5 SECRET Things That Happen Behind-the-Scenes at Disney World

There are lots of secrets around Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

Some of these secrets are kept for good reason, but some of them are just lesser-known facts that you should know. However, there are a few secrets that Disney World will NEVER let you see.

Before we get to them, you can watch our video about the COOLEST Disney World secrets right here.

Now let’s take a look at things Disney World won’t let you see!

An Entrance to the Utilidors

The Utilidors are an underground network of tunnels and hallways that allow Cast Members to move underneath Magic Kingdom (and EPCOT!) and get where they’re going more easily.

Entrances are hidden all over the park

However, you’ll never see one of these entrances to the Utilidors, because they’re kept VERY secure and hidden from guests’ view. And that’s the way Disney needs to keep it — no ruining the magic!

Carrying Trash Bags Through the Park

In all the Disney parks, you’ll never see Cast Members carrying trash bags through the parks.

Trash cans in EPCOT

In Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, most of the trash is taken through the Utilidors so guests never see it above ground. In any park though, you may see Cast Members rolling around large containers that have trash IN them, but you’ll never just see a Cast Member with a trash bag walking around!

A Frontierland Cast Member in Fantasyland

Disney parks, specifically Magic Kingdom, have different areas of the park that are designated for certain Cast Member costumes.

Hi, Cast Member!

Thanks once again to those Utilidors and Cast Member backstage areas, you’ll never see a Cast Member in a costume that doesn’t match the area of the park they’re in. This is all to keep up the correct image of the area of the park you’re in — you’d be really confused seeing a Toy Story Land Cast Member in Batuu!

A Character “Out Of Character”

Interacting with Disney characters is a favorite activity for many guests in the Disney parks, and it’s because these Cast Members embody these characters SO well, you know you’re really talking to Belle, Cinderella, or any of the other characters.


What you’ll never see in Disney World is a character not acting like themselves. These characters talk to TONS of people every single day, they know how to handle every situation without losing their cool (and you should NEVER, EVER try to throw them off — be kind and respectful always!).

An Incorrect Character Signature

Along that same note, you’ll also never see a strange or incorrect signature from your favorite characters.

Mickey and Minnie at EPCOT

These characters sign countless autographs a day, and they make sure it’s the same every single time. Let’s just say that characters won’t go out and meet guests until that signature is perfect.

Hey Pluto!

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These 7 secrets are hidden in plain sight at Disney World!

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  1. Saw the third one “violated” for the first time in the summer of 2022 after many many visits. The line of cast members keeping the walkway open before the parade passed through Frontierland was a mix from different rides: Pirates, Fantasyland, Haunted Mansion and Frontierland. It was really weird.