMCP) the magic has dwindled and they close the parks for parties 3 hours earlier than normal which really messes up a week if there are 3 or 4 parties in that timespan and you don’t attend a party. I miss the old E tickets that you could buy and stay in the park at random times of the year and ride all you wanted. As others have stated, many of us are willing to pay for the tickets for a “less crowded” atmosphere that allows us to ride. However, Disney will continue to increase the numbers at these events as long as people continue to purchase the tickets and stand in lines and buy merchandise. Unfortunately, even though we can call, email, and write, the best way to show our unhappiness is to keep our money.

      1. I agree, but apparently we’ve yet to reach the point where the number of people vowing never to do these events again aren’t replaced by even more new people clamoring to get in, and willing to pay rapidly increasing prices for an increasingly-crowded experience.

  26. Attended and will likely never do it again. 40 minute waits for rides, couldn’t move in Frontierland 30 minutes before the parade. Lines for candy were so long that I gave up. Had to wait at least 10 minutes in line at Pecos Bill’s to get the HM sipper. Disney is now charging more than the full day rate for fewer hours and more crowds.

  27. We attended September 2nd during Irma. Which did not effect Orlando. Crowds were very small. We had a fantastic time and space mountain was a walk on. We collected plenty of candy and got a ton of pictures with our memory maker. The first week of September is always great for crowds.

  28. We went to the party on Sept 22nd. Last year was an eye opener because it was so crowded but that was October. This year was just as crowded. Candy lines were long as well as character lines. Got in earlier to park because we are pass holders, but still the line to see Jack Skellington was hours as always. Pirates, space mountain, seven dwarves, all way too long. Was told candy lines are shorter when shows and parades are going on, but then you miss those just for candy? Last parade was crowded, but the parade is wonderful. But I don’t think we will attend in upcoming years, it is not worth the price to run around for that price and only get three things done.

  29. We went last week to MNSSHP and it was awful. So many people. Terrifying costumes (bloody/gory). Lines so long, NO easy access to trick or treat lines. We went 6 years ago and it was fantastic. This year it felt like a waste of money. Unfortunately we won’t do it again.

  30. The last party we attended several years ago was great so we decided to do this year’s. We went on 9/29 and by the end of it we decided never again. Lines for attractions were hella long. Thick crowds of people everywhere we went. Candy lines moved fairly quickly though and towards the end of the night some cast members were quite generous with it. But, overall, the party wasn’t worth the cost at all. It was NOT fun and it should have been. Huge disappointment. We won’t do it again.

  31. We went 9/29. My biggest disappointment was the fireworks. I thought I had a pretty good spot until someone tall swooped in the area that was supposed to be a walkway and held up his phone completely blocking the center of the castle right as the show started. If you can’t see the projections, it is just not that good. I miss the Ghost Host and Hallowishes. I felt the crowds were about the same as last year. The candy lines especially at Monsters inc were crazy. We waited until the end of the party to get candy and there were no lines including at Monsters.

  32. We went last year and decided never again 🙁 we had been 3x in previous years and it was SO fun and not over crowded. This last time we went to get a spot for fireworks over an hour early and couldn’t even get into any part of the hub or Main Street. We were literally stuck and missed the whole thing.

  33. We went on 9/22. As far as I know, it wasn’t sold out but it was extremely busy. We didn’t wait long for any rides or in candy lines. Space Mountain was the longest wait at 20 minutes but we didn’t even try to go to Seven Dwarfs.
    The Hub was insanely busy for all the shows. It was totally shoulder to shoulder with no cast members controlling the crowd for the shows. All of the Hocus Pocus shows were slammed. The first AND second parade were both completely packed every where. The fireworks were insanely busy. We were lucky to not have any small children with us. That would have made it totally unbearable. We couldn’t do any characters because of the extremely long lines. Unless Disney can figure out how to control the crowds and limit how many people can get in, we will not be back.
    On the positive side, the shows and parade were great and we got a lot of candy. We would have liked to have done more, though.

  34. Our family was there for the October 1st party. We have loved this event in the past but this year it was horrible. The crowds were awful. It was so packed that it was difficult to navigate around the park. Lines for rides were horrible, worse than heaviest midday volume. At the earlier parade time, cast members were trying to “herd” guests out of pathways but there was nowhere to move to as it was body-to-body and people weren’t able to move. It was unsettling. Won’t do this event ever again, it’s not like it used to be.

    1. We were there that night! It was our first experience with the Halloween party and I almost had a panic attack because of not being able to move through the crowds.

  35. Went back in August. I have been 4 times before this was the worst. Lines were horrible I have a son who is autistic and this used to be a way to get him on rides faster. I will never do the Halloween party again.

