Main Street Trolley Show

I have to believe that the vast majority of you have seen the Main Street Trolley Show that is presented several times each morning in the Magic Kingdom. But for those of you who arrive at opening and dash off to the Disney Mountains, never to return to Main Street until you’re ready to leave the park, you’re missing a great “impromptu” show.

The Main Street Trolley Show is rarely listed on the Times Guide, but most Main Street cast members can tell you when it will be performed that day. Also, if you notice the trolley proceeding up Main Street with passengers in the morning, you’ll know the show is soon to follow. After depositing its riders at The Hub, twelve performers, dressed in shades of red, white, and blue, hop onboard for a trip down Main Street. Along the way they stop three times to present a lively show to whoever might be wandering the street at that time. On most days, the trolley makes this lively trip three times – usually before noon. The Main Street Trolley Show was first presented on December 1, 2004 and has been delighting guests ever since.

Three songs are sung (and danced) during the show. The first number, “The Most Magical Place on Earth” is also used to help open the Magic Kingdom each morning in front of the train station. In addition, these performers that help kick off our day are the same folk that entertain us on the trolley.

The second song, “Walkin’ Right Down the Middle of Main Street, U.S.A.” was written by Stu Nunnery in 1978. The song was purchased by Disney and was intended to be used to help roll out Disneyland’s 25th anniversary in 1980. However, it did not debut publicly until 1985 to celebrate Disneyland’s 30th anniversary when it was sung on a television special by Marie Osmond. And finally, “The Trolley Song” was written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane and made famous by Judy Garland in the 1944 film “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

I have filmed the show and it is presented below. A number of you have commented that your videos of Walt Disney World don’t compare to mine. There is a reason for this. When you visit the Magic Kingdom, your purpose is to experience the rides and attractions. Photography is usually an afterthought and is squeezed in when you can. When I visit the Magic Kingdom, my purpose is to create a blog. In this case, I filmed the show four times from four different vantage points. And this required advance planning so I could make sure I found the perfect spot well in advance so no one would block my view. I also found an out-of-the-way speaker so I could record the music with as little ambient noise as possible. In all, I experienced this presentation five times in order to create this three and a half minute video. When I got home, I spent several hours editing the film. The average Disney World guest does not have this amount of time or inclination. But I’m glad I do have the time and inclination because I take great pleasure in bringing Disney magic to all of you when you’re at home – wishing you were here.


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42 Replies to “Main Street Trolley Show”

  1. Thanks for this, Jack. I really want to see this. Does it start near the hub? Would I just go and wait there for the start time and then just walk along beside it to see the whole show? Looks fun!

    Jack’s Answer:

    This show is usually performed three times each morning, the first show starting shortly after the Magic Kingdom opens. Check at City Hall for times. The first show takes place on the bridge that connects Main Street with The Hub. The show lasts about five minutes, then it moves down the street to a new location and is preformed again, then moves to a final location for a third presentation. You do not need to “walk” down Main Street to see it.

  2. Hey Jack,

    Thank you for sharing yet another simple pleasure that WDW has to offer! I am another one who, unfortunately, has never seen this show. I will not miss it next time I visit the MK.

    Although you’ve hinted at your video-taking/editing process, thanks for going into more detail. Your hard work pays off big time in the final product!


  3. This is my husbands favorite thing at the MK. We refer to it as “Clang Clang”. We have to make sure we see this at least once during our week to the world. Our kids know the songs by heart and I think I have most of the dance moves down by now. We stumbled upon it by accident it 2004 and have not missed it since. We make sure we head back down Main Street to catch it when everyone else is running up it. We are not getting back until April 2011, but I know we will be waiting on Main Street USA for the trolly. Great post!!

  4. Thanks for the great video! With 2 boys ( teen, and tween age) we run right for the mountians at rope drop, so we have never seen the show! Matter of fact oldest son gets a little upset when we get behind the “slow horses”! Think next trip I let them do the mountains, and I will enjoy a muffin and wait for the show! Thanks Jack!

  5. Wonderful post, as always.

    I didn’t realize that the Main Street Trolley Show is so relatively recent (2004). When did the morning welcome show start? Was it around the same time? They have a similar tone and often share the same performers. Both shows are such natural fits that it is kind of strange to consider that they are somewhat new additions.

