Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!


In keeping with this year’s new “Celebrate Today” theme, the Magic Kingdom kicks off a new show/parade on February 13 titled “Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!” This high energy event starts near the Fire Station on Main Street and moves its way up to The Hub. Five brightly colored floats adorned with your favorite characters and dozens of dancers enthusiastically sing and dance while encouraging those lining the street to get involved. Even the “crowd control” cast members clap their hands and promote a festive atmosphere.










When the procession reaches The Hub, it encircles this area and comes to a stop. It’s then that the merriment really begins. A DJ on the first float introduces the featured characters on the other four floats. In turn, each pops up from a gift-wrapped present and says a few words. When the introductions are over, a number of dancers and characters take to the street and party up a storm.











Eventually, the audience is invited to join in the fun and encouraged to come out into the street and kick up their heels. At first the crowd is hesitant, but by the time the conga line begins, the street is full of dancing fools.





The “dance party” takes between 10-15 minutes. When it’s done, the procession moves back down Main Street and disappears backstage. Although a good time can be had by watching the parade along Main Street, the real fun takes place at The Hub. And if you’re goal is to see the characters, the 3 o’clock parade is a better bet. But if you like to dance and party, this show is for you. Check your information guide for times.

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13 Replies to “Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!”

  1. what is the name of the song they sing at this parade? My daughter loves it and we can’t find it.

    Jack’s Answer:

    The music used for the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! parade was written specifically for this event. Although I’m sure it has a name, I have no idea what it might be. I was in the Magic Kingdom today and checked to see if this piece is included on the theme park CD set Disney sells. It is not.

    I seriously doubt that it would be for sale on Amazon or any other music downloading sight. Sorry.

  2. every year my girlfriend and i celebrate our anniversary. and we love the move it shake it parade. thats one of the highlights of our trip. we love our vacation and will continue to keep visiting for yrs on end.

  3. i am 55 years old and a kid at heart and i
    was back at disney world in november. the move it shake it celebrate parade was awesome. you gotta love it, It’s Disney!!!

  4. is this parade still going on? leaving for the world on september 24th 2010 through october 1 and would love to see this in action.

  5. Just checking back to see if there is any current information on how the music from the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate parade can be purchased or if Disney has released a new CD? Also interested in the music from the Celebrate 3pm parade. Thanks!

  6. This parade was awesome, my wife and two children had just entered the park for our very first time and sat at Caseys to get a bite to eat and the parade started it was a wonderful experience for our first time at Disney. My daughter who was “Celebrating” her birthday thought the parade was special for her! You will love it.

    Question, does anyone have information on where I could find a recording of the music?

    Answer: At the moment, I’m not aware of the music being available. But that could change. Usually about once a year Disney publishes a new CD with the music from the parks. In the past, they have often included selections from some of the parades and shows. Keep your fingers crossed.

  7. I guess I am not up to date on my Disney lingo, but where is The Hub?

    Answer: The Hub is the center of any of the Magic Kingdom-type parks. Main Street (or World Bazaar) ends at The Hub and all of the other Lands radiate from this area like the spokes of a wheel.

  8. I just returned from Disney and loved this parade! The songs were very catchy and dancing was so much fun! I highly recommend it for anyone who has kids that love to dance and are not afraid of the characters!

  9. Geez, I can’t believe I’m going to admi this but… um, yeah, I’m totally psyched to see this! Luckily, when I’m there the first week in March, I’ll have my 2-year-old niece along so I can use her as my excuse to make a fool of myself!

  10. My new bride to be wants to go to Disney World for our honeymoon.:) Late April. We are looking very forward to seeing this new parade. It looks so much fun…