EPCOT’s Newest Installments Are Hard to Miss — But At Least They’re Refreshing!

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the new residents of World Showcase Lagoon.

Harmonious Barges ready for a show!

In preparation for the new nighttime show at EPCOT, called Harmonious, Disney has been installing some extra-large set pieces. And, these aren’t any average floating platforms, they are going to be able to shoot off fireworks, spray water, and even display projections! We’ve gotten a peek at how some of these work as Disney has been testing, but today we spotted them testing a new feature!

When we were walking around World Showcase today, we got misted by some water and looked to see that Disney was testing the water display on one of the five oversized displays in the center of the lagoon. The testing wasn’t going on for long, so we just missed being able to snap a photo, but you can still spot the construction crew out on the platforms!

Closer look at the testing

As of yesterday, all of the displays have been added to World Showcase Lagoon so we may be even closer to the debut of the new nighttime show! And, these won’t just be sitting in the Lagoon during the day looking all high-tech, they will actually serve as a “fountain” as guests travel around the world.

Disney was testing the water today!

If the mist from the testing was any indication, we might be in for a nice treat on hot days with water mist all around World Showcase! We will continue to keep our eye out for more testing and updates related to the new EPCOT show, Harmonious. Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest!

Check Out How The Lagoon Compares to the Original Concept Art HERE!

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What do you think of the new residents of World Showcase Lagoon? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “EPCOT’s Newest Installments Are Hard to Miss — But At Least They’re Refreshing!”

  1. My opinion? Grotesque eyesores that destroy the once beautiful view across the World Showcase lagoon.

    1. I agree. Great for the 15 minutes or so the show is on but for the other ten or so hours the park is open they are an eyesore!!!