Why We’re Warning You About Parking Hopping to Magic Kingdom…

When you visit Disney World, do you get the park hopper option for your tickets?

Magic Kingdom entrance

Park hopping lets you visit more than one park per day, and although hopping is limited to after 2PM right now, you’ll soon be able to park hop any time you want. However, park hopping to Magic Kingdom COULD still be a bad idea if that’s in your Disney World plans.

Let’s talk about a potential issue you may encounter if you’re park-hopping to Magic Kingdom later in the day. It’s also a problem you may face if you drive to the parks. As you may know, you don’t exactly park AT Magic Kingdom. Instead, you park at the Transportation and Ticket Center and then take the Monorail to Magic Kingdom.

Monorail to Magic Kingdom

Well, here’s the thing: if you drive to the Transportation and Ticket Center later in the day, you’re going to have to park a LOT further away from the Monorail station because by then, Magic Kingdom is really busy. If you’ve ever been to the Transportation and Ticket Center, you probably know the parking lot there is HUGE.

Cars driving to Magic Kingdom to park at the Transportation and Ticket Center

So, maybe you’re thinking that the parking trams will save you from a long walk to the Monorail station. Well, in the afternoons, we’ve discovered that the trams don’t run as often. So you might be waiting a while if you don’t want to walk all the way to the Monorail.

Parking trams

So this is a very real problem to keep in mind if you plan on driving to the parks during your trip. If you’re staying at a Disney World hotel, it just might make more sense to take Disney’s free transportation options to the parks instead.

Magic Kingdom bus stop

We’ll keep you updated on all Disney news, so check back with AllEars again soon.

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