NEWS: This Is How Disney World Is Calculating Refunds on Annual Passes

Given Walt Disney World’s previous closure, Annual Passholders have been given two refund options regarding their passes.

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Annual Passholders can refund their passes or receive an extension for the duration of Disney World’s closure plus one additional month. The next question is: How are the refunds calculated? We have an answer from Disney describing the refund calculation process for all Passholders. 

The refund will vary between Passholders and is based on factors like previous down payments and whether the pass is new or a renewal. Disney released the following explanation for those who opted to cancel their pass.  


The description states that if the pass exceeds the “usable value” the excess will be refunded. Usable value is described by Disney as being “equal [to] the total sale price of your pass(es) multiplied by the number of days that you could have visited any park prior to March 16 and divided by the total number of access days to any park permitted under the pass(es) at pass activation.”

To cancel your pass, you must call the V.I.PASSHOLDER line at (407) 939-7277 or refer to the email sent by Disney Destinations on July 14th, 2020.


Annual Passholders who opted to keep their pass will have their refunds processed differently. If the total amount that you already paid plus the total amount that you are obligated to pay exceeds the “usable value” of your pass, the excess amount will be automatically be refunded. If you chose this option, there is no need for further action and the extension will be processed automatically.


We will continue to keep you updated with information regarding Disney World Annual Passes and refunds.

Are you an Annual Passholder? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Replies to “NEWS: This Is How Disney World Is Calculating Refunds on Annual Passes”

  1. We purchased two florida residents passes, we had to fly back to the U/K in January and have not been able to fly back to Florida, are we able to get a refund on our passes,? I believe today is the last day we can apply and I am unable to get through on the phone after two hours of trying.

  2. Could they spare the extra month on annual pass holders. We purchased passes 29th of November and used them first of December 2019. The rest of Dec and first week of January was blacked out. February we could not make it back. The parks were then closed from March to July we tried to go to the park for over 3 months when we were in the area on our annual pass and they were closed and then they opened and annual pass holders could not get reservations unless they were staying in their hotels. So again we were shut out because we live in Fla and dive to the parks. Now they are only offering ONE month extension and the parks are filling up again with reservations and we can only get 3 reservation days to use on an annual pass for three family members. And on top of that the extra month for us goes to Jan 9 and most of the end of December and beginning of Jan is blacked out so we get approximately 5 days extra days on a whole year of payments that is IF we can get reservations For three of those five days . What’s fair about that. I would think that if Disney wants annual pass holders to continue to visit and spend money in their park during the off season they would make a better effort to keep us interested in renewing our annual pass after getting a reasonable extra time for the one we purchased during this pandemic. This Not Great Customer Care.