    1. There is a new parade and fireworks area roped off for disability that we used this year for autism that was great – can’t remember exactly where in the hub it was but we could see everything nicely

  36. First time attending this year. So crowded you couldn’t move. Ride no rides. Saw no characters. Watched Sanderson sisters from a distance. Crowds so big left when parade started because we couldn’t see. Never again

  37. We’re heading to Disney tomorrow for a week and attending the Halloween Party on 10/10. Our first experience with the Halloween Party was in 2011. It was fantastic. The low crowds and shorter lines made it worth going. The crowds and lines have just gotten worse every year since. Last year we attended in mid September and we had to leave early-around 9:45. I just couldn’t take the crowds and candy lines. the candy line at the Laugh Floor had to be the worst location and idea. Actually seemed like a fire hazard. We’re DVC Members, so we’re planning on going in at 2:00 this year. We also talked about keeping our expectations very low and make the best of it. My thought is, Disney has to be selling more tickets to every party. Unfortunately, this may be our last Halloween Party if our experience is like last years. Fingers crossed!

  38. I just attended the Oct 1 Halloween Party and I can attest to the crowds. I was shocked that the party sold out. It was the fifth party to sell out. The crowds were everywhere. Lines were long for rides. Haunted Mansion never had less than 45 minute wait.

    The exclusive rides weren’t worth it either. The live action pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean numbered 3 on the ride and 1 in the queue. Space mountain had an issue so instead of being pitch black it was partially lit up, which seeing all the rails and everything actually made it a bit scarier, so positive?

    The lines for candy stations were winding and could take 15 minutes to get through. Learned the lesson after going through the one at Country Bear Jamboree to avoid them. Found a decent spot in front of the castle and had to stake out a seat 45 minutes before the second parade to get a decent view.

    I went with some first timers and they were disappointed as I have done it before plus Christmas Party twice and I always talked about the reduced crowds. Not so this time. I was disappointed and would have rather just added another park day to my 6-Day pass instead of this event. It is a shame because I enjoy these events but I may not be inclined to do it again unless I hear about changes.

  39. Disney just isn’t the same! New management only is concerned about profits…the hell with guests! Just returned! We’re done!

    1. Feel the same way, Disney has lost its magic, I cannot stand the direction it is going at all, fire the management, put control back into the Disney family to get it back on track with Walt”s vision, these clowns in charge just done get it.

  40. We attended MNSSHP on the last Friday of September. It was terrible. Packed to the hilt. Normally the second parade is way less crowded. Not the case. The lines for rides were terrible. Watching the fireworks was shoulder to shoulder. We heard our party was a sell out at 11,000 tickets. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    1. I hate to say it but sold out parties are usually 30,000 people at least…. as much as a fairly busy day. I feel so bad for the guests because the parties are so oversold.

  41. This isn’t the experience my family had. We walked onto 7 Dwarfs and Peter Pan twice each. Our longest wait was Space Mountain, 20 minutes, and that was still a shorter wait than we experienced during normal park hours. We found treat bags at every station, too. We went during mid-September.

  42. We went to the MNSSHP on Sept. 20, after having previously attended for many years, and would never, EVER pay to go back. Park was PACKED. Even at midnight when the park closed, which normally was a ghost town (Halloween pun intended), there was no room anywhere on Main Street or the Hub! Leaving was a nightmare–packed wall to wall. Clearly, oversold. Never used to be this bad. Rides were extremely long waits and barely got on any. Very disappointing.

  43. My husband, daughter & I went to the Halloween party on August 20. We thought it was great. Had no problem with too long of waits for rides, walked right through the candy lines, watched the first parade & walked right into Main Street for a great spot for the fireworks. My daughter was not into getting her picture with characters so I cannot say if those lines were long or not. Was it crowded, yes. But not too crowded. We had a great experience & would do it again!

    1. We attended on September 10. The longest wait for a ride was 20 minutes. Most were walk on or 5 minutes. We had lots of opportunities for candy lines. The seven dwarfs line was long about an hour but we expected that. We got in at 2PM because we are DVC members and stayed until midnight. We watched all the parades and fireworks. People watching was wonderful seeing all the creative costumes.

  44. Crap. If it is THIS bad, i can only imagine how bad MVMCP is going to be. Now i wish that i DIDN’T buy tickets for my upcoming trip.

    1. I know! I’m sitting here thinking the same thing! The first time I went to the Christmas party it was like a company had rented out the park! It was so empty and perfect! I couldn’t believe it! That was maybe 2010. Ever since it’s gotten busier and busier and more expensive each time I go. It’s busier during the party than it is during regular hours and who wants to pay more for that? I’m only down for one day this year and I’m thinking about just skipping Disney and opting for another day at Universal. Better value and manageable crowds. There’s nothing fun about a theme park if your spending all of your time in lines and can’t see much. I wonder if Disney will ever stop worshipping money and get back to providing excellent experiences and service?