The Most Unique Souvenir at Disney World Will Just Cost You $14

One of the best things about vacationing at Disney World is finding the perfect souvenir to take home with you.

Wall of Loungefly Bags

Some people love collecting Loungefly bags, Minnie Ears, or yes, even popcorn buckets as souvenirs. Souvenirs can remind us of our trip like a personalized button, Christmas ornament, or an autograph book. And leaving Disney World is hard, but what if you could take a piece of it home with you?

On one of our recent trips to EPCOT, we noticed a way you could actually take a piece of Disney home with you. This has to be one of the most unique souvenirs we have found at the parks. Over at The Land pavilion in EPCOT, you can buy a plant from The Living With The Land ride to take home with you.

If you have ever been on Living With The Land, you will ride through Disney’s greenhouses where you can see them using innovative farming methods. You will find them growing a variety of fruit, vegetables, and plants.

The Land Pavilion

As you exit the ride, you can find this small stand filled with plants from the ride. This is Mickey’s Mini Garden. The stand is also where guests can check in for the Behind the Seeds tour.

Right after the exit on Living With The Land

These are living plants that are in a test tube and have been regenerated from cells from a parent plant.

Test tube with plant!

There is a tablet located next to the plants for you to learn more about each specific plant including their sunlight and water needs, as well as how hard it is to care for the plant.

Tablet to learn more!

There are so many plants to choose from including Dragon Fruit, Tiger Lily, and Orchid Cactus. This is also an inexpensive item by Disney standards at only $14.

There are a lot of plants to choose from

There is also a Cast Member available to answer any questions and help you figure out which plant would be a good fit. We love that this is a unique piece of Disney and it can keep living — as long as you got a green thumb! For more Disney parks news and updates, be sure to follow us at on our social media and sign up for our newsletter!

Could This Be the Most Irresistible Souvenir We’ve Seen?

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What is the most unique souvenir you know about at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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