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One of my favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World for lunch is the Sand Trap located at the Osprey Ridge Golf Course. I would venture to say that the vast majority of you have never heard of this restaurant, and I’m not surprised. The intent of this establishment is to offer a bite to eat for the golfers of this course. Originally, this restaurant served two golf courses, but the Eagle Pines Golf Course was closed sometime ago when the acreage was sold to the Four Seasons Resort that is being built on this land. In essence, this deprived the Sand Trap Restaurant of half of its customers and Disney has recently made some adjustments to compensate for this lack of business.

First, the menu has been simplified. Most cooked/hot items have been eliminated. All china and glassware have been replaced with paper and plastic products. In addition, this is no longer a table service restaurant – but it’s not quite a counter service restaurant either. The new format requires that you order your drinks and food at the bar. At that time, you will be given your drinks which you will carry back to the table of your choice. From that point on, service will be like any other table service restaurant in that the bartender will bring the food to your table and take care of your refills.

Please remember to tip accordingly as the bartender is the only person taking care of the entire establishment.

I was actually concerned when I learned that the Sand Trap was changing, but when I ate there yesterday, my fears were laid to rest. This is still a wonderful place to escape the crowds, noise, and general hubbub that is associated with most of Disney World. When dining here, you feel miles away from everything – and the view is most lovely.

Although the menu is not quite as extensive as it once was, it still offers a nice variety – enough to satisfy most lunchtime diners. I ordered the Stack Sandwich which comes with salami, smoked provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato served on Ciabatta bread accompanied with homemade potato chips. My friend Donald ordered the hot dog (see below). We were both very pleased with our meal. The manager showed us pictures of the Caesar Salad and Cobb Salad and both looked worthy of any Disney restaurant – except they are now served in plastic bowls.

Stacked Sandwish

Hot Dog

The Sand Trap is open for lunch daily from 10:30am to 5pm. The bar remains open longer depending on the golf reservations for that day. There is no designated Disney transportation to this location so a car is helpful. The restaurant is located at the north end of property near Fort Wilderness.

Sand Trap Entrance

Sand Trap Bar

Sand Trap Restaurant

Sand Trap View

New Sand Trap Menu

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7 Replies to “Sand Trap Restaurant”

  1. We always went for breakfast at the sand trap just before our heading out to the course. Great breakfast and a hidden gem! Wish I had known about the Taxi!

    Had the chance to enjoy lunch there a few times and often found it full of cast members and suits!

    Sorry to see the decline in patrons.

    Jack’s Comment:

    I loved the Sandtrap. It was a great place — away from the rest of the World. And you’re right, it was frequently visited by cast members. However, there was barely enough business to keep the restaurant open when there were two golf courses, but when Disney sold Eagle Pines to the Four Seasons and the course was closed, patronage fell of dramatically. Now, the bartender is the only cast member and acts as the server as well. Paper plates and plastic forks and knives are now used. The menu has also been simplified. Yet the prices remain Disney-high. This restaurant is a far cry from the wonderful spot it used to be. Sigh.

  2. Bummer! I’m very unhappy to learn that breakfast is no longer an option at the Sand Trap. We used to stop there for sausage and eggs even when we had a tee time at a different course. It was the only place to get breakfast served on real china without waiting forever and paying an arm and a leg.
    I hated losing Eagle Pines (has any other Pete Dye course been treated so rudely?), but losing the real Sand Trap on top of that is salt in the wound!

  3. Hey Jack,

    This looks like a great place to grab a low-key lunch. The sandwich you got looks delicious. I’ll remember the Sand Trap the next time I want to get away from the parks but still eat great food in a beautiful environment.


  4. Jack,

    Why did you let people know of this place, now we will have all kind of non-golf folk in here.

    Stay Out of our secret enclave.

    Jack’s Comment:

    Don’t worry. I wrote a complete review of this place a couple of years ago. Including that Disney will actually pay your taxi fare to and from the Sand Trap if you’re staying on property (which they still will), and still, no one went there. As you know, the Sand Trap is one of Disney’s hidden treasures.

  5. Thank you for the great review and update. My family and I have dined at the Sand Trap for a number of years now because of its exclusivity and natural beauty. As mentioned, it was and still is the perfect break from the crowds at the parks. I always enjoyed the fresh fish sandwich and other chef-prepared items, but I guess times have changed. Even so we will continue to visit if only for the relaxed atmosphere and vistas.

  6. Was this restaurant the old Pompano Grill that used to be located at the Tree House Villas near Pleasure Island/Disney Marketplace years ago? I think I stayed at that resort (before it became the Disney Institute and then Shades of Green) in the early nineties and the Pompano Grill was a fabulous place.

    Sand Trap looks okay, but a big comedown from PG.

    Jack’s Answer:

    The Sand Trap has always been the Sand Trap and it has never been associated with a resort. It’s only purpose has always been to provide the golfers with a place to grab a bite and drink before and after their game.

  7. Interesting. Not only have I never heard of this restaurant personally, but never heard it mentioned on any pod casts that I subscribe to. Talk about a Disney secret spot. Sounds like a nice place for a get away lunch.