    Jack’s Answer:

    I really don’t know when the Morning Show began. But you’re right. Besides sharing a song, many of the actors perform in both shows. It’s possible that both shows began at or around the same time.

  6. Jack,
    Thank you so much for posting this. This show is absolutely my favorite thing at WDW. The nostalgia and magic of it get me every time. My three kids love to dance and sing along when we are in the park (and have had quite a bit of interaction with the cast members afterwards) and now they can do it at home too! Thanks so much for taking the time to edit it so beautifully.
    Chapel Hill, NC

  7. Jack:

    Thanks for taking me to my “Happy Place”! In all our trips to WDW, we’ve never stopped to watch this show. Will do so on our next trip!

  8. Hello again Jack

    I saw this show in August 2004. Could it have been a taster? Great blog! I am now singing the whole show Clang, Clang!……

  9. jack my wife & i are blessed to go often .it is the dapper dans , the talking trash can, the british invasion, pam brody, bob jackson ,the pianio player @ caseys corner .all the castmembers who work so hard to make everyones trip so magical . and of course you jack who keeps the magic alive for all of us with your blogs

    thank you

  10. This is just what the Dr ordered…my husband and I ALWAYS stop to watch these talented people put on this wonderful show. We have a trip to WDW right before Christmas…and this is going to get all of us ready to plan! (as if I need a reason! LOL!!!)

  11. WOW I have been coming to WDW once to twice a year for MANY years and have NEVER seen this show. Thank you sooooooo much for bringing this to our family’s attention. This will be something that we will not miss again. Will also pass it on to others.

  12. I always enjoy this show and try to catch it every time I’m in the park during mornings (not easy task, if you knew me). It really makes me feel like I am in the most magical place on earth!

    One time last year, while watching this show, I noticed the neatest thing. Across the street was a little girl, maybe 4 or 5, dressed exactly like the women in the show. She had the whole costume from red/white/blue outfit, to shoes and even the hat. She was standing there during the show and just singing (and kind of dancing) right along with the cast. A couple times the cast noticed her and they went to speak to her afterwards. It was the cutest thing! I just thought it was so cool that some little girl picked this show to fall in love with!! Magic!!

  13. hey jack
    great blog on the trolly parade. I have not seen this parade in a while because as you said, most people don’t have that much time to see the whole parade however, I do try and catch a sneek peek if im riding the train during the parade. can’t wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

  14. THANKS!

    A couple of years ago my husband and I went to WDW alone and that was the first time I ever saw this show! I so enjoyed it. I had to take several pictures. I couldn’t believe I’d never seen it before!

    In many ways to me it reflects what Disney World is all about.

  15. Thanks for another great blog. My family loves this show– especially my 5 yr old daughter. When she saw the song in “Meet Me in St. Louis” she wanted to know where the castle was! 🙂

  16. Thanks again, Jack. We have the 2 cds with music from all four parks and this song is on it. It’s in the car all the time so we can experience the Disney Magic between visits.

    As soon as I showed my 7 year old the video you made she instantly said “When can we go again?”


  17. Fist let me say that we are so appreciative of your time and inclination,

    We’ve been lucky enought to experience this show on a few occasions. Usually, right after stocking up on breakfast goodies from the Main Street Bakery. It’s a wonderful way to start the day at MK.

    It’s really a shame that so many people miss these little bits of Magic in their haste.

  18. Thanks so much for the wonderful video! I have never seen this show since I am one of those rope drop dashers to Tomorrowland. I am going to have to slow down on the next trip and seek this show out.

  19. Good on you, Mate!

    Even though your status may be unofficial, I hope the people at Disney know what a great bunch of good will ambassadors without portfolio they have in you and the rest of the ALLEARS crew. And the rest of us on the web get to enjoy the “World” in absentia. Win-Win!

  20. This is a must for us as well!! My 7 year old is constantly singing it at home!!! We LOVE this show and tell everyone that they MUST be patient and wait to see it!!! Love that I now have a video of it to watch whenever I want !! Thank you !

  21. Wow. Nice info about “Walkin’ Right Down.”

    My association with that song is it’s inclusion in the “Disney’s Sing-Along Songs: Disneyland Fun” VHS tape.

    And isn’t the “Welcome Medley” track found on the “Four Parks, One World” CD the audio for the Trolley Show?

