The Latest CHANGES for TRON in Disney World

The TRON ride in Disney World is still under construction, as it has been for the past several years.


Work was slowed down due to the global pandemic, but things have really picked back up and we’ve seen a lot of progress. We also finally have an idea of when the ride will open — it’s scheduled to opening the spring of 2023. We keep an eye on construction so we can bring you regular updates, so let’s see what the coaster is looking like right now!

Our last update on the coaster was toward the end of September, and there are some updates since we last took a look at things, but not a TON has changed.


The concrete looks about the same, but the area does look more organized.

TRON construction

There probably hasn’t been a ton more work done on the construction site because of Hurricane Ian.

TRON Construction

Hurricane Ian passed through Orlando and shut down Disney World for 2 days, halting work on projects like TRON.

TRON after Hurricane Ian

When the parks reopened on September 30th, there was a bunch of water in the site.


The area was slightly flooded, and we didn’t see many workers around.

More water

But, a few days later, it did look like most of the water was gone.


And, work seemed to start up again.


Here’s a closer look at the area.

TRON construction

We also noticed more work happening toward the back of the ride.


Here, you can see the tunnel that the Walt Disney World Railroad will run through.

Another look

It also looked like there was some concrete poured in that back area.



Work continues on Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. as well, with the store remaining closed.

Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.

This is the store you usually exit out of when you get off of Space Mountain.

More work happening

That’s your most recent look at the construction happening on TRON! We’ll keep you updated when we see more happening.

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Stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney World news and updates.

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2 Replies to “The Latest CHANGES for TRON in Disney World”

  1. honestly really don’t care about Tron. It seems like a neverending work in progress that is taking up resources without offering something of value

    what I care about is th WDW railroad which has been shut down for several years because of Tron. My husband and I don’t like rollar coasters but we do love trains. We’re visiting in Nov but it seems like Tron will prevent us from riding this ride we love

  2. Was on the peoplemover yesterday and saw them testing the coaster twice, sending it through the tracks!