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ALL PARKS - When a Cast Member asks you how many people are in your group, tell them the ENTIRE number in your group. The Cast Members are trying to group your entire party onto the ride at the same time. If you tell them a number less than your party, don't be surprised when your party gets split up. (You might be asked by up to three different Cast Members for your party size.)
ALL PARKS - As a teacher I have found the park maps to be a wonderful way to teach map skills to my first graders. I always make sure to pick up a handful for my students. I also laminate them and put them in our reading basket. Even laminated, they get a lot of wear. Too bad...I guess I'll have to go back for replacements! - Rae Vautrin
ALL PARKS - When visiting the Disney parks, I usually like to pick up an extra guide map or two. I use them to decorate my cube walls at work and will also give extra copies to friends and family who may be planning their own trip in the near future. This helps them get a better idea of the park layout and make plans. - Kerry Kollasch
ALL PARKS - My tip is for keeping track of your hats while on rides or shows at the World... I bought some carabiners that we put on the strap of our fanny packs. I learned the hard way to put it through a part of the strap so that the carabiner is trapped and can't fall off when you take the fanny pack off. When we step inside at WDW, we both take off our hats, and snap them to the carabiner on our fanny packs -- it's easy to keep track of, and we don't worry about losing our hats or leaving them behind. We even do this on the rides, and find we can ride most things with our fanny packs (and hats) left on our waist. For wet rides, we put the hat over our fanny pack, and it helps keep splashes off. - Jill Neill
Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios - It's a good idea, particularly in the wet summer months, to plan ahead on what to do during the regular afternoon downpour of rain. I have seen lots of people huddling under a shelter gazing at a soggy park map wondering what to do to get out of the wet. One of the best ideas of all is, if you are in Animal Kingdom, heading straight for a late afternoon ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris. Not only is a lot of the waiting area under cover but the rain often makes the animals get up and move so you will see a lot more than during the heat of the day! - Sarah Sanders
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ALL PARKS - I mistakenly left my video camera in a locker after Fantasmic last April at the Studios. The following morning, after a harried cab ride and security escort back to the locker rental (I was checking out and flying home that day), I was surprised to find out that they do not clean out the lockers each evening. It is up to the next rental guest to turn in left packages, etc. It was even more difficult, as the manager could only open one locker at a time (there was no master key) and I couldn't remember the exact locker number.TIP: Take a digital photo of your locker number in case you lose your key or, like me, leave articles in it overnight. That way the manager can go directly to that locker and find your personal belongings. The next guest DID turn in my things, the manager called my cell phone immediately, and WDW shipped my articles back to me at no charge. I am very grateful for this service, but could have saved everyone a lot of confusion if I had just snapped a quick photo. This is helpful if you jump parks and have different lockers to memorize every day. - Elizabeth Marsh
ALL PARKS - My husband and I just returned from our honeymoon at WDW and had a MAGICAL time! One thing that I would like to share concerns the "Magical Wishes" pins that you can pick up from Guest Relations at the theme parks. My advice is that everyone celebrating a special event -- honeymoon, anniversary, birthday -- pick up one of these buttons. Everywhere we went in WDW we were warmly congratulated by Cast Members! We had an incredible time! I would recommend WDW to any couple who wants a truly special honeymoon! - Christina Church

EDITOR'S NOTE: There are many styles of buttons available at Guest Relations. Among the more popular: "Best Wishes,""Congratulations," "1st Visit", "Happy Anniversary" and "Today is My Birthday."

Disney's Hollywood Studios - You are now allowed to use the Magic Your Way Dining Plan to purchase the Fantasmic Dining Package. - Heather Stevens

EDITOR'S NOTE: We've confirmed that as of September 2, 2005 this is true. Hollywood & Vine and Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano both count as one Table Service meal for the Dining Plan, while the Brown Derby counts as a Signature experience, or two Table Service meals. When you call to make a reservation, your credit card number will be taken but the charge won't be put through (unless you are a no-show, or do not cancel at least 48 hours before your dining date). You will pay with your Magic Your Way Dining Plan when you dine, just as you would for any meal.

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Disney's Hollywood Studios - To add to a tip I read last week about going into the air-conditioned gift shop to wait for your family or friends: At Disney's Hollywood Studios, go just beyond the gift shop in the Tower of Terror and you can wait in the photo viewing area of the ride. It's dark and dungeon-like and has built-in wall seating. It's the perfect place to get out of the glaring sun and rest in the air conditioning while waiting for your party to exit the elevator down from their terrifying adventure! - Charleen Matson
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ALL PARKS - If you are not going to ride an attraction with your family, meet them in the ride's air-conditioned gift shop. Most rides have a gift shop into which the ride will exit, so it's a convenient place to meet up with your family. - Angela H. Nisbett
ALL PARKS - While spending the day in Epcot in the hot weather, when my feet are hot from the pavement, I always change to another pair of socks and sprinkle on some baby powder. It's a quick refresher. - Claire Rozzi

EDITOR'S NOTE: this works great at all the parks!
ALL PARKS - On some of the rides, it was easier to stand up slightly when pulling the lap bar down (so that it actually fit closer to my lap than my belly) and then sit down properly for a snug fit. This worked especially well when I went on the rides with my younger children -- they felt more secure with the lap bar closer to them. I can honestly say that large-sized folks are easily accommodated at WDW -- so go, have a great time and don't worry! - Grace
DISNEY'S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS - Along the lines of new Hidden Mickeys, in the new Lights, Motors, Action! show, there are three trash baskets on the right side of the set that are welded together to form a Hidden Mickey. - Boris Beckert
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Disney's Hollywood Studios - If you would like something to hold on to while riding the Tower of Terror, just jump to the front of your row. This way when you enter the elevator you will be seated on the outside and all of the outside seats have a handle on the side wall. - A Cast Member
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ALL PARKS - I just returned from a trip to WDW. The 3M Company now has a new Post-It Flag Highlighter that includes both a highlighter and Post-It flags in one. It was PERFECT for marking the maps to the parks. I would circle the attraction number with the highlighter and then put a Post-It flag on the number on the map. They are see-though, so they don't cover up the number. The "pen" fit perfectly in my fanny pack! - Leah Price
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