  22. I love and hate you blogs and videos! I love them because they make me want to go back and hate them because I’m not there now! You can truely capture the essence of Disney. I look forward to all of your entries. They give my little dose of Disney while I wait for my next trip. Thanks!

  23. Love the video!!! Main Street Trolley Show is something I look forward to everytime I go to WDW ~~ then I end up singing the songs all day long!! And I’ve noticed I seem to walk with a little more “spring” in my step after watching the show!! You always make me smile with your videos!!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  24. Jack, I love to record the shows just to have the music. Where is a good speaker, that I could use for my recording?

    And I love reading your blogs, and I absolutely love the detail you give to everything.


    Jack’s Answer:

    The speaker I used was on Center Street just outside of Arribas Brothers. The speaker is placed in a low overhang. I held my recording device high over my head and it was only about 12 inches from the speaker. Not perfect, but I got a reasonable recording.

    Also, check out this website. You can get a lot of great Disney recordings here:

  25. I love them!! Every morning I tune Mouse World Radio just to hear the song, to start a perfect morning…

    Every time I visit MK, with my mom have a routine that start visiting The Emporium, so when we hear the music, we exit the store to see them dancing and singing…and make some sing along!! jejeje

    This guys make my day brighter, even when is winter, cold and is raining outside brrr…

  26. Hi Jack,

    Yet another great blog/video. I must admit, I don’t think we’ve gotten to see this one, but it’s now on the list. A couple of questions:
    1) Where are the speakers you record the audio from? I thought they were all up high.

    2) Since you’re there so much, do the folks at the parks recognize you and call you by name?


    Jack’s Answer:

    1. You’re right. Most of the speakers are placed high overhead. The one I used was on Center Street just outside of Arribas Brothers. The speaker is placed in a low overhang. I held my recording device high over my head and it was only about 12 inches from the speaker. Not perfect, but I got a reasonable recording.

    I actually have a “professional” copy of this routine, but it’s from an older show so the songs didn’t exactly line up with the singers mouths and movements.

    2. I have attended enough press events that the PR people know me. But when I’m in the parks on my own, I keep a low profile. So no, the cast members really don’t know me.

  27. I saw this show for the first time in May and thought it was great. I have been to Disney many times and like you said I dash off to the rides or to a breakfast reservation. This time my mom asked wanted me to stop and smell the roses so to speak and I am glad she did. If you are in the park make sure you see the show you will be glad you did.

  28. Our last visit we rode the horse drawn trolley right when the park first opened in the morning. Can I say what a wonder adventure that was, not to mention getting to the hub before everyone else and getting amazing pictures of the Castle. I watched the “Dapper Dan” guys jump on the trolley for the ride back but didn’t get a chance to see them perform.

  29. Hi Jack,

    All your hard work shows in your blogs. We, as Disney fans, appreciate your work! Keep em coming!

  30. Jack!!
    I’m so glad you wrote about the Main Street Trolley show! This is one of the “main” reasons Main St USA is my favorite place to be in WDW! I love to watch and sing along to the show! I have the music in my car and play it as often as I can to remember the Magic! Can’t wait to go back and watch again and again!
    Thanks for all you do to bring us Magic everyday!
    South Carolina

  31. Great stuff Jack – we’ve been lucky enough to see this a couple of times, and we love it.

    Thanks for sharing about how you create your videos. Wow – five times!?

  32. Hi Jack,
    Thank you for this video because I have never seen this presentation while at WDW. I really appreciate the time you put into making videos for us to enjoy.
    Have a happy day!

  33. Jack, thank you SO much for the hard work you put into your videos – they’re well worth it. I haven’t seen any other Disney ride videos that even come close. Much appreciated!

  34. These are one of the songs that just get stuck in my head all day! I just wind up humming it all day. The other ones from MK are from Small World and Pirates. Do you have any?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I love a variety of Disney music, but I have “Never Smile at a Crocodile” as my ringtone.

  35. Jack-Jack!

    This is another delightful video presentation. And your explanation of how you actually put this clip together was really cool.

    And while I’ve got you, my wife is now an avid reader of your blog. It’s common for us to watch something “Disney” before bedtime and this is frequently something you’ve produced.

    So you’re touching hearts everywhere with your fine work.

    Thank you.


  36. Love, love, love the trolley show! It’s a must do on every trip… I have the music on my iPod and I find it difficult to walk to work when listening to this, without having a little spring in my step – ha ha!

    Portsmouth, England