Back! Back over the Falls!

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Our Disney Pic of the Week theme is dark rides. At first I was going to use a photo of Snow White’s Scary Adventure but I’ve already done that. Then I thought about it’s a small world and couldn’t decide if it’s actually a dark ride when you board outdoors in Disneyland. Decisions, decisions. Finally, after going through memory cards from my trip to Walt Disney World in January I was reminded that I intentionally shot Maelstrom for this particular topic.


Story time! My mom, grandparents, and I were riding Maelstrom and just after being cursed by the trolls and avoiding the falls I told them we were going down a little hill. My baubie (Yiddish for grandmother) grabbed onto my arm for dear life while in the row in front, my grandfather was yelling “Wheeeeeee!” with his hands in the air.

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