I Am a HUGE Haunted Mansion Fan and I Will Never Recover From What This Cast Member Made in Magic Kingdom

Have you ever been wandering around Disney World and noticed some amazing artwork on the sidewalks?

Donald Duck water art

You may see some of the Disney Cast Members creating these fun pieces of art simply with water as their paint and a broom as their paintbrush. You’ll likely spot Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, or other iconic characters being drawn. But if you’re on the lookout, you might get to see a new, rare character on the sidewalk!

Joel is a Cast Member in Disney World who has taken to creating new water art designs. Last year, he designed the Hat Box Ghost for Cast Members to draw on the sidewalk, but Disney only approved it for Halloween since the real Hat Box Ghost was not in Disney World at the time.

Hat Box Ghost

But now, the Hat Box Ghost is officially at the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom, so Disney has given their blessing to the amazing work of art any time of the year! If you’re quick enough, you may spot it getting added to the sidewalk. But since it’s water in the hot state of Florida, you’ll have to snap your picture quickly before it disappears.

Hat Box Ghost water art

Water art is an additional training that custodial Cast Members can take if they choose (it is not mandatory). They learn how to create these pictures from trainers. Joel, who designed and painted the one in our pictures, is a water art trainer! He said that the Hat Box Ghost water art is very challenging to learn (it took him over a week to perfect it as the designer and trainer!), and it is not one of the normal characters they teach in the training.

However, he said if any of the Cast Members come to him and ask to learn it individually, he has no problem teaching them!

Hat Box Ghost

Since the Hat Box Ghost is such a challenging piece to draw and it’s not required to learn, it may be a rare image to see when you’re walking through Magic Kingdom. But boy, is it cool! We hope to see more of this ghost on our trips to the Haunted Mansion.

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