Why We Want This Disney World Hotel to Open ASAP

Walt Disney World has dozens of awesome resorts, each with its own personality, and we love to check them out.

Port Orleans French Quarter

Unfortunately, some resorts aren’t open right now, and this includes one of our favorite Moderate Resorts: Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — Riverside and  –French Quarter.

Here are the seven biggest reasons we want Disney’s Port Orleans Resort to open ASAP.

1. So we can eat beignets again!

It’s no secret that we love us some fried dough, and the Mickey Beignets at Port Orleans — French Quarter are some of the best!

Mickey Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter

2. So we have more affordable options.

Most of the Deluxe Resort options are open, but many of the Moderate and Value Resorts are still unavailable. If the two sides of Port Orleans opened up, it would mean more affordable options from which to choose!

Riverside Mill Food Court
Riverside Mill Food Court along the Sassagoula River

3. So we can take a stroll around the Sassagoula River.

Sassagoula River has a walking trail around it that’s one of our favorite strolls in Disney World, and it’s a great spot for a morning run, too.

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter

4. So we can take a water taxi to dinner in Disney Springs.

It’s pretty darn nice to stroll out of our rooms and over to the Friendship Boats to catch a cruise over to Disney Springs for dinner. Now THAT’S an evening plan.

Water taxi from Port Orleans to Disney Springs!

5. So we can kick back with live music in the Resorts’ lounges!

River Roost at Riverside and Scat Cat’s Lounge at French Quarter are some seriously great nightlife options. It’s so much fun to take in live jazz at these spots.

Scat Cat’s Lounge

6. So more guests can experience the awesomeness of Port Orleans!

Believe it or not, there are some Disney fans who haven’t had the chance to see just how awesome Port Orleans Resort is — even on the AllEars team! We’d love for it to open so they can see it in person.

Port Orleans Resort

7. Because we love it!

So much about a Walt Disney World vacation is sentimental — and that includes Port Orleans Resort. We love it, and we want to make new memories there! Plus it’s just a gorgeous resort! We’d love to be able to do all of the things on this list and just hang out in Port Orleans once more.

Port Orleans Resort

Do you miss Disney’s Port Orleans Resort? Tell us in the comments! 

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12 Replies to “Why We Want This Disney World Hotel to Open ASAP”

  1. We are staying at Beach Club right now. It is really not worth the extra money when you could have stayed at French Quarter.

  2. French Quarter is my favorite! My Husband has never stayed there because when I Have it’s been my girls trips. We have been planning our 25th wedding anniversary for 2 years and we’re planning on staying there. Our trip is in December so I check everyday for an opening. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. My favorite resort/hotel in the world. Have stayed there now a dozen times. A lot of folks I talk to say they don’t want to return to DW UNTIL POR IS REOPENED. We have stayed at the Grand Floridian and Yacht Club, and they were no where near as charming or relaxed or fun as Port Orleans Riverside. Crossing my fingers and toes.

  4. We took a chance on Riverside our first vacation in 2002 and keep going back there! Hoping it will be open for our 30th anniversary in May 2022!

  5. I have Never visted POFQ but I want to. Cause I am from New Orleans, I would feel right at home. Especially with beignets. But I would like to try Mickey Beignets.

  6. I sure do miss it. We stayed at either Riverside or French Quarter once or twice a year for long visits; and more recently I would fly down several times a year for long weekends The only thing bad about it is bus service. The last time I was there was the weekend Disney first shut down; never would I have believed that it would be over a year before I could go back. I miss my long walks from French Quarter to Riverside all the way around and back. It was my peaceful time at WDW. I miss it so much😭.

  7. My family and I go to Disney every year we love staying at port Orleans we had to cancel our trip last year like everyone else due to the pandemic we had to reschedule for this year they changed our resort to another moderate resort wasn’t happy about that hopefully Port Orleans is open bye October or we may be cancelling our trip completely don’t understand why other moderates are open and not port Orleans. Disappointed.

  8. I’m a dvc member since 2005. I’ve always had Dixie landings / River Side close in my heart. I’ve stayed at Port Orleans/ River Side 4 times. You can say what you want about the other moderate and value resorts, nothing to me compares to Port Orleans/ River Side. I’ve stayed at most of the resorts at Disney this could be one of my top 3. My opinion it has a lot of personality,great places to eat,bars,pools,and just a great place for peace and quiet, not to mention a quick boat ride to the Springs.

  9. Nothing about French Quarter in any of Disney surveys, which is needed.
    I’ve stayed there twice and was on my way to a third stay when my Disney Dream was reduced substantially when I had no other choice but to choose a different and more expensive resort.

  10. Our 5th visit was to happen April 2020, but….. We stayed at several other resorts when the kids were young, but since retirement POFQ fits all our needs and desires. With all the restrictions still intact it will probably be October 2022 before we can return and anticipate as much freedom of movement as what we have expected…

    1. Shhh,don’t tell people about POFQ! Cause then those of us who love it so much won’t be able to get in! I miss it a lot. My TA has a standing order to switch any reservation from where it is to POFQ! Hoping it’s open by November,but not holding my breath. 😞😞