Our Wish List for a “Practically Perfect” Mary Poppins Attraction in Epcot

This year’s D23 Expo was packed — and we mean jam-packed — with announcements and news about the Disney parks. The announcement that was greeted with the most excitement on the AllEars team was the arrival of a Mary Poppins attraction in Epcot’s UK pavilion.

Cherry Tree Lane in Epcot’s UK Pavilion Concept Art ©Disney

During the announcement we learned we will be able to walk down Cherry Tree Lane and enter the new attraction at number 17 — the home of the Banks family.

Beyond this information not much was shared, including whether this will be a ride or a walk through attraction or when it will open.

We decided to gather a list of items for a “Practically Perfect” Mary Poppins attraction, just like the Banks children did when making their list for a perfect nanny.

Mary Poppins Attraction Poster ©Disney

Let Us Hear the 8:00AM and 6:00PM Cannon

Let’s start with the concept art and poster. We see Admiral Boom’s house in both pieces of art. We hope that means the Admiral and Mr. Binnacle fire their cannon at 8:00AM and 6:00PM each day!

Please, Oh Please, Let Us “Step in Time”

We see a lamplighter from Mary Poppins Returns in the concept art — but we hope to see chimney sweeps in the attraction. And please let that mean we can to “step in time” with a virtual Dick Van Dyke!

Step in Time Scene from Mary Poppins ©Disney

Let Us Fly!

Mary arrives in both Mary Poppins and Mary Poppins Returns holding onto her umbrella. If this is a ride, please let the ride vehicle resemble an umbrella in some way so we can fly!

Mary Poppins’ Arrival Scene from Mary Poppins ©Disney

Let Us Visit Topsy Turvy’s Workshop

This is for all the Mary Poppins Returns fans out there! What could be more fun than spending some time in Topsy Turvy’s workshop? We would love to take a “spin” in a variation of her workshop in the new attraction.

Topsy Turvy Scene from Mary Poppins Returns ©Disney

Let Us Sing-Along

There are so many songs we want to sing-along with Mary and her crew! Let us learn a new word in “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, explain that “A Cover is Not a Book”, and take “A Spoonful of Sugar” to make the medicine go down.

“A Cover is Not a Book: Scene from Mary Poppins Returns ©Disney

Let Us Feed the Birds

“Feed the Birds” was one of Walt Disney’s favorite songs and for good reason. Please honor Walt by adding his favorite song to this attraction in some way. Let there be a St. Paul’s Cathedral in the attraction somewhere, and let us “feed the birds.”

“Feed the Birds” Scene from Mary Poppins ©Disney

Let Us Buy Mary’s Tape Measure

If there is a gift shop please let us be able to buy Mary’s tape measure. It would be a “practically perfect” addition to our Disney collection!

Mary Poppins Tape Measure ©Disney

We are sure we will come up with more items to add to this list as we learn more about this new attraction. What’s on your list for a “practically perfect” Mary Poppins attraction? Let us know in the comments!

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Sarah has built a career in communications and marketing that started when she was the editor of her high school newspaper. She has written for AllEars.net since 2018, and enjoys sharing Disney news and updates with the AllEars community. She's been a Disney fan ever since her first visit to Walt Disney World when she was 5, and has been known to arrange trips around visiting a Disney park!

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9 Replies to “Our Wish List for a “Practically Perfect” Mary Poppins Attraction in Epcot”

  1. Here is my wish list:
    1. Use real sets and props. If screens are to be used, use them sparingly to augment the real sets and sophisticated (non projected) animatronics.

    2. Do not copy the attractions to other parks for at least 20 years.

    3. Do not skimp on the budget, go all out with it and make it the most incredible attraction we have ever seen.

  2. I agree with everything but FEED THE BIRDS. There enough aggressive birds in the parks already because people feed them.I was having lunch at the Yorkshire fish shop and a duck jumped on my table to try and get my fish and chips. When I moved the little devil struck me with his beak.

  3. Darn good news. I like the idea of having Cherry Tree Lane, if that is all they do that is a big positive step. The proposed attraction is gravy. I’d like to see a ride using something like they use at Peter Pan. And I really like the idea of having a Poppins tape measure, brilliant idea. Let’s hope Disney sees that idea.

  4. I think a horse race on carousel horses would be fun. I also think sitting on Uncle Alberts ceiling would be fun as well. I love the topsy-turvey idea, but there is an upside down room in the imagination ride. But, I am sure whatever we get will be as wonderful as it always is!

  5. My wish is that it’s based on the classic film, not the sequel. The music, images, and adventures of the 1964 timeless classic – supervised by Walt Disney himself – deserve an attraction for all to enjoy.

    1. I absolutely agree with you and with evrything mentioned in the article. My favorite movie and can’t wait to be immersed in Mary Poppins’ world!