Long Waits, Festival Prep, and MORE from Our Day in EPCOT!

We’re just a few days out from New Year’s, right in the midst of the holiday season!


If you follow along with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you may have seen some previews of our day at EPCOT today! And now, we’re bringing you along with us through our day at the park!

The first stop on our trip was to say hello to EPCOT’s newest addition — the entrance fountain! It’s reminiscent of the original fountain that stood here, and we’re really loving the upgraded park entrance.

Would ya just look at how lovely this thing is? What a great way to start our day!

Walking into the park, we noticed wait times were a little higher today, with Spaceship Earth sitting at a higher-than-average 55 minutes when we first arrived.

Over at Mission: SPACE, the Orange Mission (more intense side) was a 70-minute wait and the Green Mission was a 30-minute wait.

Things were pretty busy over at Test Track as well!

Test Track

Over by Test Track and around the park, we spotted several of these covered tents. Preparations for the upcoming EPCOT Festival of the Arts, perhaps?

Tents in Future World

There was even a line to get into The Land Pavilion! We’ve seen this before during crowded times.

Queue for The Land

We started to make our way over to the World Showcase, only to find that the crowds had gathered over there as well! The line to just get inside the Mexico Pavilion was pretty long!

Thankfully, big crowds in EPCOT means that we get to see Via Napoli’s pizza window, Pizza al Taglio, opened for a limited time! This is a great spot to pick up some delicious food on the go, and we don’t get to eat here often since it’s seasonal.

Pizza al Taglio

And that’s all we have for our day in EPCOT, thanks for following along! We’ll see you in the parks again soon, but until then, make sure to keep up with our adventures on social media and continue to check our site for the latest Disney news!

Check Out a Sneak Peek of the Art Coming to the Festival of the Arts!

When’s your next EPCOT trip? Tell us in the comments!

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