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The Seas with Nemo and Friends Highlights:

  • Disney Genie+ Attraction

  • Board a “clam-mobile” and take a journey through the seas to find Nemo
  • Family friendly attraction in EPCOT

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The Seas with Nemo & Friends, a whimsical and visually stunning attraction for guests of all ages, bows at Walt Disney World Resort in fall 2006, anchoring the newly renamed and re-launched The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion in Epcot (at left).


Picking up where the motion picture “Finding Nemo” left off, the ride-through attraction in a colorful coral reef setting features technology that causes the stars of the motion picture to magically appear swimming amid the live marine life of a 5.7-million-gallon saltwater environment — one of the largest such aquariums in the world.


Guests aboard “clam-mobiles” first meet Mr. Ray and his class on a field trip and soon learn that Nemo has wandered off. The journey in search of Nemo includes familiar characters such as Dory, Bruce, Marlin, Squirt and Crush. These deep-sea friends inhabit a variety of vibrant vignettes, including the actual aquarium containing more than 65 species of marine life. In the musical finale, Nemo is happily reunited with his class and friends.

AllEars.Net friend CC writes: We rode the new The Seas with Nemo and Friends today. First off I’d like to say, this is a very cute ride. If we still lived in the days of ticket books, it would be at least a “C” coupon and maybe even a “D” coupon. It wouldn’t be fair to compare this to Expedition: Everest. But you can compare it to the “dark” rides in the Magic Kingdom (Snow White, Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh) and this ride competes very nicely (I think it’s better than any of them). It’s appropriate for all ages.

You enter the attraction thru the same entrance that you used to enter the Living Seas Pavilion. The “back & forth” queue is still here, but now the atmosphere is a beach and boardwalk, complete with a lifeguard station.

Once you reach the end of this queue and enter what used to be the waiting room for the film or hydrolators, you have the option of skipping the attraction and going directly into the pavilion, or continue onto the ride. There is lots and lots of queue ahead of you. Disney expects this to be a popular attraction. The bypass route would have been hard to find as there were no signs. However, it wasn’t being used today. Maybe they’ll have signs when the attraction begins regular operation.

In this portion of the queue, you are supposed to be underwater. Rusted pipes make up the guide-rails and you can see a pier’s support legs jutting down from the water’s surface. You can also see the bottom of a boat floating above you, complete with ripples radiating from it.

Once you reach the loading area, you are directed onto a continuous moving ramp (similar to the Haunted Mansion) where you board your Clam Shell. We were told that the Clam Shell holds 2 to 3 people, but if you tried to put 3 people in one of these vehicles, one of them had better be a child. We were also told three times that flash photography is strictly forbidden. On this attraction, not only would it disturb other guests, but I’m sure it would interfere with the special effects.

The basic story is that Nemo is once again missing, and his father is searching for him. Along the way, we see others of Nemo’s friends from the movie, including Dori, Bruce, and Crush.

For most of the ride you pass by underwater scenes featuring coral, seaweed, and underwater lighting effects. Crystal clear (high definition) projections of the various Nemo characters are part of each vignette, along with some animatronics and other special effects.

At the end of the attraction you ride by and look into the actual “Living Seas” aquarium. Here, Nemo and his friends have can be seen in the tank. This is an awesome effect and it really looks like they’re in the tank with the real fish. In the final scene, the Starfish has plastered itself to the glass and has several very cute parting phrases for you.


Lightning Lane access for the Seas with Nemo and Friends is available with the purchase of Genie+. Tour the Seas with Nemo & Friends when you have time to spend inside; you will miss the experience if you rush through the pavilion.

Turtle Talk with Crush is a VERY popular attraction. The theatre is very small. Expect VERY LONG waits! Go early in the day or just before the last show.

Watch the manatees at feeding time from the upper level. Also, be sure to watch the short film of the birth of a manatee at The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

Kids will enjoy the Undersea Robotics area on Level One where they can get into a diver’s suit and try to use their hands.

If you catch a glimpse of the Sea Turtle, you are very lucky!

Great photos ops outside the pavilion in the Finding Nemo Sculpture area.

Three special tours are offered at The Seas with Nemo and Friends for an additional fee, DiveQuest, Epcot Seas Aqua Tour and Dolphins in Depth.

Assistive Listening Devices from Guest Services Can Be Used Here.Reflective Captioning Available for the Pre-Descent Briefing Theatre

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The pavilion features a most unique dining experience in the Coral Reef Restaurant. Here you can dine in front of windows 50 feet long and eight feet high, allowing you to view the faux-Caribbean coral reef. The seating is terraced for optimum viewing.

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There is no live “entertainment” per se in the pavilion, aside from the aquatic life.

For more information on Epcot Live Entertainment, visit Steve Soares WDW Entertainment Website.


Nemo and a Living Coral make appearances outside the pavillion near the Finding Nemo Sculpture.

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Sea Base Alpha – Aquatic gifts including dolphin themed items. This shop has one of the best selections of pavilion specific logo merchandise in all of Epcot! You can find Seas T-Shirts, hats, refrigerator magnets, pins, postcards, keychains and more.


How long is The Seas with Nemo and Friends?

The ride takes 4 Minutes

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Will The Seas with Nemo and Friends make me motion sick?

The motion level is Low-Medium.
Gentle ride in "clamshell" Cause as you enter the East Australian Current section

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Is Individual Attraction Selection available for The Seas with Nemo and Friends?

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is not eligible for Individual Attraction Selection

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Is The Seas with Nemo and Friends included in Genie+?

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is included in Genie+

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